first threesome

So I'm sitting in a chair, in the garage, watching Jory change the oil in his car, like I have done a thousand times. Jory and I have been married since the beginning of forever, but I still love to watch him work with his hands, and when he is getting dirty working with his hands, that just makes it so much better, I love seeing him get dirty. I'm amazed that after all this time, I can still get hot watching just his bottom half sticking out from under a car and listening to him grunt occasionally trying to reach some poorly positioned part, or unsticking a particularly tight bolt, but I do. I love watching him. I love how when he is under a car, my eyes are always drawn to his cock as he lay there unaware that I'm watching his dick and thinking of mounting it. Today, I'm just hanging out with him in the garage, its a nice evening out, and the garage doors are open wide letting all the perfect weather in, but as cool as the day is, I'm red hot watching him work obliviously away under the car. As I eye his groin section and fantasize a little about climbing down there, I hear his gruff voice asking for another wrench. I get up and get it from the workbench, and as I bend down to pass it to him under the car, he moves the opposite direction to get it, and he inadvertantly grazes my arm with his dick. In the turned on state that I'm in, thats all it takes for me to hand him the wrench and then rub gently on his dick thru his jeans. I can feel him tense up in surprise for just a second, and then relax as he realizes where I'm going with it. I can feel it starting to harden under my touch, and I can feel myself grow wet and tense as I think about what I want to do to him and what I want done with me. Sex has always been amazing between us, even after all this time, and just when I feel like we can't possibly out-do what we have done before, we always find a way to up the ante. This isnt' the first time that we have fucked in the garage, but its always an exciting place to go, and the oil on his hands when they reach down and graze my breasts just increases the desire to rip his pants off and fuck right now, but I'm determined to take my time. Finally, I unzip his jeans and pull his dick out, and its so hard and throbbing that it makes me moan just looking at it. But I don't want to just look at it, I cup it with one hand and pull it into my mouth, gently at first, testing and teasing a bit, and then take the whole thing in, til it hits the back of my throat, and I'm rewarded by a groan from him, letting me know that he likes what I'm doing. Just as I'm about to draw it back in for another deep throat, I hear a crunching on the gravel driveway and remember the overhead doors are open. I look up to see the neighbor girl walking up the driveway, the cute one that usually walks her dogs past the house, but with the angle we are at, she hasn't seen us yet. Jory fastens his pants quickly but when she takes her final steps its pretty obvious what we were just up to by both our position and his obvious erection in his jeans. Blushing, she apologizes in a cute slightly southern accent "I'm sorry to bother you guys, I just felt like since I walk by here so often, I should probably come introduce myself, but I can come back..." but she is slow to turn around and in my turned on state, I'm feeling bold. "Its Ok, we really should have closed the doors before we started, we just aren't used to visitors on foot out here in the country" I tell her. "Oh, Ok, well, I will just go then" she says, but I see how she hesitates and I realize that my shirt isn't really positioned in a way suitable for company. I look at Jory, and smile, and he just arches his eyebrows at me questioningly. We've never done anything like this before, so I'm not too sure how he will recieve it, but I go for it anyway. "sure you don't want to stay and hang out? I didn't even catch your name?" I ask the neighbor girl. She eyes me skeptically, but answers "Sorry, my name is Candy. What do you mean by 'hang out'?", but her movements betray her skepticism because she moves closer to me, and I can see that her nipples are already hardening thru her shirt. "Oh, just, you know, hang out" I answer, as I reach up and put a hand on her hip. "I was just doing something with my husband here, but you are welcome to stick around while we finish?" I ask. She doesn't answer, but she doesn't argue either, so I reach down and pull Jory's dick back out of his pants, and play with it, but keeping eye contact with her. She bites her lip tentatively, but leans down towards where I am stroking Jory's cock, and wraps her hand around mine. Jory watches me to see my reaction and is surprised and turned on to see my devious smile. With one hand each she and I grip his cock with long hard strokes and with my other hand, I reach out and touch her hard nipples thru her shirt, making her eyes flutter closedand her mouth open into a tantalizing "O" shape. In one smooth motion, Jory rolls out from under the car and stands up, leaning back on it and placing his hard glistening cock right in our faces. I wrap one hand around the base of it and take the rest of his dick into my mouth again, deep throating it as far as I can manage without choking. Candy takes her turn at deep throating Jory as far as she can while I tug gently at his balls and roll them lightly thru my fingers with one hand, and pull her shirt up to reveal her perfectly smooth D cup breasts with their perky hard nipples right in the center. I tweak her nipples with my tongue as she takes all of Jory into her mouth again and again, and he wraps his fingers tightly into both of our hair, pressing his dick down our throats as far as we can take it at each of our turns at sucking it down. Soon he is alternately fucking our mouths and watching us nip and tug at each others breasts until we are all so near the breaking point that we have to change positions or risk the fun all ending. With rough grease stained hands, Jory grabs at Candy's waist and pushes her up onto the hood of the car on her back, with her legs spread wide, leaving sexy black handprints on her hips and breasts and he pulls her short jogging shorts down her legs and throws them off to the side. Once she is in position, he grabs me and rips my shirt off gruffly and as he pulls off my own black yoga pants he bends me over the hood of the car with my ass presented to him. I plunge my face into the dripping wet place between Candy's legs and listen to her moan and squirm below me. I use my tongue to tease and lick and flick at her hugely swollen clit, and slide 3 fingers in and out of her cunt until she is writhing and screaming underneath my face. While I'm making Candy squirm, Jory is behind me, easing his dick slowly into my soaking wet pussy, slowly at first then increasing his pace til I almost feel like I am being pounded to death, but its amazing and I'm screaming my own orgasms into Candy's pussy. I can feel every inch of Jory's dick as he slides it in and out of me with perfectly measured strokes as I continue to lick and suck at Candy's swollen cunt and use my fingers inside her to make her cum again and again. I feel Jory wrap his hands around my hair, just the way I like it. I am so turned on I can hardly continue in licking every inch of Candy's pussy, but soon I am licking her from asshole to clit, over and over again, as I reach up and pull and tweak at her rock hard nipples with my hands until at last I plunge my tongue as deep as I can into her soaking wet pussy over and over again, so turned on by the fact that Jory is watching all of this, and pounding me from behind so hard. Soon he senses what I want, like he always does in the bedroom, and he uses his grip on my hair and his leverage from fucking me to f***e me to plunge my face and tongue even deeper into Candy's cunt until I can scarcely breathe from the f***e of his huge cock and how much this fantasy come true is even more amazing than I had even dreamed about. Soon I'm pumping Candy full on with my tongue as Jory shoves into me, pushing me deeper and deeper into her cunt while I'm teasing her clit with my fingers, when suddenly Candy lets out a feral scream of absolute pure ecstacy and I am blasted in the face with her juices as she squirts all over me, her juices running down my face and soaking my tits. While the aftershocks of the orgasms wrack her body, Jory flips me around and pushes me up on the hood of the car on my back and continues pounding me. Candy recovers quickly and leans down and uses her mouth to lick and suck and pull at my wet clit until I can hardly stand it and soon I am also squirting hot wet juices all over her and Jory, soaking his cock as he pulls it in and out roughly. At the last minute He pulls out and jerks us both down by our hair so that our faces and tits are in place to be covered by his hot, thick semen as he shouts his release. We are both exhausted, but still so so turned on, and I reach out and slick the warm salty cum over her rock hard nipples and bend down and lick the hot liquid off of her huge tits, while she reaches between my legs and alternately bangs my swollen pussy with her fingers, and rubs the slick wetness all over my clit, and soon we are both writhing and moaning against each other again while I maintain eye contact with Jory and get off on the look of absolute pleasure and amazement on his face. Soon he can't take just watching anymore and he comes over and rejoins us, flipping me over back onto my stomach and rocking his hard-again cock agains my asshole until it slowly opens up for him and draws him into my ass while he reaches over my back and plays with Candy's pussy and tits. He fucks my ass harder and harder , shoving his dick into me until soon I am orgasming from my ass and he finger fucks Candyuntil she is completely exhausted and spent from the impact of the multiple orgasms. Just as I think that this can't possibly feel any better I feel the release of his hot load filling my ass completely up and causing one last wave of absolute ecstacy to wrack my body. Eventually, Candy recovers and gathers up her clothes and says in a sheepish voice "OK, well it was great to meet ya'll" and takes off back down the driveway just the way she came, and Jory and I laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation and at our own daring at having accomplished making a fantasy come to life.
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3 years ago
Loved the story, soo horny
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;oved the story
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Very good. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
very nice!!
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amazing story
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great story!