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[Story] Naughty Girl Next Door Part 2

I get up and walk to the bathroom, cum running down my leg and turn on the shower. I wait for the water to warm up then step in. I grab the soap and start running it over my breasts, then down my stomach, then down lower to my pussy. I put the soap down and start playing with my pussy, remembering how good it felt having your cock deep inside me. I moan a little. I'm enjoying myself so much that I didn't even notice that you had come into the bathroom and were watching me, stroking your cock. "I don't remember telling you that you could play with out me My little slut", startled I stop and tur... Continue»
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[Story] Naughty Girl Next Door

you see my husband leave for work and know you have 8 hours to do what ever you want to me. you come over, and walk right in the back door cause you know i leave it unlocked for you. you go up stairs and see me in my room starting to get dressed. you come up behind me and put your hand around my mouth and grind your cock against my ass. you lean down and whisper in my ear that its time that i pleasure you. you put me on my knees and tell me to take out your cock. i do as i'm told and look up at you as i slowly take your big cock in my mouth. i take as much as i can and moan around you. you moa... Continue»
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