Sensory deprivation

I have already told you that this weekend you would be introduced to something new. Something I have not exposed you to yet.
So when you arrive I can tell you're slightly nervous. You present yourself as my subbie-girl immediately, sitting on your knees at my feet, naked, thighs slightly parted, shoulders back, nipples pointing forward, your head lowered, your hands palms facing up resting on your thighs.
I stroke your hair as we talk a bit and drink a glass of wine. Then I get a blindfold, and cover your eyes. With it securely fasted I tell you to get up. I handcuff your hands behind your back an then I lead you by the arm to the attic. I love to see your swaying ass in front of me as we climb the stairs.
We don't speak and in the attic I lead you to a chair placed in the middle of the room. I tie your ankles to the chair and then proceed to tie up your tits and leading the rope around the chair, securing your upper body in place too.

You don't know what's going on, you just hear my footsteps on the wood planks and the noise they make as I look at you from different angles. I can tell your breath is getting slightly faster in anticipation.
I get out some nipple clamps, pull on your left nipple and clamp it. I hear you hiss as you try to adjust to the sudden rush of pain and pleasure. I walk around the chair and repeat the procedure on your right nipple. I then connect the two clamps with a chain and let it rest across your chest. the cold metal almost tickling you.
Again I withdraw, looking at you from a little distance. You hear my footsteps moving away an I see your hear turning, trying to find out where I've gone.
I walk around and you try to track my movements... as I walk up to you I see a little smile on your face as you realize I return to you.
I move in, feel your clit and I can tell you didn't quite expect this, your pussy is already moist as I rub my fingers along your pussy.
Then I take some clothes pegs out of my pocket, open your pussy lips and place two pegs on each of your lips. You let out a moan as you feel the sting and the pressure.
You're so occupied with handling the extra pain that you don't notice me moving away again looking at you from a distance. I see you wriggle to adjust and take what I've dished out for you.

Once you do get a handle on your physical discomfort, you realize that you can't hear me anymore. No more creaking of the wooden planks in the attic, no more footsteps, not even my breath close to your neck or elsewhere on your body. You realize you're alone in the dark.
You focus on your breathing and the sound it makes in the attic, your other senses become increasingly heightened in sensitivity, which means you hear more, but you also are painfully reminded of the clamps on your nipples and the pegs on your pussylips.
How long have you been there already... 5 minutes? an hour, two? You hear the monotonous ticking of rain on the roof. Was it raining when you were lead upstairs? How long has it been raining? Where am I, will I leave you for long?

Suddenly you hear the door opening again. Footsteps... creaking, "is it you Master?" I hear you asking softly. I don't reply, move closer to you and grab one of your tits and squeeze it hard. You let out a little yelp and before you realize what happened I removed the clamp from your nipple. The sudden onrush of bl**d back into makes it sting and tingle and you squirm on the chair. I repeat the process on your other boob, leaving you breathing heavily to deal with the pain.
Then I take a small riding whip and flick it over your nipples... again you yelp and I see your body tense up as I continue to flick the whip on your nipples, your tits, then down on your belly.
I can tel you start to realize what is going to happen next as your ass starts squirming on the seat. "Please", you manage to to blurt out but to no avail: the tip of the whip hits the first clothes peg on your lips, making it and your lips wiggle. You can't suppress a little scream. "Quiet!", I hiss as I hold your head in my hands, squeezing your cheeks. You nod, and I return to the business at hand... again I whip the peg on your cunt and it snaps loose and falls on the seat of the chair.

"Count them!" I say and in your bravest voice you say "One Sir". I continue the whipping and before long two more pegs become dislodged. "Two, three..." I can hear a tear resonating in your voice but I continue. It takes six more hit with the whip before the last peg also comes off. "Four.. Sir".
I can see how red your lips have become and I kneel in front of you. Suddenly you feel the air of my breath of your cunt lips. I slowly lick them, then take each into my mouth and gently suck on them. I can feel how wet this had made you as your juices flow freely on the wooden seat of the chair.
"May I cum Sir" I hear after a minute or so. As a confirmation, I lick your clit. "Go" I say and continue nibbling your pussy and clit. You wriggle your hips as well as you can in the restrained position you're in to feel more of my tongue.
Then I feel you coming, your muscles spasm, contract almost try to pull my tongue further inside. Then I feel you relax, your breath becomes deeper and I realize you're starting to float.

I untie your legs, remove the ropes from your tits, take the cuffs from your wrists and finally remove your blindfold. Your eyes are glazed over as I pick you up and carry you downstairs and put you to bed. "You did well girl" I whisper in your ear. Only the next morning you confirm to me that you actually hear me say that as you drift off, further and further.
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