wanking after school for jacks mum

[After school I would go around my friend's jacks house ,we would get there for about
4.30 ,I would do this every Tuesday and Friday jacks mum was in her 40's and like every other teen boy would think how I would love to fuck it .but would just be happy to get a peek down her top or up her skirt and have a good wank at home that night .
Jacks mum came in from work at 5.30 , Jack would have a coffee ready for her and she would sit on the same stall at the breakfast bar .if I sat in the right chair I could get a peek up her work skirt some times she seem to stay with her legs slightly open for a long time and I got a good look at her panties .the longer she staid like that the harder my cock would start to get.
It got to the point that I needed to wank off so would say no one needs the bathroom do they as I need the loo .once in the bathroom my mind would be of me on my knees infront of jacks mum and would kiss and like her panties as she opened her legs up for me and pull her panties to one side ,
This would have me shooting my load all over the floor ,how I wished jacks mum could see what I was doing it turned me on thinking if she knew would she find it horny and a turn her on .
So this went on week after week ,but on this day this very hot sunny day jacks mum came in saying how hot and sticky she was .she sat on the same stall and I watched as her lips touch the cup and her legs came apart a bit more this time ,I think she was trying to get sum air to her hot pussy .
This gave me my best look ever and could see her panties pulled up against her pussy lips and I thought I could see the odd hair poking out at the side ,God my cock was getting big any bigger and I won't make it to the bathroom.I closed my eyes to think of somthing else but the only thing in my mind was them lacy black panties .
So I said my line ...any one want the bath.....YES said jacks mum I just want to jump under the shower and change quick.ok I can wait I said .
So jacks mum went of and had her shower ,my mind was going into overtime thinking about her in the shower then there was the sound of the bathroom door open and the bedroom door shut .jacks mum called out all done all yours .with that I went in to the bathroom and shut the door ,on the floor behind the door was the cloths jacks mum had taken off .
I already had my cock in my hand wanking slowly maybe if I'm lucky her lacy black panties she just had next to that hot pussy was there.i took a look yes my my Hart missed a beat and my cock grow bigger then ever . I pick them up and put them over my face just like if l had my face between jacks mums legs ,l could small her pussy ,i wanted to tast it to so I took a lick and got so carried away wanking and now sucking on her panties I think I let out a deep breath as I started to shoot my load and was it a load . with out thinking I pulled the panties from my head to catch sum of my cum .
After going back out from the bathroom jacks mum said you ok I thought you said somthing as I walked past from my room .no I'm fine I said as my cock twitched in my school pants.
The next time walking to jacks house I was thinking should I go .did she find my spunk on her panties did she know I was wanking when she went past the bathroom door .if she found the spunk did she know I was sniffing and licking her panties.Jack had not said anything ,so I thought I go and act like nothing had happened .maybe she had found it a turn on and was wanking her pussy that night thinking about me thinking about her .she might of had them panties in bed so she could lick my cum or put them back on and rub the spunk into her wet pussy ,don't know what she will do .
Come 5.30 jacks mum came in she said high to us all and sat down to drink her coffee
With her back to me .I looked down that's it she knows everything and even clocked on to me peeking up her skirt .I was just thinking what to say to get me out of there,when she turned around and looked at me and said she had not noticed how much of a handsome man I was growing up into ,l looked her in the eyes she looked down to her skirt I followed her look down and there she was with her skirt a bit higher and her legs a bit more open ,I could see tiny pink panties must be new ones not seen them before they was so small and pulled so tight up her pussy one of her pussy lips was showing ,I notice there was no hair she must have had a trim ..l looked up and she slipped of the stall and said before you go to the loo I need a good shower and went to the bathroom.
I could not believe this was happen I waited till she came out and walk over to the door .jacks mum was standing at the door of the bathroom she said softly to me all yours enjoy .
I went in shut the door and there behind the door was her cloths I looked though them there was no panties .fucking tease I thought but then I notice the toilet lid was down and on top all laid out was her pink small panties .I picked them up they was damp really dump I know she must of had a rub of her pussy and made her self cum in them .
I stuck my head in them my cock in my hand and panties on my face I could tast and smell her wet pussy .
I had the best wank ever knowing she knows I m wanking off into her panties so she can wank off to that thought to night .I shot my load and tried to catch as much as I could in them small panties . When I finished I place the panties under here skirt and walked out the bathroom.
Jacks mum walked past me to go back into the bathroom she said I will tidy the bathroom up hope you didn't make to much mess ,with that twitch in my school pants I said I got carried away ..

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5 months ago
memories of a mis spent youth, something near this happened to me but came to my regret to nothing.
brill story
5 months ago
oops just noticed part two. LOL
5 months ago
Very nice but don't stop there. We need part two
6 months ago
Nice story