Sassy's Roadside Gangbang Part 1

A group of us had planned a camping trip one weekend to a cabin resort. My friend Tony’s uncle owned a place and let us use it for the weekend, as long as things didn’t get too wild.

Tony invited our friend Sassy along. That didn’t make much sense considering she wasn’t an outdoors type of girl but she was easy on the eyes and I knew Tony had been trying to bang her for awhile so Craig and I didn’t have a problem with it.

She showed up that morning in a cute short jean skirt and tank top. It was already hot out that day and having her coming along made it even hotter. In my eyes, Sassy was unobtainable even for me but I wished Tony luck and told him I’d help him get her if I could.

We got in the car and started heading up to the lake. I was driving with Craig along in the front, Sassy and Tony in the back flirting away. We cracked a few beers and Sassy was pounding them away. We started teasing her, asking if she was going to be a good girl this weekend or if she was going to let loose. She laughed and said “you never know what will happen.” That got all of our attention, especially Tony’s who was sitting next to her, glancing up and down at her tight little body when he thought she wouldn’t notice.

After an hour on the road, we stopped to get gas. Sassy went into the store to buy some sunglasses. As I filled the car, Craig and I joked around with Tony, saying there’s no way he’s gonna fuck Sassy this weekend. Sassy came out and overheard us but didn’t let on she knew what we were talking about. I paid for the gas and we got back on the road.

Things were quiet after that when finally Sassy broke the silence asking what we were saying back at the gas station. Craig and I laughed and told her that Tony was planning on fucking her this weekend. She looked over at him and asked if that was true. He said no, we were just joking around.

She folded her arms and looked at Tony. “So you don’t want to fuck me Tony? “ she said. He looked her over again and stuttered. “Well, of course I would. You’re fucking hot” he said. She smiled and undid her seat belt. “What are you doing?” he asked.

I looked in the rearview and instantly got stiff when I was Sassy leaning over, pulling out Tony’s cock. “Holy shit dude” I said nudging Craig. He turned around and saw Sassy sliding her hot mouth over Tony’s throbbing cock. His eyes closed, sitting back in disbelief as his dream girl suddenly started to blow him in the backseat of a moving car.

I could barely keep the car on the road, watching in the rearview. Hearing her slurping and sucking on his meat. After a few minutes of this, Tony couldn’t handle the feeling anymore and groaned that he was about to cum. Sassy didn’t stop, instead she whole the whole length of his cock deep in her mouth. Tony started moaning as he exploded in her mouth. Sassy sat up and licked the cum off her fingers and swallowed it. Tony sat there shocked and exhausted from the best head he’s ever had.

“When’s my turn?” Craig asked looking back at her. “Who said you’d get one?” she replied as Tony and I laughed. “Not like you could handle my cock anyways” he said back. “Oh really?” she said smiling. I figured now would be a good time to pull over on a side road and find out how wild Sassy was willing to get.

We pulled over and Craig got out. Walking over to the other side of the car and opening Sassy’s door, Sassy instantly grabbed Craig and started undoing his jeans. She gasped when she pulled out his huge 9 inch cock but didn’t hesitate in sucking it. I got out of the car and stood beside Craig. Sassy’s hand quickly found my bulge and started taking out my throbbing cock. She slid her tongue over both our cockheads and took turns sucking us hard and deep. Tony reached under her skirt from behind and started rubbing her drenched pussy through her panties.

Craig took her hand and helped her up out of the car. He turned her around to face the car and hiked up her little skirt. I stroked my cock watching him pull her panties down around her knees and shove his cock in deep from behind. Sassy moaned loudly as her wet pussy got stretched around Craig’s cock. Her hand moved down to my cock, stroking it for me as she was being used by Craig.

The sound of cars whizzing by on the highway in the background, we were more focused on the moans and screams of this sexy little blonde. Craig pulled out and I quickly took his spot, thrusting deep inside Sassy’s hot wet pussy. Her juices were everywhere. I bent her over slightly so she could take Craig’s cock deep in her mouth as I pounded her deep and hard from behind.

I could hear her gagging on Craig’s 9 inches, his hands in her long blonde hair, guiding her mouth on his cock. We took her around to the hood of the car and laid her back. I pulled her top off and started sucking and squeezing those gorgeous tits of hers as Craig spread her legs wild and pounded her deep and hard.

Tony was fully hard again, getting out of the car and stroking himself watching us. “Looks like we both fucked her before you did” I said as Craig and I laughed. “I just want to fuck her, I don’t care who else has” he said. “I’d say she’s fucked a lot of guys, she’s a talented girl” Craig said moaning. Suddenly, he held her hips tight and busted a huge load of cum deep inside Sassy. She screamed loudly as she came with him. The second he pulled out, I slid my cock back in Sassy, circling my thumb around her clit as I buried my throbbing 8 inches deep in her.

My balls smacking her bare ass as I moved hard and fast between her legs, my mouth all over her tits. She grabbed my head as she came again. Soon I shoved in as deep as I could and gave Sassy’s pussy a 2nd load of hot sticky cum. I pulled out and Tony rolled Sassy over, bending her over the hood of the car. Craig and my cum pouring out, trickling down her inner thighs as Tony pushed his cock in deep. Pulling Sassy’s hair back as he thrusted hard and deep.

After a few minutes of drilling Sassy, Tony gave her a 3rd load. We let her up and I grabbed her panties off the ground and handed them to her. “I don’t want cum all over the backseat of my car” I said. She smiled and slipped them back on under her skirt. “I think this will be a fun weekend.” she said.

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3 years ago
Fun sound like an understatement. Great story!
3 years ago
FUN weekend indeed! HOT story, thank you for posting all the sexiness.