what a night....

i had met Lee at a f****y party, he was a slim 22yr old friendly lad and we had chatted for most of the night. id never thought about going with such a young guy as i thought them to be indiscreet. over the next month or so we kept in touch by text and we bumped into eachother now and again but i always got the feeling that we was very flirty with eachother considering we were both "straight" and both in relationships...and after all i was old enough to be his dad!!
The wife had arranged a girlie weekend away at a spa with some of her friends and i was looking forward to a nice quiet relaxing weekend.
Lee text me early saturday afternoon asking if id like to meet up for a drink as his friends had gone on holiday for a week, i explained i was house sitting but he was welcome to pop round if he wanted. within an hour my young friend was at mine and we was sharing a bottle of wine and chatting away like old friends..as i opened our 2nd bottle of red i noticed that lee had a bag with him which he was keeping close to where he sat..
"whats in your bag Lee"
"oh...just some new things i bought today"
"really? what did you treat yourself too??"
Lee looked sheepish but excited..
"stockings, stilletoos, an some little tartan panties"
i was shocked but then asked "for your girlfriend??"
"No they are for me, i love to crossdress!!!"
Only response i gave was "WOW"
we were both tipsy by now and to dull the awkwardness i jokingly said he could try them on if he wanted!!
straight away he asked if he could go upstairs to change...of course i said yes, and showed him to my room, he asked me to stay so he could ask my opinion on his new outfit. within seconds he was naked, lee had a lovely slim body, great little bum, nice flat chest and absolutely no body hair. i could feel myself getting excited and i think lee could see i was too. he slipped on his tartan panties, sat on my bed and pulled on his hold up stockings, then slipped on his heels..he looked so so nice and even "pretty". he stood up turned his back to me and asked if his seems were straight..one was a little twisted so i knelt behind him and asked if it was ok for me to adjust the seem. "please" said lee..i knew i wanted him...he knew i wanted him..
i touched his leg gently and while adjusting the seem my other hand was rubbing the inside of his thigh. hes body felt so tender and firm..it was lovely....
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