First Time Bi

Almost everytime I hear the words "jet black" I think about the time I was looking for something to do around the house. I decided to paint a room that was used for storage.
A small black love-seat sat near a water heater that had a vent to the outside. There was a table with an old stereo on it in one corner, and a few boxes were stacked around the other walls. I knew it wouldn't take much effort to rearrange things and to paint it so I could sit under the vent, drink beer and indulge while I listen to some tunes. Sue doesen't like all the "smoke and smell".
I went out to the garage and searched it from top to bottom looking for some paint. I found all the leftovers from other projects I had done. The cans was sitting on a shit load of penthouse magazines. The only color that was enough to do the job was jet black. While I was trying to mix-n-match a different color I picked up a magazine. As I thumbed through it, I got the wildest idea!
With the jet black paint, I painted the walls, the floor, and ceiling. While the paint was drying, I went back to the garage and took the center-folds out of each magazine and a few full page pictures.
I took them to the room and stuck them to the almost dry paint. I put them everywhere except on the floor. I was "proud" of my "smoking room!".
A friend of mine named John came over one night to get something to "smoke". He was alone because of my policy... "if you come alone, you got... anyone with you, not!".
After some business and allot of comments about the room, John and I were sitting on the love-seat drinking beer and smoking a good one. We were listening to some tunes when John said the room would be a good jerking-off place if you were into that kind of thing. We both grinned and nothing else was said about it again, till around the sixth beer and the third smoke.
John said he had to leave because the room was "getting" to him. When he stood up I could see he was hard. As he started to walk, he staggered back and sat down almost on top of me. I said he was to stoned to drive, so just crash here.
He looked at me a second, and as he adjusted his hard-on said... "I got to do something about this, but not alone". I really didn't know what to say when he asked if he could jerk-off while we talked about the room. I grinned and said "Do it! I could possibly join you!".
John slid over to his side of the love-seat and took out his dick. I could see the tip was wet with pre-cum. He started stroking it as I watched. I could feel my dick getting hard.
As promised, John started talking about the room, but the picture he talked about the most looked allot like Sue. He asked what Sue would do if she walked in. I said..."anything I asked her to do!" John kept stroking his dick which was much bigger now.
As I thought about Sue, and what she could really do, I got up and locked the door. I was trying to hide my hard-on when I sat down. John knew I was hard and he asked me to join him. I said... "no, not just yet."
A few minuets passed and as John was stroking his dick, which was at the peak of hardness now, he said..."I'll suck your dick if you join me afterwards".
When he said that, my dick started getting really hard! I said "you've got to be k**ding". He replied "no I'm not."
I thought to's 3:35am, I'm stoned, I've got a good hard-on... but... Sue has to work tomorrow and won't wake up and fuck it away. And I thought... was this John's trick to get my dick out?
I said in a almost daring tone of voice "if you suck me... then I'll do you"
John was grinning as he took off his shoes. He stood up and quickly removed his pants. I stood up to pull mine down but John dropped to his knees and started sucking my dick as he slid my pants down to my ankles. He sucked me the way I've always wanted Sue to suck me. He was taking all of it down his throat and holding onto my ass to pull it in deeper. I had to sit down. My legs were getting weak.
When I sat down he got up and sat on his side of the love-seat still stroking his dick. As I was removing my pants from around my ankles I said... "there's no way I can suck you like that!" John looked me and said... "you can,... if you let me teach you how".
Living by my word, John knew I had to suck him now. I cleared my throat and slowly reached over and started stroking his dick knowing I had to stick it in my mouth. Once, I held another k**'s dick when I was younger because of a dare, but that was ages ago. I had no idea I would ever suck one.
John began to hump with my strokes. He stretched and put his arm across the back of the love-seat for a moment, then put his hand on my shoulder as to say it was his turn, almost the way I do when I want Sue to suck me.
For some reason I naturally sucked his dick. I thought it would be horrible because it was so hard to get Sue to suck me. The longer I sucked, the more I began to wonder why Sue didn't do this all the time?
Just as I was starting to suck him down deeper, I heard a noise in the kitchen. It was Sue getting ready for work! All the reality hit me like a hammer. What once easily slid down my throat, now gagged me. I almost lost it.
We quickly and quietly got dressed and acted as nothing had happened. I unlocked the door because I knew that Sue would be looking for me since I didn't come to bed.
Just as expected, Sue opened the door. She was surprised that John was still there. I told her that he was to stoned to drive, and he asked me to keep him company. Sue said OK, she was just wondering why I hadn't come to bed and that she couldn't make it back for lunch today. I said I could get a ride with John if I needed one. Sue smiled and as she was leaving, she said... "bye, I love you!"
John and I felt a strange sense of relief when we heard Sue driving down the driveway. John asked when she would be back. I said about 5:30 this evening.
After we smoked another joint with our morning coffee, he asked if I wanted to continue where we left off since we wouldn't be interrupted all day. I said sure.
We went back in the room and undress the first thing. John said I had just started sucking him good when I had to quit. I agreed and asked him to suck me first, like he did. He got between my legs and sucked me better than the first time. I almost cum in his mouth. I reached for his dick as I pulled my dick out of his mouth. He set back on the love-seat as before, but this time I started to suck him first thing. After I got to where I could take John's dick all the way down again, I started thinking about Sue, wondering why she wouldn't let me cum in her mouth. I quit sucking and ask John... " if I let you cum in my mouth, would you let me fuck you in the ass?"
What seemed like a long time for him to answer, he said..."only if you try to swallowed my cum". Well, I knew if I did, he would so I began to suck him better than ever.
I sucked him for about an hour before he cum. I was amazed that I could suck him as deep as I did. His dick seemed to easily slip down my throat without me having that "gag" feeling. I could feel he was ready to cum, so I stopped sucking to get more beer and to smoke another one. I knew I had to be "totally fucked up" before I could even think about swallowing any of his cum. I didn't know how much cum he would shoot in my mouth, but if I could do it, the rewards are to good not to really try.
Ever since the first porno film showing some guy fucking this girl in the ass, I've always wanted to try it. A few times, I've even wondered what it would feel like to receive! So here's my chance to find out at least one of the feelings.
Before I assumed my sucking position, I said... "when you cum, don't touch my head with your hands". He agreed and put his hands under each thigh.
I got on my knees, and saw that John's dick was totally soft now. As I stroked him, he started humping my hand and it got a little harder. I started licking only on the head of it, that's when he got hard quick! I began to lick the shaft on the down strokes, and on the up strokes, I sucked and licked only on the head, which was quite swollen by now.
I gently nudged him to the rug in front of the love-seat. We quickly settled in almost a 69 position. I was laying flat on my side and John was up on one elbow. His dick was even with my mouth. My dick was rubbing against his side. I realized that in this position his dick slipped very easily all the way down my throat. At times I held my head still while he pumped my mouth. After a few strokes, I'd grab his ass and hold him still, then slowly suck his dick all the way down and hold him there. This is when I could feel him throbbing to cum!
I took him out of my mouth and ask if he was ready to cum. He said yes, and as I stroked his dick, I ask him to cum after my nose touched his balls. John said as he was grinning ..."I'll try."
I had just put the head of his dick in my mouth, sucking and licking it when he started cumming! I squeezed the bottom of his dick, trying to help him hold back for a few more minutes, but it didn't work.
He filled my mouth full of cum. It didn't taste bad. I was about to swallow his cum and what I could of his dick when he reached up and put his hand on the back of my head. I quickly pulled him out of my mouth and most of his cum with it. The rest I swallowed.
John apologized for grabbing my head. I explained that I couldn't do anything if he touched my head. He said..."that's weird." I looked at him and said..."and us sucking each other is not?"...
By this time we agreed that I should fuck him later. I asked John to help me cum since he did, but he said he wanted it inside him later. We got dressed and I headed for the kitchen to get a good cold beer! It's odd how cold beer and cum taste allot alike?...
After we munched out, John and I were sitting on the sofa in the den watching some TV. He asked if I was going to tell Sue what we had done. I said yes, and that I was going to ask her to join us tonight!
I could see John was getting hard again just thinking about what could happen. I was getting hard too, so I suggested we go to the "back" room.
We took off our clothes again and sat on the love-seat. The stereo clock showed 3:30pm; Sue would be home in 2 hours. I sat back and got comfortable.
John started sucking me first. He pulled and nudged me onto the rug. This time we done a full 69. We stayed like this for awhile but when we took a break I went and got the Vaseline and more beer.
When I got back John was already on his hands and knees. He said..."I'm a man of my word, do me" I didn't say anything as I greased us up and started to slip my dick in him. It was a very good feeling!. After a few slow strokes I was ready to cum!
I had just started to pump him full of cum when I heard the worst sound I could possibly hear!... Sue was home early!!! When John heard Sue unlocking the door he freaked! I was trying to stand as I was cumming and we were trying to quickly get dressed!
Just as we sat on the love-seat and tried to look as we were just sitting and talking, Sue opens the door smiling and said... "surprise! I'm home early." John stood up and said he had to go. I asked him to come back later tonight and we could play cards if nothing else. He said he would be back about 9 or 10 tonight.
end of part #1... be continued
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10 months ago
excellent and on to part 2 although part 1 without Sue in the way is ample.
10 months ago
Loved it!
2 years ago
Can't wait for part 2.
2 years ago
I guess no more!!
4 years ago
fantastic story. Look forward to pt 2
4 years ago
can't wait for the rest!
4 years ago
great story