Naughty Girl Next Door

you see my husband leave for work and know you have 8 hours to do what ever you want to me. you come over, and walk right in the back door cause you know i leave it unlocked for you. you go up stairs and see me in my room starting to get dressed. you come up behind me and put your hand around my mouth and grind your cock against my ass. you lean down and whisper in my ear that its time that i pleasure you. you put me on my knees and tell me to take out your cock. i do as i'm told and look up at you as i slowly take your big cock in my mouth. i take as much as i can and moan around you. you moan and say "yes baby that feels good but i want you to take more of my cock down your throat" you then grab a hand full of hair and push me on your cock more causing me to moan and gag loving it. "yeah you are my little slut aren't you baby?" i respond with another moan. you let me up for air after a couple seconds and i tell you that i need you in my pussy. you smile and say "you will get my cock in your pussy soon enough my little slut" then you push me back down on your cock and moan. you fuck my face for a couple minutes then tell me to lay on my back. i do as i'm told and you get on top of me and very slowly slide your cock deep in my pussy. i moan and say "please don't tease me, fuck me long, hard and deep, please" you start to fuck me harder and put your hand around my neck and gently squeeze causing me to moan. you look down at me as you fuck my pussy as hard and as deep as you can and say "I'm going to make this pussy mine my little slut, and you will love it" i moan as you squeeze a little harder on my neck, you tell me to cum for you, to cum all over your big cock. you feel my pussy tighten around your cock as i start to cum. you say "that's it baby, cum for me as i fill your pussy with my load" i feel you start shooting your huge load deep in my pussy. after you finish cumming you say "now go get cleaned up for round 2 my slut"
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2 months ago
down here,we call them Back Door men
1 year ago
mmmm can i come over and do that?
1 year ago
mmmmm, i can't stop imagining being this guy, filling your wet pussy with my cum.
1 year ago
One thing was left out. Still very hot.
1 year ago
Isn't that a song by Sophie B. Hawkins?
1 year ago
damn, i wish you were my neighbor.