masturbation over pics

This isn't me saying that I masterbated over some girl's nude pics, it was more like the exact opposite. One time a girl who knew me, spoke to me over the phone saying how she loves masturbating over my MySpace Pics. Which is really crazy cause normally wierdos or other people would do that, so here is the reason about it.....

3 years ago, some girl named Kelsey said that she liked me, and that she saw my MySpace pics as sexy. She would tell me one time that she would go on my profile, she said that seeing my pics make her so wet and horny, and that she wanted me to fuck her so hard. So every chance she gets she goes on my profile, go on my pics, and would undress herself, and when she was naked she would rub her pussy with her fingers, feel her tits, and keep fingering that juicy cunt of hers, cause she would always fantasize about me fucking her. She would scream with ecstasy til she cum.

But it goes further...

Kelsey once told me, that every night she would have dreams about me and her making love. When she dreams about her sucking my cock, she would go down her shorts and start rubbing her pussy, she would breathe heavily but softly, she would take her shirt off and feel her tits, like if it were me carressing them and licking them. She would say, "Ademir, I want your cock in my pussy and my asshole I want it your cock in all my holes...I want it baby. I really do. Please fuck me baby." So she would keep fingering her pussy so hard, and I(in her dream) was fucking her with my dick in her pussy. She would tell me that I said "Kels you are my whore, I really wanted you baby." Kinda surprised me a little bit though. She said to me that she would keep moaning and would keep rubbing her tits and her pussy while dreaming of me fucking her in her holes. She screamed so much in her dream when she told me that she wanted my dick in her ass, she would say, "FUCK ME BABY! FUCK ME IN THE ASS!! OOOHHHH I LOVE TO FEEL THAT COCK IN MY ASS!" So in her dream I did, she would keep moaning and moaning til the point where i would cum, and when I said I was about to cum she said she want it in her mouth cause she wants to taste it, so I did and it squirted in her mouth for a taste, and she would cum so hard after I did in her dream.

When she told me about it, I was sort of surprised about it, and we started to date for a while, which included the dream sex she had over my pictures. But it would be for real, with all of her fantasies coming true. We only went out for several months until I broke up with her. Because no offense but no girl would masturbate over some guys pics, thats just completely crazy.
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