My First Time With Ally

I have been friends with this girl named Ally for many years. We are both sixt**n. She is a very sexy girl, probably about 5'4", 95lbs. She has a beautiful copper red hair color and fairly light skin. She has very nice tits, 36B, and an amazing ass. Her legs are to die for. We have both been attracted to each other for a long time, but haven't done anything about it (other than making out and me stealing her panties). Eventually we decided it was time to give in to the lust we felt for each other. We were at a party and snuck away into the woods together. She was in her bikini and I could see she was already wet, she was soaking through her bottoms. We start making out, her tongue sliding into my mouth and me returning mine. I reach behind her and untie her pink bikini top and let it fall to the ground. I look at her beautiful breasts for a minute. She has beautiful nipples, slightly puffy with darker areola. I continue making out with her while I rub her tits. Moving my hand up and down them, slightly pinching her nipples occasionally. Then I move down and lick her tits and sucked on her nipples. Running my tongue up and down her perfect breasts. While I am doing this, I am rubbing her pussy under her bikini with my right hand. My left hand was on my cock. I can feel that she is very wet, enough to cover my hand. I lick her sweet juices from my hand. Now I slid her bikini bottom down to her ankles, then slide it over her feet. I start by sucking on her toes, then I lick her foot, and lick all the way up her smooth leg, taking lots of time on her inner thighs, and lick right beside her pussy. I brush the tip of my tongue up and down her pussy and finally push my tongue deep inside her. She moans. I continue licking up and down her sweet slit. I push my tongue inside her sweet, wet pussy often. I lick her clit over and over, sending her into waves of pleasure. Eventually I feel her sexy little body tense up and she has her first orgasm.. She even squirted on my face a little bit. She had to keep her hand over her mouth because she was squealing and moaning rather loudly. We make out again and she wraps her hand around my cock and plays with it. She gets down on her knees and puts my cock as far into her mouth as she can and runs her tongue all over it while its in her mouth. She keeps sucking my dick until I cum in her mouth and on her face, and she swallows it all. After a couple minutes of me fingering her pussy again, she is ready to fuck. She is laying on her back with her legs apart and pulled up to her chest with her knees bent. I rubbed the head of my cock on her pussy and she moaned some more. I am staring into her eyes and I gently push my cock about an inch in. Her pupils got huge when I did this. She was so tight. I was at her hymen, about to take her virginity. I push in another couple inches and break it. She lets out a loud yelp, but tells me to keep going. I actually couldn't fit my dick in any more than halfway. I had to eat her out halfway to orgasm again so she was wet and horny enough for me to fit all 8 inches. I tried again, slowly pushing my cock in again. It fit most of the way this time. I start out gently, slowly fucking her. She was moaning quietly. I go a little faster and can finally fit all the way in, although it is extremely tight. I keep going until I feel her pussy start to get tighter. I realize she is at orgasm already. She actually has her bikini top in her mouth biting down on it so she doesn't scream with pleasure. I push in as far as I can and cum inside of her pussy. She said afterwards that she could feel my hot cum inside of her and that she loved it. As I'm cumming inside of her, she releases the bikini top from her mouth and squeals and moans very loudly. This was difficult to explain after we walked back to the others. When I pulled out my cum started dripping out of her. She puts her bikini back on and it is soon soaked in my cum and her juices flowing out of her pussy, even running down her legs. This was also difficult to explain to the others at the party, who all stared at us when we got back.
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7 months ago
Great post, loved hope to see more
7 months ago
Please comment what you think of this story, its my first one... true story too.