First day on a new job

A few month ago I thought a cockloving slut like me could make some real good money
as a hooker. So I looked around for a whorehouse, in my city its not very hard too
find, they have commercials on cabs.

I asked for the manager, he looked at me and asked for my ID, I told him I was
s*******n, he said I should come back when I turn eighteen.

Last week I turned.

So I asked again and he agreed to give it a shot. But I have too pass a test he
mentioned. I flashed my titts and told him I will do anything.
He laughed and said: "No, not me. I'm a regular guy. You have to fuck one of the
doormen, a specific one, if you can handle him you can handle everyone."
I was a bit scared and said: "Erm... ok."
He called for the guy and a few minutes later a realy big, bald and muscular guy with
a lot of tattoos entered the room.
"Hey boss, you said you need me?"
"Yeah right, this girl wants to work for us. You know what to do, show no mercy."

The guy look at me and grinned.
"Sure boss."
He took my Hand, turned me around and gave me a soft slap on my ass.
"So whats your name?"
"My name is Tom, how old are you?"
"Oh, first time hooker?"
"Erm... yeah."
We left the managers office and walked upstairs.
"So you had a lot of cocks I guess?"
"Pretty many... I guess."
He knocked on a door and a few seconds later, a girl in lingerie opened.
"Hey sweetie, we need your room."
The girl looked at me, walked by and said "Don't be sad, it's nothing personal. He's
just doing his job."
I started to think that this was maybe not such a good idea.

He closed the door.
"Don't listen to her, she's trying too scare you, she doesn't like competition."
I relaxed a bit.
"So what should I do?"
Sudennlay he grabbed my shoulders and pushed me to the ground.
"Get on the floor you fuckin' slut!" he yelled.
I was on my knees and my head was in front of his crotch.
He grabbed my head and put it on his cock. It felt big, but through his pants I
couldnt feel enough.
After a few moments he realeased me and opened his belt, his pants dropped a bit.
"What you waiting for?!! Take it off whore!"
I pulled them down and saw his cock.

Now I understood what the Manager what he meant when he said, if you can handle him
you can handle everyone.

His cock was about 13 inches long and nearly 3 inches thick. And I wasn't even
completely hard. He took my hair and pulled my head back.
"Open your mouth!"
He put his cock deep into my mouth, I chocked but he didn't stop. His cock went realy
hard and he released me.
I took a deep breath and started to jerk his cock.
I spit on it to keep it wet, my pussy was getting wet too.
"Yeah, jerk it you filthy bitch!"
He slapped my face and yelled at me.
"Get up, I'm just gettin' started!"
I stood up.
"What now?"
"Take off your shirt!"
I slowly took off my shirt.
He slapped me again: "Faster! Get nacked you cunt!"
A tear ran down my cheek.
"Hey, you want the job or what?!!"
I nod.
He gagged on my neck.
"I can't hear you! DO YOU WANT THIS JOB?!!"
"Ye... Yes." I whispered.
"Good, so get your fuckin' cloth off, and get down on the floor."
I took all my cloth off and put myself on the floor.
I was scared and excited at the same time, I wanted too feel that thing inside of me.
He took off his shirt and pants. He was realy strong and in perfect shape.
He got on his knees and spread my legs wide, he started to lick my pussy and put
three fingers inside. I was so wet, I couldnt wait anymore.
"Yeah you filthy little slut, you want it, right?!!"
"Oh yes... please... fuck me!"

And then he started.

First he put just one inch slowly forward, I was happy he didn't start so fast. And
in a single second he put the whole thing inside.
I screamed in pain, begged him to stop and hit him on his back
He hold my hands down on the floor.
"Thats the way, just hold still, the pain will go away und you'll like it."
And he was right, he fucked me hard and fast and I came as hard as never before.
Suddenly he stopped.
"Get back an your knees."
I did so and he put his cock in my mouth.
"Make it wet, real wet."
Then he lifted me up and put me on the bed.
"Turn around so I can see your Ass."
"What? You wanna fuck my ass?"
"Sure, the whole thing. Now do as I told you!"
I turned around and he slapped my ass.
I know that it would hurt, but the excitement took over... again.
My puss was so wet and I nearly climaxed just about the idea of having this Monstercock in my ass, and than it happened.
The pain made me cry and I bit the pillow to pieces, but it felt so good I can't remember anything better.

Nearly ten minutes later he took his cock out of my ass, turned me around and shoot his load all over my face.

Best first day on a new job ever. ^^
85% (47/8)
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3 years ago
great story! sounds like you take it in the ass like a good girl!
3 years ago
geile sache!
3 years ago
das is echt eine geile story..
3 years ago
I hpe for you that this is fictional, otherwise you would have been violated and should sue the rapist
4 years ago
Coole Story, bist du immer noch im Job?
4 years ago
Naja, eher langweilig, dachte schon lese mal was zum Wachwerden, aber hab gerade eher wieder den Drang dorthin zu gehen, wo ich gerade herkomme :D, aber wer s mag, bitte...
4 years ago
4 years ago
what a good girl
4 years ago
that was hot babe
4 years ago
fuckin hot... my dick is growing sooo big, yeah
4 years ago
Geile Geschichte, muss ich gleich drauf wixen
4 years ago
niiiice ^_^
4 years ago
OMG I filled my boxers with cum just reading this! how do i get a go??!!
4 years ago
Interesting stroy so now your a whore is it like they say all johns and no play or are you really have fun.
4 years ago
Na anne und wie läuft der Jop jetzt?
4 years ago
aaaaaaaaaa lenare fantastic story bur are for me are a false story but is true if you come in Italy or I come and see them well even if someone fucks you tell me the room where he worked in private message that I'm coming to see