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I'm not really sure where the dream ended and the reality began, but at some point, I do know that I woke up. It was 2 am and I was dreaming away, about unicorns or chipmunks or naugahyde, or what the fuck ever it is that people dream about that they can't remember the second they wake up, but tonight my dream took a turn. It started out as a light suggestion in the back of my mind of someone groping my breasts. Pretty quickly, that sensation turned and became more intense as I dreamed of someone tweaking and pulling at my nipples and I could feel my dreamself becoming aroused as the hands moved more and roughly in the right spots, yet gently at the same time. I know that I was conscious of my husband pressed against my back in the standard spoon position that we have adopted as our own, but I was still firmly asl**p as I felt the hard thickness of his cock pressed against my ass, making my pussy wet just at the feeling of it. I'm not sure if it was my dreamself or my real life self, or maybe both, that pressed back against that dick, rubbing and pressing it harder against my ass, before I rolled around half way on my side, but still with my back to my husband and that amazing cock, and spread my legs wide, welcoming that hard dick into my swollen pussy, while guiding his hands from my hard nipples down to my slick clit. It was an amazing dream while he pumped my cunt full with his dick and got me off even more at the same time by fingering my clit til I was screaming in ecstacy. It didn't take long before the orgasm wracked my body and my pussy clenched and spasmed around his cock. He didn't give my orgasm even so much as a moment to subside before he flipped me over onto my stomach and started pounding me hard from behind. I was so eager to feel his cock as deep as possible that I rocked back onto my knees to join my own stroking with his as I clenched the sheets and tried to grab onto anything I could to brace myself. This was my favorite kind of pounding, with his cock extra deep, bumping my cervix and creating an extra pleasure sensation. Our strokes were perfectly measured so that I could feel the entire length of his dick with the lips of my pussy, and his balls were slapping my dripping clit with every thrust. The sensation overwhelmed me time and time again as he pounded relentlessly until finally he grunted "here it comes, here it comes" and I pulled his dick totally out of my aching cunt and turned myself around and drew his dick between my lips until he pumped my mouth a few times and finally blew his hot load, filling my mouth. We both collapsed together on the bed, and at some point, we both came to realize that it wasn't a dream, but for the life of us, neither of us really knew who had started the session, or if we had both sl**p-fucked the first half!
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3 years ago
Love it - I hope its true