Karen and I went on to spend the rest of that summer providing each other with sexual favors on a near daily basis. During the last week of vacation I experienced a sexual session with Karen that has been one of my all time favorite memories. Early one morning we were out at our fort in the field and
in no time at all I developed a raging Hard-on. We played around a little with Karen first squatting on my face and letting me smell her fantastic little pussy. As soon as she sat down next to me I couldn't hold back and I squirted my first load of the day all over her stomach and pubic area. We both laughed and Karen said that just feeling my Jizz land on her made her really hot. As usual,I got down and licked up all the sperm and then shared it with her, mouth to mouth.
Karen had to go back home around 11am so she could go to lunch with her Mother(Pam) and her b*****r(John), after witch they were going to buy new clothes for the coming school year. By the time Karen got home and back over to my house it was to late for her to change clothes and for us to go to either fort and play. Karen went inside the garage as if to change clothes but in stead she called to me to join her. When I got to the garage door she was standing by a straight back chair and she motioned for me to take a seat. Just as I was about to sit down, she laughed and said "pants down first". The only light was coming from the partially open back door but it was enough to see. I knew that she was about to suck me off, which was nothing new but always very special. What made this so special was what Karen said just as she was kneeling down between my legs. She said "This one is all mine and just for me". Karen didn't have to wait long because I was so hot. After just a few minutes I couldn't hold back any longer and let loose with a really powerful Orgasm. I stopped counting the "squirts" after 7 or 8. Karen continued to suck on me until my cock went completely limp. By the time she stood up she had swallowed my entire load of creamy Jizz. I have never forgotten the look on her face when she got between my legs, looked up and said,"This one is all mine and just for me". Karen took off and headed home and I just sat there because my Orgasm had been so strong I felt like my asshole had been sucked right out of the head of my cock, along with my Load.
In all the years that have passed since then, and all the other people I have been with, nobody has ever said something as profound as what Karen said to me.
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7 months ago
wow you should write more its so erotic and you make me cum so hard
1 year ago
How come you never wrote anything since this one?
3 years ago
Very good