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My Singapore girl - pt1

So, I have been going to LGBT Club meetings at the uni for the last 2 months.

We have 4 boys (all cute Asian guys, one pair are a couple, the other two are Indonesian and Malaysian), and 4 girls (1 butch dyke, another Caucasian girl, me, and Linn).

Well, the moment I laid eyes on Linn I thought 'this is it'!

She is from Singapore, lovely long black hair that she always has in a ponytail, slender and slim, with a lovely face, great smile and a cute accent.

As I got to know her in our meetings I realized she has never been with anyone of the same sex before. In Singapore she had a relationship with a boy, but broke it off when she came here for study. I resolved to introduce her to lesbian sex!

So it was after one meeting a couple of weeks ago that we all went to a Korean restaurant for dinner. Of course we all had wine or beer and lots of yummy food.

I was sitting next to Linn and made sure that she was aware of how attracted to her I was. It made her a little nervous of course but after 2 glasses of wine she relaxed a bit and our conversation became easier and I was able to turn it more towards matters of a sexual nature. She eventually responded more openly about her feelings (or curiosity) towards girls, which was making me very horny.

To cut a long story short, Linn and I caught a taxi to my apartment (it was still early and a week night) and had another glass of wine each, by which time she was very relaxed in my company (and so was I!).

As we sat on my big couch I decided to test her level of curiosity by turning our conversation to masturbation. Apparently she loves to masturbate! What a coincidence, so do I!

She commented on the large sheepskin rug on the floor and I told her that I love to get naked and lie on it, enjoying the feeling of the natural wool on my naked skin. She flushed a little but made a little "oooh" sound into her glass that was enough for me to go further.

I told her straight out that I thought she was gorgeous and it's ok if she didn't want to 'go all the way' but I would love t o watch her masturbate.

Eventually she said ok, and putting her glass down she asked me "what do you want me to do?". Well, this is what I was dreaming for!

I asked her to close her eyes and take her hair out of the ponytail - I wanted to see her beautiful long straight hair falling over her slim body. She sat up and let her hair out and shook her head and giggled nervously.

I moved closer to her so I could breath in her aroma, and also get more intimate with my suggestions.

Next I asked her to remove her shirt, which she did, still with eyes closed as she unbuttoned and dropped it on the floor. I was getting so wet looking at this gorgeous young Singaporean girl under my control!!

Next I asked her to remove her jeans... and so now was down to her bra and panties... and son they were off too... until there she was reclining on my big couch next to me, her long, slim legs crossed as if to try to hide her embarrassment, and her lovely slim arms crossed over her petite but lovely breasts.

I was so excited now! I moved closer to her and told her softly "I want you to run your hands over your shoulders and neck" - she slowly did, tilting her head back "You have such beautiful skin Linn, if I had a lovely body like yours I would do this all night"... I could tell now she was completely surrendering to the moment... her breathing was getting deeper and her body was relaxing even more as her hands explored her lovely neck, shoulders, arms...

"Linn, I want you to explore your breasts and play with your nipples" - now she was really enjoying herself, literally! Her nipples were small, but beautifully dark, and by now very hard as she squeezed and pinched them... her legs were now uncrossed but still tightly together...

"OK Linn, touch your stomach and hips" - her hands started to explore her lovely flat tummy and her hips...

"Linn, sit up on the edge of the couch so I can see all of you" - she sat on the edge of the couch with her beautiful hair covering her back reaching almost her cute little bottom... as she continued to touch her hot little body...

"OK, kneel down on the floor and touch your bottom..." - she knelt down and squeezed and kneaded her lovely little bottom

"Lie down on the sheepskin now Linn, I want to watch you make love to yourself"

She lay face-down on the rug, still playing with her bottom and she let out a long "mmmm" as she realized how good the wool felt on her skin...

I was by now naked and wetter than I could've imagined... here was this hot Asian girl writhing around in front of me naked, enjoying her body... and I haven't yet laid a hand on her!

I will continue this in the next post, ok?

Posted by Abby_Lu 2 years ago
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2 years ago
loved it
2 years ago
I wish I had your courage at your young age.
2 years ago
mmm Love the blog.

Linn sounds like a special girl.
Would love to watch the scene
2 years ago
Linn must have been very excited to masturbate in front of another girl. Let's see where this goes from here.
2 years ago
I am masturbating while reading this! Thankyou!