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My Singapore girl - pt2

As the beautiful naked Linn is enjoying herself on the sheepskin rug, I am masturbating my incredibly wet pussy, and I knew she could her my fingers slipping and slurping around... and this made her hot!

"Linn, will you masturbate for me?"

"Sure" she replied purring like a little kitten...

She finally opened her legs to reveal a neat little bush, and a gorgeous little pussy that was so wet, she made the same sounds as me!

So there we were, she now fully masturbating, lying stretched out on the floor on the sheepskin rug... me kneeling next to her leaning on the couch furiously masturbating watching this hot little Asian girl.

"Linn, I want us to come at the same time ok?"

"mmm, ok"

"Are you close?"


"Do you want to come now?"


"Linn, I want to watch you come, come for me Linn..." I was now lying next to her and whispering in her ear...

"Linn, I'm going to come.. you make me so hot... I'm coming!"

"Me too!"



Needless to say, we will be definitely be catching up again, once Linn gets over her embarrassment of seeing me at the LGBT meetings...!
Posted by Abby_Lu 2 years ago
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2 years ago
In my mind there is not much that is hotter than mutual masturbation with another woman. Almost all of us do it - we might as well do it together.
2 years ago
So hot!