Another Analslut is Born

Hi my name is Anna and today i'm gonna tell you the story of my first
analsex experience.

I was a Teenager and had lost my virginity a few weeks ago, I liked it much, but since then I had no sex with another man or the guy who took my
virginity. Me and some friends of mine where on a party, I was a bit
d***k and wanted realy to fuck... or at least suck a cock. Eventually I

ended up with a guy in a room. After a few kisses it took of his pants
and started too jerk his cock and it got realy hard and big. He asked me
where this is leading to. I smiled and said: "Well I want you to fuck me
as hard as you can."
"You look young, how old are you?"
"Old enough."
He looked a bit nervous and said: "Mhh.. ok."

After all he was horny so he didn't realy care about my Age I guess, I
took his whole cock in my mouth and chocked a bit, he f***ed me to take
it ballsdeep, after he released me he grabbed my titts and slapped my
ass, it hurt a bit but I liked it. His cock was realy big and I wasn't
sure if i could take it, he asked me if I was a virgin, I told him not.

He smiled in relief.

I lay on my back and he licked my pussy, his tongue moved fast over my
clit, he put to fingers in me and I barely climaxed.
When he tried to put his cock in my pussy I stopped him,
I said: "Hey, not without a condom, I don't want to get pregnant."
"Oh... yeah sure, wait a Minute."
He went to his pants and searched them. "Oh Shit, a have no condoms."
"Damn it." I said and was realy pissed off. I wanted too feel that big
cock in me.
He was hesitate and asked: "Mhm... do you ever had a cock in your ass? You
can't get pregnant that way."
I was surprised, I mean I've seen it in porn but never thought of doing it.
"No... I guess it hurts. Have you fucked a girl in the ass before?"
"A few times."
"And what did they say?"
"They liked it."
I was sure he don't said the whole truth, but what else could he say? His
Cock was still hard and I wanted it.
"Ok... you can fuck my ass, but you have to stop when I say stop... ok?"
"Yeah sure... suck my cock and make it wet."
I got on my knees and spit on his cock, I made it as wet as I could. He
told me to put a finger in my ass, I did as told. First it felt a bit
weird, but then it started too feel good. I put two fingers in me while I
jerked his big wet cock.
"Are you ready?" he asked.
I put myself in prone on the bed, he grabbed my ass and put three fingers
in it. I screamed in pain...
He pulled his fingers out and asked me if I was ok.
"I didn't say stop, right?!! Now fuck me!" I said, curious about my own
He put his cock in my ass, it was so painful I thought I gonna'
explode... but I liked it. First he was gentle and slow, but he was
getting faster and slapped my ass.
"Yeah you little bitch! Like it in your ass?!!"
"Oh Yeah, fuck my asshole, harder!"
He did and I came. It was the best orgasm I ever had, he had still power
and fucked me even harder.
He grunted and his cum filled my ass... I came again.

I couldn't realy walk the day after, but it was worth it... totally.

Another analslut was born. ^^
90% (55/6)
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2 years ago
Short but loved it!
3 years ago
great story!
3 years ago
mmm so hot,he is one lucky guy fucking ur perfect ass,great story
3 years ago
nice baby u should come here & try double anal
4 years ago
you are certified analslut..
4 years ago
Cool story thanks Anna
4 years ago
Great story, very raw and powerfull
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
bet he loved it
4 years ago
Awesome story!
4 years ago
wirklich geile geschichte
4 years ago
Nette Geschichte, geht mir genauso
4 years ago
Hey Anna I love ansl sluts they know how to get fucked using all there holes thanks
4 years ago
Hot story, enjoyed reading
4 years ago
hoooooot story, make me hard
4 years ago
ts a very hot and nice story
4 years ago
wow amazing story!! really but me hard!!
4 years ago
if only more ,were like you :)
4 years ago
Can I clean you up?
4 years ago
i love you come to italy :D
4 years ago
are you in chicago?
4 years ago
Very nice, loved it...
4 years ago
Not bad.