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My first Asian girl...

OK, as promised here is my story about my first experience with an Asian girl.

As I mentioned in my profile, I have enjoyed the company of 2 fuck buddies, M & F.
Now, one evening when M and I were together at his house, we called F as we usually did to see if she could join us. On this occasion she was busy at work, so we decided to call an e****t agency. This was something M and I had fantasied about before we met F, so we thought, 'let's do it!'

It was M's idea to call one that specialized in Asian girls, possibly because I think he had a fantasy about them. I on the other hand had not really given Asian girls much thought, except to admire how beautiful some are at work...

Anyway, I let him do the calling while I had a shower. Within the hour the doorbell rang. He let her in and introduced her to me.
She was shorter than me, slightly built, slim, lovely brown skin. Her face was not beautiful, but was not ugly too. M insisted that she had a quick shower and as she did we got into bed and started playing. I joked that it was more for his benefit than for me.

When she came out of the bathroom, she was naked except for the towel that she was drying the ends of her hair with. I was shocked and excited at her little gorgeous body. Brown skin all over, compact little curves, lovely large and dark nipples that were standing straight out. Trimmed pussy, but with not much hair anyway.

She crawled onto the bed and knelt in front of us, touching her body seductively. M reached out and grabbed a breast, but I really wanted to enjoy the softness of her skin, so I told him to relax and watch.

I knelt in front of her and started to touch her body, and it felt like some kind of charge was going through my hands... I couldn't get over how smooth her skin was, and how hot her gorgeous little body was becoming second by second. I started to caress her all over, beginning with touching her face and hair, then moving down her neck to her shoulders... enjoying the lovely lines and form of her narrow frame. Then I ran my fingers down her slim arms as she was tweaking her nipples. Her eyes closed as I imagined she was enjoying the sensation of being touched softly and tenderly as only another woman can.

I held her hands and moved them down by her sides, because I wanted to enjoy the feeling of her hard nipples and small breasts. I leaned in and breathed in the aroma of her skin and rubbed my face over her hot nipples. She moved her body as if to rub her nipples over my face as she brought her hands up and held my head do she could control where those gorgeous nipples were going. I enjoyed her taking control but I was not finished yet.

I leaned back so I could see her whole body as I ran my hands down over her slim waist and smooth, flat stomach. As I did this she got up and knelt on her knees so I could reach every part of her. I reached around and was able to hold most of her hot little bottom in both hands. This really turned me on as I squeezed and massaged her little ass and pulled her toward me. I thought that there were probably rules about kissing, so I didn't even worry about that, I just started to lick her gorgeous skin all over, sucking nipples, biting her hips, tonguing her navel, enjoying the feeling of this hot, slim, smooth little Asian girl.

As I was bending over her doing this, M decided he would enter me from behind. This is standard practice for when we had F with us - she really enjoyed laying on her back with me straddling her and M pumping me from behind. It was a win win win situation for all! F enjoyed my breasts all over her face as M pumped me and I enjoyed feeling her body under me and her hands all over me.

So as I was enjoying the Asian girl (and almost forgetting about M), he enters me and starts pumping away, enjoying a further fantasy coming true in front of him no doubt. This mad the Asian girl lay down on her back under me, just like F, and as she did I had to reach under her and wrap my arms around her hot little body, arching her back so I could best enjoy her breasts and nipples. After a little while I wanted to explore more of her, so I got her to roll over and so I began to enjoy licking her back, shoulder blades, moving down to the beautiful little small of her back. I maneuvered her so that I could get to her hot little ass, and wow, with that little brown, smooth, soft bottom in front of me I had to bury my face in there, enjoying the aroma of her most private area, rubbing my face all over her smooth cheeks, running my tongue between them, over her little hole, testing to see if she would let me in, then when I realized she was into it I wrapped my arms around her thighs and went to town with my tongue on her little hole. She willingly let me push my tongue in as far as I could, and M's thrusting behind me gave even more pleasure to her, as it must have felt like he was pumping her as well.....


more to come
Posted by Abby_Lu 2 years ago
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1 year ago
great story :)
2 years ago
I wouldn't mind trying your tongue sweetie!!
2 years ago
breaks over ..damn it
2 years ago
wow....little out of breath...great images.
2 years ago
well done. great story so far
2 years ago
love it and can't wait for more
2 years ago
Wow! Excellent writeup :-)
2 years ago
Have me craving you want to see more of you
2 years ago
nice.great experience for you :)