The Raven and The Dove (revised)

Note: I decided to fix it cause there so many holes in this story I made the first time around. The reason I choose those two birds cause to me they represent light and dark. The Raven is the black bird which to me, represents sadness and sorrow, and the Dove is the white bird that represents happiness and love. That’s my reason why I choose those two birds you see before you.

When I met this woman, she was nice and beautiful, and full of positive emotion, everything about her intensify me. I told her that she was the dove, and that I am the raven. I cannot be one. She said to me,

"Why do you consider yourself a Raven?"

I replied, "Because I had all of this negative emotion and that I had never had a positive experience in the Past. I wanted to get away from the darkness that looms over me. I fly through the night cause I never seen the day, I felt I had black wings on me, and I fly through the night, finding the woman to call my Dove."

"Why do you consider me a Dove?" she asked

"You represent the things that are positive, like love. I wanted you to be my dove. You have positive emotion, sincerity, and kindness. You are the light baby. You have the white wings of a Dove."

She was shocked by the fact that I said about her being a Dove, to which she believed the fact was another meaning that I love her. To which I did.

But I turned around thinking that I was a fool saying that she is my dove. But she stopped me and turned me around, and started to kiss me passionately. I can feel her lips locked to mine, I can feel that sense of love the passion I felt with that kiss. I started to kiss her neck and she felt it my lips kissing it. I felt as if though my world would turn upside down, and that mine and hers would be one. I felt that time stood still for us, the kiss of timeless passion. She took my clothes off, revealing my chest, and I did the same with her, seeing her breasts. I started to undress her as we kissed, took her pants off and did the same with me, showing me her pussy and me showing her my cock. She pulled me in as we kissed. I can feel her breasts from my chest, as she grinds my cock with her pussy. Her throbbing pussy on my cock, I felt that clit on the tip of my cock it felt good. I look down and she started to grind on it like if we were dancing to a song at a club. She let me touch her breasts with my hands. I have a sense that all my negative emotions were starting to disappear, all that sadness and sorrow were gone when I kissed her.

We went to her bed we were kissing still, how much I love her lips. I felt somewhere that the black wings I had were turning white. Then she wanted to ride me, so she wrapped her legs around my back as I inserted my cock to her pussy. We took it slow as we kissed I can feel her pussy in my cock, pumping slow her pussy was to my cock, we kissed with so much passion that I feel like the raven inside of me is becoming the dove. I sensed these good emotions inside of me, just waiting to be released. She wanted to lay us around in bed with her on top, she took my cock in her pussy slowly, we kissed with so much passion, and she felt my skin, and I did the same, caressing her entire body, and I held her hands, cause I love her and I can’t let her go. I did felt like time did stand still for the two of us, I felt everything froze and that it was meant for the two of us. Now I felt that sense of happiness and love that I could never get. She means everything to me; I love her with my entire body and soul. I went up to her and clutched her as her body kept pumping faster and faster. I felt like I really didn’t want to let her go. I moaned and she moaned with passion, and I said,

“I Love you.”

“I love you too baby” she replied

“I don’t wanna let you go baby, u mean everything to me. You are my Dove” I said.

“Oh baby and you are my Raven” she replied back.

As I felt her tight pussy with my cock and we kept on fucking each other, and I felt close to being a different type of raven. Not the typical black bird that some has seen. She almost came, and when I started to cum she wanted it in her deep wet pussy as we cum together. I was about to cum and I came in her wet cunt along with her cum. Now I don’t feel like the raven of sorrow that flies through the night. I felt like a bird that flies through the light through the day.

Now I felt free, my wings were white I had became a white raven. All the negative emotions gone, replaced with the good ones. I love my woman so much.
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