Girlfriends Mom

I was staying all weekend with my girlfriend, at the time she was a young 18 year old with blonde hair and blue eyes. She was a beautiful girl, I always loved staying with her.
One saturday morning, after a night of partying, she ended up getting called into work on her day off. I didn't mind because her father was off on a business trip and her mom had left to go to yoga and run errands so it was nice to get a break to myself. My girlfriend got dressed and left for work.
Shortly after she left, I thought I heard a noise from somewhere in the house. I got up to investigate and after walking down the hall I noticed her mom had left the television on in her room. I walked in to turn it off, and noticed a black thong hanging out of a dresser drawer of a dresser the t.v. was on. I opened the large drawer and to my surprise it was full of panties,thongs and sexy lingerie. Her mom was very attractive to be 42 years old, and I could only imagine her in one of those sexy outfits. It really turned me on and I really wanted to try them on. I noticed a tiny pink see-thru g-string and matching bra and stockings. I put them all on and walked over to the closet door to look in the mirror. My ass looked so good in the pink thong that could barely hold my huge erection. I opened the closet door to see what else she might have hid in there and as soon as I opened the door a pair of pink heels caught my attention. I put those on also because they looked great with the black stockings and pink outfit.
In the back of the closet, I noticed a small metal filing cabinet. I opened it out of curiosity and to my surprise it was full of sex toys. I was in amazement with all the vibrators, anal plugs and dildo's. I had never tried an anal plug and I found it surprising that her mom enjoyed them. Digging through all the toys, my cock was ready to bust. Near the bottom of the drawer I found a huge purple anal plug that looked like it was bigger than a pop can at the largest point. It looked painful, and the thought of that huge toy in her ass made my heart rush. I knew I just had to try it, so I grabbed the big bottle of lube in her drawer and headed to her bed.
I shut the door just out of habit and layed down on the bed. I squirted some lube on my fingers and started to finger my ass. I then squirted some more lube in my hand for the buttplug and started putting it on the plug. I was really starting to notice just how huge the plug was and started to get nervous but it was too late to back out now. I bent over the bed with my ass up in the air and my face down in a pillow. I pulled the thong to the side, and started to work the tip of the plug in. At first it didn't hurt at all, but the further I pushed it in the pain started to make me moan. It started to hurt so bad but felt so good. I was almost at the point I couldn't handle my ass stretching any further, and all of a sudden it popped into place. It felt amazing and my cock immediately started to drip cum. As I started to stroke my cock, I couldn't keep from moaning.
As soon as I was really starting to get into it, all of a sudden the bedroom door swung open. I looked back and noticed her mom standing over top of me bent over. My heart was beating so fast at this point and I had no clue what to say. She walked over and said "That one hurts huh?" and smacked my ass. I stuttered "Y-Y-Yes" slowly and started to stand up. She looked back at me and said "No, stay bent over, your going to pay for this." I bent back over the bed nervously, ass in the air, waiting for what was coming.
She started undressing from her jeans and t-shirt and had a red thong and a red bra underneath. She took her bra off and out popped the nicest set of D'cups I had seen, much nicer than my girlfriends. She dropped her panties and to my surprise was nicely shaved. She looked at me and said "dont you move now" and walked into the closet. She walked back out a minute later wearing a huge black dildo in a strap-on harness. I lost my breath after seeing the size of it, it looked almost as big as my forearm and I have no idea how I missed seeing that one in the drawer. It was at least 12 inches long and much thicker than the plug in my ass.
She walked over to the bed and grabbed the bottle of lube to lube up the huge cock. She lubed it up and reached down and popped the plug out of my ass. She squirted out some more lube on her fingers, and shoved them up my ass. She said " You know this is really going to hurt, are you going to be a good lil girl?" As soon as I could say yes, she started to work the tip of the cock in. I reached out and gripped the sheets with my hands, and all of a sudden she started to bury it in. The further she went, I started to scream and tears started to come to my eyes feeling my hole getting stretched. She got it almost all the way in and smacked my ass again, she said "that's what a cock feels like you little slut!" She started to fuck my ass harder and harder and the feeling was unbelievable. My cock was pouring out cum from such a huge cock in my ass. She just kept fucking me harder and harder until the pain started turning orgasmic. After what seemed like a half hour of getting pounded, my cock started to throb and I was ready to explode. At this point she was balls deep with the cock, and I busted my load all over the sheets without even touching my cock. I didn't know this was possible but it sure felt amazing. Now I understand why girls always crave black cock.
I stood up and was dizzy from being fucked so hard. My asshole was throbbing and felt like it had been ripped open. I grabbed a towel and wiped the lube from my cheeks and adjusted the thong back into my ass. I took off the bra,stockings and heels and started to take off the panties. She said "No, keep those thongs on, your ass looks great in them." So I kept them on and just put my jeans over them and put my clothes back on. I started to walk out her door and she said "No one better find out about this, and if they dont we can never do this again." I agreed and walked out the door back to my girlfriends room. I walked back into her room and shut the door and sat down on the edge of her bed to finish settling down. Around 20 minutes later the bedroom door opened up and my girlfriend walked in. It felt somewhat awkward, but I promised not to tell. She walked up to me and sat down beside me and said "baby, how was your day?" Before I could answer she quickly asked "Wait, are you wearing a thong?" I didn't even know how to reply as I looked down and seen the side strap of the thong hanging out above my jeans. I said, "They make my ass look good" and gave her a big smile.
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9 months ago
good one , but what happened when she pulled your pants down and saw it was her Mom's thong ?