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Asian girl fantasy...

Recently I've been fantasizing a lot about the two Vietnamese girls at my work. Particularly one who is more outgoing and confident than the other.

My fantasy revolves around her coming to my apartment knowing that I will seduce her but it's her first time and she is nervous, but willing to try anything.

First I have her sit down on the sofa with a wine and we talk about sexy things we've done or heard of. I tell her that I have been thinking of her recently when I masturbate and she becomes shy but flattered.

This encourages me to ask her if she masturbates, to which she replies 'yes'. With the lights down low, and the wine warming us up, I ask her if we could masturbate together. She's says 'yes please' and so I slowly undress her.

I enjoy running my hands over her petite body as I disrobe her til she is completely naked. She is still shy but enjoying the attention.

Next, I tell her to lay back onto me and close her eyes, which she does. Then I tell her to gently run her hands over her body. The thought of watching that sexy little girl do such a thing makes me so incredibly wet and aching to touch myself.

As she is slowly running her hands over her dark, smooth skin, I do the same, and with 4 hands exploring her tight little body, she starts to become wet herself and lets out a little moan.

This exploration continues until she must start masturbating, and she does, with me whispering in her ear and squeezing her nipples.

In my fantasy she eventually cums (and of course in reality so do I), and she looks up at me with her sexy, dark eyes with a****l lust and satisfaction.
Posted by Abby_Lu 2 years ago
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1 year ago
too good :d
1 year ago
wonderful fantazy
2 years ago
some fantasy....hope it cums true?