enjoyment in bus

hai frnds this stories happnd many days back.....................................
one day we where coming back from our school we had to travel 22km to reach our destiny i and my frnd missed a bus in which all other frnds had gone left are we two..........thn atlast we borded a bus which was almost empty we took the lastest seat of the bus...thn a lady entered the bus my frnd comented on her saying wow what a figure 32 28 32 what a superb boobs felt like presssing it hard and suck it like small baby he said i wopuld like to fuck her in doggy style man she was dam fuck she was wearing white bit transparent saree through which her black bra was vissible..she took the seat in front we were dissappointed bt her view and my frnds comments raised my dick......my frnd was also in bad condition he saw at me and at my raised portion he just kept staring at it i was also in same condition thn the bus started only with me my frnd that lady and driver and conductor. to my shoct my frnd started pressing my cock along with pant i was felling like heaven then he removed my jip and took my six inch into is mouth man i was feeling heavenly.he sucked it like a lolipop i was slowly moaning ha ha ha fuck ha ha mmmmmmmmmmmm aha hummmmmmm this encouraged him and started to suck fast after 10min of sucking i cummed my sex jucies in him.thn he took his black cock i came to knw what he wanted it was bigger than me 6.3inch i took it in my mouth and sucked it.while i was sucking he put his hand in my pand and inserted his finger in it...i was continiously finger fucked he put his 3 fingers in me thn he lifted my head and kissed my lips and took my tongue in him..thn he asked to lossen my pant i did it annd slightly slipped it till my ankel thn he took me on his lap nd suggested me too lift my ass a bit thn he slowly directed me to sit.thn i came to know i am going to be fucked today..his 6.3inch went in my ass hole slowly it was paining a bit after he completly entered in he stoped for a moment thn slowly started moving his dick in and out to my surpries i started moving up and down withh is dick in me he fucked me hard till 15 min in that 15min i just moaned fuck me aaaah afa hmmm tair me fuck fuck was my moans slowly.......hw was my first story plz comment..i am interested booth in man and woman so............

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