Sassy's Roadside Gangbang Part 2

When we got to the cabin, Sassy jumped out of the car. She asked if we’d all help her find her bedroom for the weekend. Tony would her she could have the big one with the king sized bed but she might have to share. She said that wouldn’t be a problem as she grabbed Tony and kissed him. He kissed back as Craig and I pulled at Sassy’s little outfit. We led her into the bedroom, kissing her neck, hands all over her body. The 3 of us just railed her on the side of the road and we could tell she was ready for more.

We all started getting naked, I was behind Sassy squeezing her tits through her top as she wiggled her hot ass against the large bulge in my jeans. I pulled her top off and immediately Craig and Tony had her nipples in their mouths. I reached under her skirt and rubbed her damp pussy through her cum soaked panties. She moaned then sat on the bed as the 3 of us pulled out our cocks. She took turns sucking us while stroking the others. Soon she was naked and taking us one after the other. Riding me while sucking Craig and Tony, sucking me as Craig pounded her from behind, her ankles on Tony’s shoulders as he drilled her on the bed. The second one of us pulled out and came all over her gorgeous face and naked body, another hard cock was there to take its place.

Next thing we knew, it was dark out. Sassy had taken up the entire first day of our trip with her greediness but we weren’t complaining. When I woke up the next morning, Craig and Tony were already awake and getting ready to head down to the beach. I poked my head in to check on Sassy and she was out cold. The 3 of us wore her out the previous day and decided to let her get some rest.

We headed down to the beach and met up with some girls. We were swimming, hanging out, playing volleyball.. They were sorority girls from a nearby college having a beach weekend like us. They were looking to get wild and we were up for it literally. We were surprised when we saw Sassy walking down in a tiny yellow bikini that barely covered her tight little body. She had all the attention of the men down at the beach, and the jealousy of all the girls.

Almost immediately, 2 guys approached Sassy as she laid out on her towel. I wasn’t close enough to hear what they were saying but I imagined they were hitting on her. The boys and I continued to hang out with our new friends. I knew Sassy was watching us flirting with these sorority sluts and was using these guys to get our jealousy going. After a few minutes, I looked back at Sassy but she was gone and so were the guys. Craig and Tony decided to head over to party with the girls. Instead of going with them, I was more interested in where Sassy went. I told the guys I would catch up with them later and headed back up to the cabin. When I walk in, I see Sassy on her knees with the guys standing over here. Taking turns fucking her hot mouth with their throbbing cocks. She looked at me as she bobbed her head up and down the one guy. He looked older, maybe in his 30s, the other was around our age.

They didn’t even acknowledge me until I walked in and sat down in a chair a few feet from them. The guys were a little startled but Sassy wasn’t phased. They asked who I was and I told them I was her boyfriend. Her mouth curled into a little smile as she continued to suck. I pulled my hard cock out of my swim trunks and stroked it watching Sassy please these 2 random men. The got her on the couch, slipping off her bikini bottoms. The older guy buried his head between her legs and ate her out as she sucked the younger guy.

She arched her back as she grabbed his head. The other guy had a handful of her long blonde hair, fucking her mouth deep, his balls smacking her face. Even though Craig and Tony were off pounding those sorority girls, I was glad I was enjoying the show Sassy was putting on for me. Her eyes never left me as these 2 guys took turns fucking her. The harder they fucked her, the more she’d moan and the harder I’d stroke.

They both announced they were about to blow their loads. Sassy gladly got on her knees and took both their cumshots all over her face. Their cum dripping down over her tits and stomach. She motioned me over with her finger. I walked over sliding my cock into her mouth. She sucked me for a couple minutes as the guys watched and shot my hot cum down her throat. She smiled looking up at the 3 of us. The guys said thanks for letting them use my girl and invited us to a party later that night.

When they left, I followed Sassy into the shower. She was all soaped up, washing the sticky cum from her glistening body. I came up behind her and slid my hands around her waist, kissing her neck. She leaned back against me and moaned when I slipped my hand up and down over her swollen pussy. I asked her how many cocks she was planning on taking this weekend. She said she only planned on fucking me, Craig and Tony but she decided if we were going to fuck those other girls then she would find some other cocks to play with.

Her talking so dirty like that got me hard again quickly, so I slightly spread her legs, braced her against the shower wall and fucked her standing from behind. I softly and gently massaged her clit as I railed her pussy hard with my big throbbing cock. I could feel her tightening up as she came. As much as I enjoyed sharing her, it was nice to get some alone time. She said she liked it when I told those other guys that she was my girl. I told her she is my girl, even though she just took 5 different cocks in 24 hours. She just smiled and said it’s my fault she’s a little slut. My fault I guess, but I could live with taking the blame for that.

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I look forward to the next installment of Sassy' Sexcapades.