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Surprise, surprise!

Well, finally!
My M fuck buddy finally came over last week, and we indulged in some lovely fantasizing and masturbating.

After some wine and dinner, I was almost bursting with questions... "Well?! Tell me about all the naughty things you've been getting up to!"

He began to explain his friend, who was a university student, early 20s, slim, handsome, totally gay...

I interrupted and suggested we get comfortable on my bed, so there we were, lying next to each other, wines and stories.

So, his friend has a beautiful cock apparently, larger than his "and rock hard" according to my fuck... Continue»
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New sex friend! 5

So, I was having a lovely time by myself a few nights ago, enjoying the delights of my body, enjoying watching myself in my mirror... in fact I was so turned on that I decided on a whim to call Lee and see if she wanted to come over.

It had been a couple of weeks since we last got together, and I really wanted to indulge in some heavy self love while she watched. Usually when we get together, we just lie together and talk through our fantasies while masturbating... on the rare occasion it has gone further than that was when she let me suck her nipples to help her cum. She knows that I have ... Continue»
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Well, here's a surprise! Turns out my M fuck buddy, who I haven't seen in ages, has been exploring his bisexual fantasies! Good on him!

We met accidentally the other day and went for a coffee where he proceeded to fill me in on his exploits!

Of course he didn't go into details, just enough to get me thinking... wow, imagine watching him and another guy together!

We have a history, which involves threesomes with an F fuck buddy, who also hasn't been around for a long time. And we also have a little history outside of that little triangle too.

Now I'm wondering about asking him arou... Continue»
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Seduced by Asian Lesbian!

Well, I wasn't expecting this! I had been attending some group meetings at the university - I mentioned these a while ago, this group is Asian students who are bi, gay, lesbian, curious, etc... It's where I met Linn.

Anyway, a new member who joined a while ago, I'll call her Tom (because in Malaysia lesbians who identify as the masculine half in a relationship are called Tom), has become quite a surprise. Generally, I would have thought she would be more interested in the girly Asian girls that she used to go out with, and also I would not be immediately attracted to her type. When I say 't... Continue»
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New sex friend! 4

For Lee.

There on my couch, her long black hair framing her beautiful face, is the most gorgeous young girl you've ever seen. She is from Singapore.

She is still wearing the towel she wrapped around herself after her shower.

Her long, slim legs stretch out before her. Her long, slim arms lie in front of her, half keeping the towel in place and half trying to to hide her body.

She knows we lust after her, and she has been building up to this moment. She wanted to engage in a lesbian threesome with two older women., and this is her moment. Her tummy is fluttering in anticipation.... Continue»
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New sex friend! 3

Well, Lee came over again the other night. We surfed the internet together looking at pictures of beautiful Asian girls. She has a preference for lovely Japanese girls, who are sensational of course! I have at least one gallery dedicated to their gorgeous nipples!

The more we discussed our likes, preferences, desires, fantasies, the more excited we were both getting about our session that night.

I was also feeling a bit brave too, and I gingerly introduced her to my profile her on Xhamster. She was shocked at first, but then when she saw my favourites, and my galleries, she could underst... Continue»
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New sex friend! 2

Lee and I have got together 3 times now. The last time (last week) was worth writing about!

After a bit more wine than usual, we ended up on my bed, getting undressed, excited about fantasizing and masturbating together. Then I had an idea. I asked Lee if she would like to watch me masturbate with my mirror.

"Oh, god yes!"

So, I positioned the mirror in my favourite spot, turned the lights down, and told Lee that this is how I sometimes make passionate love to myself when I'm feeling particularly horny. And to get comfortable at the end of the bed, and in a position where I couldn't s... Continue»
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New sex friend!

Well it's been a while since I was here last!

In the last 6 months I've been enjoying the company of a new lady friend who shares my passion for Asian girls. We met at a lesbian night in the city. She is 45 years old, recently divorced, new to the lesbian scene, and downright horny! Her name is Lee (she is not Asian). Physically, she is fit and slim, with rather a flat chest but lovely pink nipples.

I'm skipping a lot of background information, but suffice to say we hit it off famously when we discovered our shared lust for Asian girls. She has only had limited experience with women and ... Continue»
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Alone With My Mirror #3

I was still incredibly high and horny from my last masturbation session, that I had to go again.

This time I really wanted to use just the mirror and my body to explore my wantonness.

I adjusted the mirror so it faced the bed. I lit the candles so they flickered a seductive light around the room.
I knelt on the bed and watched as my hands explored my sexy body, touching my shoulders, running down over my arms.

"Touch your sexy body" I said as I watched my figure seductively in the mirror.

I like the way my body feels after I've masturbated and cum. It feels soft, relaxed, and ver... Continue»
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Alone With My Mirror #2

Another lonely night... but not for long, for I had in my mind all day that I was going to enjoy myself tonight.

After a bath and a few glasses of wine, I felt very relaxed. I turned off all the lights and headed for my bedroom, where I lit 5 candles, casting enough light to be able to see what I was doing. Angling the mirror so I could see myself fully, I started getting ready. Tonight I wanted to explore something I hadn't since I was a teenager.

I found a little tank-top (like a singlet) that I hadn't worn in ages, and put it on. I was completely naked except for this and I admired my... Continue»
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Asian Lesbian Fantasy #1

This fantasy revolves around the two sweet Vietnamese girls I see every day at work.
I fantasize that they live with me in my apartment.

The three of us are lovers, and we share the same bed, and each other. I will call them 1 and 2.

My favorite fantasy about them (when I am alone and very horny I love to imagine this scenario while I am making love to myself) is this:

I come home from work, and there they are, fresh out of the shower, snuggling with each other in bed under the covers, staring into each others' eyes, touching each others' bodies under the covers, whispering to each o... Continue»
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Asian Lesbian Threesome.

So, a few months ago I told F about my few flings with Asian girls, and she was very receptive and interested, which was a relief. We had never really talked about other people before, we had really only just talked about our Abby/M/F activities. Anyway, when I told her about my sadly limited experience with Lynn she said it made her incredibly horny. We decided to find an Asian girl and have a threesome with her.

After several weeks of checking emails (we had placed an ad online) we were contacted by a Vietnamese lady, in her mid 30s, married to a man who was married to his work. We all me... Continue»
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Hot young Asian girl

Linda was 15 when I first met her. She was living in the unit below me, with foster parents. She was Chinese, from HK, but was kind of adopted by this Caucasian couple.

When I first saw her I was struck by her breezy confidence, as well as her beautifully shaped legs (it was summer, so she was just wearing little shorts and singlet!!) and how black and straight her hair was. She had bangs in a straight line just at eyebrow level and her long hair reached the top of her short pants.

We immediately struck up a friendship, because I think she saw me as someone as lonely as she was. Her guar... Continue»
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Masturbation fun with my M fuck buddy!

Well, we had arranged a night for the 3 of us, but F couldn't make it (again!), so instead of cancelling, I decided to have some rare one-on-one fun with M.
As I have mentioned, I am off guys, only into Asian girls... but dammit, I'm horny!
He was happy to stay and so I decided to lay down the rules - Let's masturbate together, no sex, and let's make it last as long as we can.

We showered, climbed onto the bed (naked of course), and I started to tell him about my nights with Lynn (see my Lynn blogs!).
Very quickly his hands were on his rock hard cock, but I told him to relax and take his... Continue»
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Alone with my mirror

Well, as horny as I was last week, I could not get either of my M and F fuck buddies to come and have some fun!
So I took matters into my own hands.

I love to masturbate. I will do it every morning before I get up and most nights before I go to sl**p... but these are generally quick and to the point.

Last Thursday however, I was feeling very horny and decided that if I was going to be alone, then I would make the most of it.

After a hot bath by candlelight, during which I enjoyed slowly soaping up my body and sensually washing myself, enjoying my slippery boobs falling out of my hand... Continue»
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Lesbian Adventures in Bangkok!

Well, it was hot in more ways than one!

My friend introduced me to Uli, a Swiss lady who was living in Bangkok, working as a journalist. She was in her mid 30s, roughly my height, slim, short hair, and when I met her in the hotel lobby, she exuded complete confidence... she had been living in Bangkok for a year, so I felt lucky to have hooked up with her. This was my first time here.

Uli is a lesbian with a network of local girls who much rather enjoy the company of foreign women than men. I had butterflies in my stomach at the thought of meeting Uli and being introduced to the scene the... Continue»
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Oh Linn!

Well, it was too good to last! Linn got cold feet and said she had too much pressure from her friends and f****y to concentrate on her studies and get back to Singapore!

Oh well, we had a lot of fun together and I will always remember every inch of her hot little body.

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My Singapore girl pt #3

Well! She came over last week, said she couldn't stop thinking about our night together after the LGBT Club meeting.

So, quickly preparing a bottle of white, I got her comfortable on the couch and we began to talk.

We had seen each other at work once since our first get together, but it was fleeting, so we talked on the phone about it and she told me she definitively wanted to do it again... so her she is!

I turned the lights down, drank some wine and made sure she had some too before we began talking about sex. Actually she was telling me that everything we did last time was perfect ... Continue»
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My Singapore girl - pt2

As the beautiful naked Linn is enjoying herself on the sheepskin rug, I am masturbating my incredibly wet pussy, and I knew she could her my fingers slipping and slurping around... and this made her hot!

"Linn, will you masturbate for me?"

"Sure" she replied purring like a little kitten...

She finally opened her legs to reveal a neat little bush, and a gorgeous little pussy that was so wet, she made the same sounds as me!

So there we were, she now fully masturbating, lying stretched out on the floor on the sheepskin rug... me kneeling next to her leaning on the couch furiously mast... Continue»
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My Singapore girl - pt1

So, I have been going to LGBT Club meetings at the uni for the last 2 months.

We have 4 boys (all cute Asian guys, one pair are a couple, the other two are Indonesian and Malaysian), and 4 girls (1 butch dyke, another Caucasian girl, me, and Linn).

Well, the moment I laid eyes on Linn I thought 'this is it'!

She is from Singapore, lovely long black hair that she always has in a ponytail, slender and slim, with a lovely face, great smile and a cute accent.

As I got to know her in our meetings I realized she has never been with anyone of the same sex before. In Singapore she had a ... Continue»
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