Me and my girlfriend of 4 years, have one good thing in common, we play video games, even though most girls wouldnt like it, she wouldnt care. So one night we were playing Madden, I had an idea, which was really stupid at the time, I said, for every touchdown, u must remove an article of clothing. She We did that. We started playing and on the first play I threw an interception for a TD by my girl's team the Eagles and mine was (god help me) the Patriots, I removed my shirt first. So in retaliation I had a TD run. which my girl decided to remove her pants, and she showed me her pink thong, when I looked at it, my dick was on hard to which she was amazed by the expression I had. Next play in the 2nd quarter, my girl had the ball at my 42 yard line, and she threw a TD pass, and I removed my pants showing my briefs, with my dick on hard. I knew right away, that I needed to get get tie the game, so a couple of plays later I intercepted a pass from my girl, for a TD which she took her shirt off showing that sexy pink bra, so now at with the score tied, I thought I threw a TD pass but it was intercepted and it came back for another TD on my girl's side, which now I was completely naked, but now she wanted to throw the game, so she let me score 3 Touchdowns. After I scored, she took off her bra exposing those sweet tits of hers and I sucked them, she was gasping passionately. Then she removed her thong and started to suck my hard dick that she was eyeing. I was gasping as well, after she sucked it, she was on top of me with my dick in her sweet pussy, and started riding me, she said to me. "I let you win cause I was so horny for your dick." I said, "really, why?" She replied, "I care about seeing and sucking your dick then winning the game baby." So I fucked her this time with me on top, then doggystyle, she kept on moaning with ecstasy, until I told her I was about to cum, so she got on her knees, until I squirted my cum all over her face. Afterward, she said to me, "we should do this game more often."
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