Trophy Wife

You were a trophy wife when I met you on-line. I thought you were a typical bored housewife trying to get through the day by having the occasional naughty chat.
But after a few weeks you were still around and I started taking an interest in you. Your profile read you were very private but also very interested.

And then, in the third week you sent me a private message, wondering what I was doing in that BDSM chat-room, that I seemed private but kind and that I fascinated you, that you had the feeling I could teach you about the things that sparked your curiosity in the first place.

After chatting for a few weeks, you slowly started to tell me more about who you really were. About how your husband was never there because of his career, how your own career was put on a slow burner because of it, how you thought you accepted this situation because your husband had seemed so decisive and strong and that it lead you to investigate these feelings.

When we met for the first time, in a park I recognized you. Not from the directions I had given you on what to wear, high heeled black boots, stockings, short black skirt, white blouse, sunglasses and a black cap, but from your dwindling career.. I recognized you from TV.
You knew I had, smiled and said: "yes, it's almost as if we're real people, isn't it?"
That immediately broke the ice, I laughed, took you by the arm and we continued our walk through the park. Now that I knew who you were, all these little snippets of information you had given me on-line started to make sense, your husband was the new CEO of a multi-national company. He gathered you as his trophy about 18 months earlier when you were still a semi-regular guest on entertainment shows.

The rest was as cliche as it gets: he spent more and more time on his career, leaving you alone in the big empty mansion you were living in and you started to wonder if this was all there was to it.
The slight difference was that you somehow were attracted to the exchange of power, to giving up control to someone.
As we walked through the park it became clear that we hit it off and that you were longing for me to show you some of the things we had chatted about and that you were curious about how this would all play itself out in real life.

The week after our walk you gave me your phone number on-line and asked me to call you. I did and I heard you say with a trembling voice that your husband had once again left for a 6 day trip and if I couldn't come over.
That you needed to feel in reality what we had talked and chatted over for so long.

As I drove up to your house I looked through my "bag of goodies" I told you I would bring: cuffs, clamps, paddles, clamps, blindfolds, ropes, plugs, dildo's they were all present and accounted for but still I had no idea what I was going to do with you.
I rang the doorbell and you opened the door wearing only a half see-through black gown. You were visibly nervous, lead me through your house to the kitchen where I saw your large glass of wine on the kitchen table. It was 2pm, so you were even more nervous than I had expected.

"What can I get you to drink?", you asked as I set my bag down on the table.
As you turned and walked towards the fridge I said: "Present yourself like I taught you slut!" You turned around as if you got stung by a bee. "What? Have we started .. already?", you blurted out. "We started the moment you opened the door for me", I said curtly, "now don't make me repeat myself!"

Quickly you recomposed yourself and took off the gown, got your hands in the back of your neck, elbows pointing outward, legs shoulder width apart, eyes lowered. I walked around you without saying anything. I was secretly enjoying the thought of this gorgeous woman who I had seen on TV so often was here before me naked, obeying my instructions, needing to be controlled and disciplined. From behind, I reached around and cupped your tits, pressing the nipples in at first, then taking them between finger and thumb and pulling them out. When I let go you uttered a low groan. As I walked around you and saw your shaven pussy, with just a tiny little landing strip above my plan started to form.

I grabbed your chin with my hand and told you to face the kitchen table, hips against it. You quickly did as I said and stood against the table, still in the position I told you to assume in the first place. I opened my bag, took out some xl tie-wraps and went down to your ankles, spread your legs further and fastened each ankle to a table leg with the thick plastic wraps. I then proceeded to slowly lick your legs from your calves to your thighs, licking the inside of them as I made my way to your ass cheeks. I felt goosebumps building on your skin as I did this.
Then I got back up and pushed your upper body over the table. "Stretch out your arms", I said, walking to the other end of the table.
You stretched out your arms and I tied each arm to another side of the table with some rope. You were standing spread eagle over your own kitchen table, waiting for what was to come.

"Spanking!" I said... "you told me you liked that, didn't you?". "Yes I do", you answered. With a loud noise my hand hit your left butt cheek. "What was that you said?". "Aww, I said yes I do Sir", you tried to recover from your mistake.
"That's 10 extra slaps on each cheek", I said as I took my paddle out of the bag. "Count them out loud!". I rubbed the paddle on your ass first, then pulled it back and with a loud "thwack" it made contact with your butt. "One...", you moaned, thwack - "two...".
After twenty slaps your ass was starting to look nice and rosey and I briefly stopped to enjoy the view of your slowly wriggling ass. Moving from side to side in both pain and pleasure. I could tell you thought you had made it through so I set you straight by getting a wooden spoon from the kitchen counter and saying: "Those 20 extra you will get with your own equipment".
You tensed up a little as I positioned myself behind you again. "Count!" I said as a began again. This time your counts and moans started to sound a little teary eyed and I could tell you were glad when you could finally moan the word "twenty".
I walked to the other side of the table, pulled your head up by your hair, looked in your eyes and said: "Good girl!, now let's see what other effects this had on you".
I walked back to the other side and felt your pussy with my fingers: it was wet, it was very wet. I licked my fingers as I walked to my bag and got out a dildo.
I placed it against your pussy lips and started pushing and rolling it in. you let out another surprise moan as you couldn't look behind you to see what I was planning and doing.
When the dildo was completely buried in your wet cunt I unzipped my pants and my hard cock jumped out, almost bouncing. The thought of fucking not just a slut but a television personality slut had gotten me incredibly hard.
I walked up to you and spread your butt cheeks... I lubed up your ass and then placed the head of my cock against your tight pink ass. Entering you went surprisingly smooth, although the stories you had told me in chat about how you ass fucked yourself with your hairbrush should have prepared me for that.
I pushed my cock all the way in, I could feel the dildo on the other side, filling up your wet cunt as I began to thrust inside your ass deep and slow.
I grabbed your hair, pulling you back a little forcing you to arch your back and pressing your big tits against the table.
Harder and faster it went now and your hips started to gyrate and push back to me as far as the restraints would allow you.
"Yes Sir, fuck me.... please!" you let out. It was clear you wanted me to possess you completely. Your tight ass muscles clenched around my cock, almost pinching it as I thrusted deep and hard inside you.

I could feel that I was about to cum you I pulled my cock out of your ass, and made my way around the table to your face. I pulled your head up by your hair with one hand, stroking my cock with the other. "Open your mouth", I said.
I could see horny happiness in your eyes as you opened your mouth and stuck your tongue out. "Please Sir", you moaned and and that moment I felt the cum shooting up through my shaft and into your mouth and on your face.
Five or six big gulps hit you directly, covering your face, mouth and tongue with hot, sticky cum.
You continued to hold your tongue out, licking the last little drops from my cock. Then I gave you permission to swallow, which you did with a very contented look on your face.
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8 months ago
verey lucky girl!