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Sex with Becky in love

I met Becky in here and here and I talked about going out to have drinks one night. She finally said her fiance was okay with it and we met at a local bar. She had a few of her girl friends with her. We only met to have drinks and after that night, she would let me know if her and I would go to bed. Before the night was over, she called her fiance and he said as long as her friends were close by I could go to her place. That night, I received the best deep throat of my life and she swallows all of it. I have been talking with her fiance Michale and we made a deal for me to invite her to dinner and since it was her birthday on Sunday, it would be like her early birthday dinner. I met her fiance a few hours before because he flew in early to surprise her. After Becky and I had dinner, we went to her house. When she walked in and turned the lights on, her fiance and three other guys they both know jumped up and yelled surprise. I can't recall just how the conversation started but Becky went up to her bedroom and got undressed and came back down with nothing on.

All night long, all of us guys took turns fucking Becky and she was sucking our cocks and swallowing our sperm. She wore all of us out and we had the best time with her. My balls are drained and I am so sore right now. Becky is like the energizer bunny and just keeps going. One of us would blast in her and another was ready to go with her. By the time all of us were done, none of us guys could get a hard on if we had a crane.

But I think for Becky I would get a hard on if she just smiled at me. Thank you Becky and Michale. Last night was a blast.
Posted by 9incher4u 2 years ago
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