New Sex,

Stacy had said she was up 4 something kinky. That being said the details were left up 2 me. Only knowing her for couple weeks I didnt want things to end.
The 1st wk had been a blurr. Lots of late nights chasing that hot little body of hers. Crowded bars, packed dance floors, all just a front to rub that little body against mine. Besides her looks, she was smart. The kinda smart that drove you crazy. Plus she was funny and outgoing in a way that had most men beat before they could say their name.
Did I mention that smoking hot ass! One that your eyes couldn't avoid being drawn toward. She knew it, knew how to use it, had the brains to back it up and had me locked on it from the first night.
I had to do something to shake up the power hirearchy. Otherwise she would be off, off and looking for other beings. I say other beings cause, stacy was never one to let race, creed or gender stop her from having the perfect time.
Maybe I was pussy blind or ass blinded for that matter. I didn't care, all I knew was she had to get fucked and have the time of her life doing it.

Will follow up with the details in little while.
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