jacks mum part 2

Jacks mum part 2 ....
So that was the routine ,jacks mum would come home form work she would sit on that stall drink her coffee and ever time Jack wasn't looking she would flash her panties to me. blue tight ones,big white ones little red ones .all types .
We was having one of the hottest summer's ever , jacks mum would say things like
"its so hot I'm dripping" I knew what she meant and could not wait for her to goto the bathroom and take off them wet panties for me to wank over and load them up with my hot cum . She would go back in the bathroom and scoop up her clothes and take them into her bedroom.she would be in there for about half an hour .how I wished I could see what she was doing .
Was she sniffing my cum .did she lick it . one time she was in her room I went to the door .i put my hand out to open the door .should I open it a crack so I could peep in , maybe she would have them panties on her face licking my cum and her fingers pumping in and out off that wet sloppy pussy or should I just push it open and walk in with my cock in my hand .
No I did nothing just walked back to where Jack was . I knew Jack s mum didn't have a man in her life so she must be cock hungry .but how far could I take it ,i didn't want to spoil it ..i was having so much fun .the school summer holidays was just around the corner .jacks mum would be working all over the summer holiday ,i was thinking I might get the chance to look in her room and see what she has in her pantie draw .and see if she has a toy to play with and I want to lay on her bed and wank off thinking she was at the foot of the bed playing with her pussy as I wank off just for her.
So the holidays started and I went round to jacks house his mum was at work and as soon as I got the chance I was in jacks mums room .l opened the draw the sight of all them panties made my cock jump .
to one side there was a dark blue silky pair I've not seen her in them yet ,i would like to see them on ,think they would fit snug to that pussy I think it would show the shape of it nicely, iv still not seen her pussy uncovered just bits poking out .I took the panties out a laid them down on her bed ,she would know I've had a look and want her to put these panties on for me I just have to wait for her to come home from work .i had no time to look for a toy Jack was only in the loo and it had just flushed ,i got out in time .I didn't want Jack to go into his mums room for anything as he would know I laid them out.
So Me and Jack took our bikes out to the park when we got back jacks mum had been home from work for an hour or so .as I walked past she said softly ..nice choice .my Hart was pounding .i sat in my chair and she sat on her stall .jack was round th other side so his mum opened her legs for me and yes she had them on .they was pulled up close to her pussy I could see ever fold of her lips pushing onto the silk .only if I could just go onto my knees and as she would play with her pussy it would drip onto my face as she would be looking down at me stroking my throbbing cock .
As it was summer holidays I had jeans on and not my school trouser s My cock was hard l knew she could see the outline of my cock ,so I took hold of it and gave it a rub over the top of my jeans .what will she do ...
"" Jack "" she called out .i jumped in my seat and bent over in an attempt to hide my cock ..go up to the shed and get that tin of paint for me please .as Jack went out the back door , her hand went down between her legs and started to rub her pussy over the top of the silk .she said " I am so so wet you are going to love the tast of my panties today " she moved her hand away .the silk had gone dark from the pussy juices ."that looks like a nice cock you got looks like that's going to explode"" fuck I've never known her to talk like that " give me loads of cum today " she said as she went back to rubbing that wet pussy.
Jack come in with the paint and she got up and went to the bathroom ,she come out after about 30mins she was still dressed not had a shower she walked past me and said to me quick don't let them go cold ,I almost run into the bathroom .there on the lid of the loo was her panties .with my cock in one hand I picked them up and held them to my face .I could small her pussy and yes they where still warm .I took a long lick of the wet patch ..nice it was like licking her pussy .wanking away like crazy I was thinking about how dirty she had spoken to me and with the smell of her pussy form her panties and thinking she is out there with no panties on had me shooting my load .this time I didn't shoot my load into the panties just all over the floor this time I folded the panties up and put them into my pocket .
After I had finished I opened the door and she was coming out of her bedroom .she said have you finished in there ...yes I said and I'm keeping them for later .she gave a grin and we sat back down on our seats she gave me another flash , she had gone and put on another pair of panties. shit I so want to see that wet creamy dripping pussy ,when and where am I going to see it .....
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5 months ago
Part 3 they all screamed part 3
5 months ago
Awesome stuff
5 months ago
get your nose against her cunt with those panties on. get a good smell thought them
6 months ago
Eat her out!
6 months ago
And then