Kate - The English Teacher
"Give me your book, there's a good boy"
Her voice was almost a purr. Kate took the writing book from his trembling finger. Looking down she could hardly be bothered to read the words he had written, her mind was already on the course of events to follow. She flipped the page back and fourth, checking what she already knew, that he had only managed to write one and a half pages. Her distractions and been completely successful, keeping him from any semblance of concentrated effort. Kate looked up at him, her eyes wide with surprise. "It seems that you have wasted the whole morning Rick. I can see no evidence of any proper effort and you have not even started question three. What do you have to say for yourself?"
Rick dropped his eyes and his face colored up an even deeper red. "I... I.. d' don't know miss. I know them I j' just couldn't do them in time "Rick’s voice trailed off into silence. He bent his head and began to shuffle his feet. Kate spoke sharply to him. "Stand straight and look at me when I am talking to you. Do you mean to tell me that you have no excuse for this work"? Rick quickly raised his head, looking shocked at the sharp rebuke of his English Teacher. It was the first time he had heard her use that tone of voice. "I' I'm sorry miss "Rick could hardly speak. His legs were trembling as he watched her sit back in her chair. Her eyes never left his as she deliberately folded her hands across her lap.

"Look at me and listen carefully Rick. I have great faith in your ability to do good work. This morning you have chosen not to and I don't know why. You yourself have admitted that you have no excuse, is that correct? "Rick was trembling visibly as he began to answer. "I'm sorry miss, I promise I won't do it again" Kate leaned forward and looked deep into his eyes. "I am afraid Rick that your behaviour will have to be corrected. I intend you to become a well-educated young man whether you like it or not. I am very sorry but I am going to have to punish you "Kate leaned back and slowly opened the center draw. She took out the long rattan cane and placed it on the desktop. Inwardly she was delighted by the shocked expression, which appeared on the boy's face as the cane came into his view.

"B. but m' mmiss"
Rick stammered as tears began to form in his eyes. Kate quickly interrupted him.
"I'm sorry young man, but is for your own good. Go over to your desk and undress, quickly now, I don't want to waste the rest of the day" Rick was unable to move; the words shocked him. He could hardly believe this beautiful young woman was going to humiliate him. He began to tremble from head to foot, hardly able to put one foot in front of the other as he stumbled back to his desk. He turned to her, his voice pleading.
"But.. miss" Kate found it difficult to keep the thrill of excitement out of her voice as she spoke sternly to her young charge. "If you delay any more Rick I will double your punishment"
She watched with satisfaction as his trembling fingers started to undo the buttons of his jacket." Come along Rick everything off... quickly now "Kate stood up taking several ribbons of soft leather from the draw and placing them on top of the desk. She closed the draw and moved to side of her desk. She watched intently as the boy undressed. He had taken off his jacket and shirt and laid them on the seat of his chair. He was naked above the waist but seemed reluctant to unbutton his trousers.

"Take your shoes and socks off before your trousers... quickly now, I have warned you"
Kate’s voice was stern. Her words seemed to have the desired effect as Rick bent over and removed his shoes and socks." Come along... drop your trousers “Tears were rolling down his cheeks as Rick undid the buttons of his trousers and pushed them down to his ankles. He stepped out of them and placed them on top of his clothes on the desk. Kate felt an involuntary shiver run through her body as she watched the young boy stand up in just his underpants. “Right young man come and stand in front of me" Kate pulled up the chair and sat on it, slowly removing her left shoe form her foot, and waited for Rick to stand in front of her. He was clutching the waistband of his underpants as if they might fall. His whole body trembled with fear, his face flushed a deep red as he stood before her. “Drop your pants Rick and stand with your legs apart in front of me “ Rick’s humiliation was complete as he stood in front of his beautiful young teacher. He looked up to her face as if to plead with her once more. Kate lifted her left foot and gently stroked and nudged the boy’s pecker, "Be a brave boy Rick I have to do this for your own good". Kate’s toe rose upon the head of his penis, she slided her index toe over the head and flattened the entire length of his penis on his belly with her high arched sole.

Her voice was soft, almost tender as she ran her toe fingers gently down the side of his penis, along the length and up on his pubic section. "Take your hands away and place them by your sides. Stand up straight and look at me" Kate looked down at his genitals as he reluctantly tried to uncover himself. She raised the tip of his penis with her toe thumb examining it.”I want you to look at me Rick" Kate’s voice was now gentle and soothing. saying that and realizing that Rick’s penis was fully tensed as she removed her foot from her penis. Kate got up and walked up to her desk. "I am going to give you six strokes with a cane on your bare bottom and I want you to take it like a man. No nonsense, otherwise I will increase it to twelve. Because you are new to punishment I am going to secure you. So bend over the desk" She opened the drawer and took out the cane and ribbons. Rick shivered. Kate turned him around to face her desk; placing the flat of her palm against his tummy she bent him over until his chest was pressed flat against the top of the desk. Bending on one knee behind him she boldly stoked her fingers up the inside of his thighs, making him spread his legs.

"Please miss." Rick stammered.
"It's no good pleading Rick my mind is made up. Now get those legs apart"
Quickly Kate took the ribbons and tied them around his ankles, fastening the ends of the soft leather to the legs of the desk. She then moved to the other side of her desk and taking his wrists, pulled his arms forward and deftly bound the wrists together. She attached the other end of the soft leather to the handle of the center draw.
Kate heard the boy mumble an affirmative reply as she moved back around the desk to stand behind his naked body. Although she had not bound him tightly she was well aware that he would not be able to move his bottom more than a few inches.. She stood back admiring her handiwork. Rick’s chest was pressed flat against the inlaid leather top with his head turned to one side and his legs spread widely apart. Kate relaxed as she examined the naked boy stretched before her. She noted his firm buttocks as she bent forward to look between his outstretched legs. His penis hung down below his testicles, which she noticed were tightly encased in the scrotum as if he were cold. She moved forward and placed a hand on each buttock gently pulling them apart. She heard the boy gasp as she ran her forefinger down the crease of the buttocks and over the sensitive sphincter. “Right my boy, get that bottom up, come along up on your toes. “She watched as he obediently straightened his legs and pushed his bottom upwards. Kate felt a quiver of excitement run through her body. She was aware that the boy could not raise his bottom any higher, but could not resist the prospect of increasing his embarrassment.

"Come along you can do better than that". Gently she cupped his scrotum and carefully squeezed his testicles, pulling the scrotum backwards towards her. She thrilled once more as he gasped with shock at the intimate way she handled him. Keeping hold of his testicles she delicately encircled his penis with the finger and thumb of her other hand and pushed the foreskin upwards, uncovering the sensitive glans." Come along get it up further, there's a good boy" Rick could do nothing but mumble. She noted that his face, which was turned to the side, was covered in one deep blush. Letting go of him she stood back and once more took up her position. Taking the cane she lowered it so that the tip rested on the center of his buttocks. Rick quaked visibly as the cold rattan touched his flesh. Delicately she stroked the cane up and down over the cheeks of his bottom. She felt the smooth cotton of her blouse rub against her nipples, which were already hard with desire. “Come along Rick keep it up “With these words she abruptly raised the cane and brought it down hard across the very center of his bottom. The effect was electric, his shoulders heaved as he strained to straighten up and his mouthed opened wide in a grimace of anguish."Arrrggghhh.. arggghhh" Rick groaned as the pain of the stroke seared through his body. Through the deluge of pure anguish he heard her voice softly whisper. “That was number one “His shoulders quivered as he felt her tap the under-part of his buttocks. “Get your bottom up, I shall not tell you again" Her voice was now firmer and huskier. “Come along now “Rick strained to push his bottom upwards at the same time trying to clench his buttocks together as if somehow to protect the sensitive flesh. "Don't you dare clench your buttocks" With all the will power he could muster, Rick f***ed himself to relax his buttocks. No sooner had the flesh relaxed a second stroke bit into his tender flesh. He tried to rear up but could not move his hands. His whole body seemed helplessly pinioned to the desk. He cried out loudly, his throat almost constricted with the effects of the pain.
"Arrggghhh.. arrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh."" That was number two “Kate’s voice was soft, almost a murmer. Without warning Rick heard the swish of the cane as once more it sliced though the air. He could not believe the intensity of the pain as the bony rattan cane bit deep into his flesh."Arrggghhh.. arrggghhhhhh.. arrgggggggghhhhh" Kate squeezed her legs together as she felt a thrill run through her body. She pressed her hand between her legs and breathing deeply waited for the feeling to subside. She watched as Rick thrashed his bottom from side to side. Three bright red weals delineated his quivering buttocks." Get that bottom up Rick "She said firmly as she raised the cane once more. “That was number three and you have three more to come" For the fourth stroke she sliced the cane down across the top of his buttocks. 'Thwack'. She delighted in the satisfying sound of the cane as it bit once more into his soft flesh. She watched delightedly as he threw his head back and screamed."Arrgggggggghhh hhhhhhhhh arrrgggg gggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh"" That was number four “Her words were barely audible as without respite she raised the cane again and brought it down hard. Rick was beside himself with pain as once more, the bony rattan cane bit into his bottom. This time Kate had aimed carefully for the tender under-part of his buttocks. Her aim had been true and she watched his body quiver uncontrollably as he tried to rid himself of the pain
"Arrrgghrgggggghhhhh.... Arrrggggggghhhh oooooohhhhhh" Rick screamed, his flesh felt as if it was on fire. His body was quivering uncontrollably his mouth wide open as he fought for breath." That was number five, you have one more to come. Kate was not sure that she had managed to keep the excitement out of her voice as mercilessly she raised her arm for the sixth and final stroke. She aimed for the center of his bottom and brought the cane down hard, watching as if in slow motion the wicked rattan cane strike his flesh. His flesh seemed to envelop the bamboo as it bit deep into his buttocks. The effect of the last stroke was beyond anything Rick could have imagined. His whole body stiffened for an instance as if had been electrocuted. He tossed his head back and screamed. "Argggghhhh arrgggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... arrrggggggggggggggghhhhh." Tears streamed down his cheeks as he tried to escape his bindings. His whole body was writhing in agony. "Arrrggggghhhhhh..arrggggggghhhhhh...ooooohhhhhhhh. Please misss.. misss n'nnoo more." He shook uncontrollably as the pain coursed through his body.

"Pleeeeeeese misssss" He was near to fainting as he tried to form his words.
"Pleeeaaase... miss, no more" Kate smiled with satisfaction as she laid down the cane. She leaned over his quivering naked body and gently stroked her hand over his shoulders.
"There my boy, it's all over now. Try and relax... there's a good boy. Softly her fingers trailed over his back and down over his upturned bottom.

"There, there now, it's all over now, just relax" She pulled up the chair near him lifted her leg and deftly rubbed his scrotum with her foot delicately running it over Rick’s penis. She spread her toes and clenched his rim between her toes, pushing the foreskin back over the glans and squeezing the timid flesh between her toe fingers. Pulling the foreskin down again she began to move her foot up and down in a milking motion. She heard Rick gasp as she cleverly manipulated his penis with her foot. She slowly increased the tempo of her ministrations as she felt his penis begin to stiffen. Rick gasped as she tightened her toe grip on his penis and pushed the foreskin back as far as it would go. She punctuated the stroking of his penis by gently squeezing and nudging his testicles in a similar rhythm with her other foot. Rick’s emotions were in turmoil his breathing heavy and labored. He felt totally trapped and humiliated as she cleverly aroused him. She worked diligently, ignoring the moans and groans of the naked boy. Abruptly she let go his testicles and slided her toe up between the crease of his buttocks. Locating the sphincter, she pushed her toe thumb in, teasing the delicate membranes around the opening. With great care she inserted her toe into the orifice, insidiously probing until she felt the sphincter dilate. Without warning she pushed her toe firmly up into his bottom at the same time pushing the foreskin of his penis back with her toe grip, fully exposing the glans. She ignored the boy's gasps as she quickly located Rick’s prostate gland. With her toe rubbing inside him she stoked the prostate with her toe fingers, feeling his penis throb between her toe grip. Rick’s whole body was trembling, his body wracked with emotion as his English Tutor who looked like Kate Winslet of Titanic fame, expertly brought him to new heights of sexual sensation. Feeling his penis throb uncontrollable between her toes, Kate quickly shoved her toe deeper into his bottom, increasing the tempo of her foot strokes she squeezed his penis between her toe a as hard as she could. She smiled with satisfaction as the boy moaned uncontrollably. A jet of semen erupted from the tip of his penis on to the carpet below. Kate moved her foot up and down the shaft of his penis with increased speed,. Rick shook with emotion as she relentlessly milked him of every last drop of semen. He felt drained as her foot slowed and her grip relaxed. Kate extracted her toe from his bottom and rubbed her toe on his scrotum for a while . She squeezed her toes between her toes firmly watching the last drops of milky white semen escape from the tip of his penis.
"There.. there, just you relax, while I fetch the maids to attend to you" chuckled Kate.

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