Nothing Serious ( Part 2 )

Joey had spent a frustrating evening at the club. None of his seduction attemps had gone very well. And with his rising alcohol level they'd been getting worse and worse until it was a real embarrassment. Even the 'secondary targets' (as he liked to call girls he thought should be happy if ANY man showed interest in them) turned him down or even laughted at his clumsy attempts to flirt with them. But his self-esteem was too high to blame it on himself and thus he went home murmuring about 'all those stupid bitches' and the woman who really deserved him (by which he meant a girl in some pornclip he was planning to jerk off to later). As he entered the appartment and heard the moaning he laught to himself. He knew Mike hadn't gone out today and had probably spent the evening in front of the TV surely watching some late night movie right now. He wondered if their new roommate Sarah would complain about that the next morning. Her room was right next to the livingroom where the TV stood. 'She must be hearing everything at this volume', he thought as he opened the door to greet Mike but stopped dead as he saw what was going on...

The moaning didn't come from the TV but from his roommate Mike. And Sarah could certainly hear it because she was lying there right in front of him and it didn't even look a little like she was going to complain about anything the next morning. Infact it looked like she really liked what she was doing. And that was blowing his roommates dick!
Joey had been fantasizing about Sarah since she had moved in with them. How often had he tried to bring up some sexual topic when they were talking? But she had always reacted with harsh resentment. As if she was a total prude. Yet now she was pleasuring Mike. The world was unfair! But as the first shock had passed he decided to at least take his chance to look her sweet body up and down: His eyes drifted down the perfect skin of her back and to her nice round tushy. Then further down those slender legs he had admired every time she was wearing a skirt. Totally mesmerized by the view he didn't even hear Mikes moaning anymore until he suddenly heared him say "Wow" and saw him sit back on the couch.

"Yeah, wow!", Joey said, "What the hell was that?"

Only then did Mike realize that his roommate had come home and was standing there watching them. Like in a panic reaction he jumped up and grabbed his clothes. His brain began to search for some excuse or explanation not understanding how useless that was. And the next thing he saw when he had calmed down a little was Joey slowly walking towards Sarah who still lay on the couch like before. Neither of them seemed to heed him anymore...

Sarah had begun to softly suck one of her Fingers into her mouth and the sight of that must have put some kind of spell on Joey. She enjoyed the feeling of power as she lured him closer and closer.
"I know what your thinking", she told him in a seductive voice. But the next moment she wasn't so sure if he was thinking anything at all by now. Like in a trance he unzipped his pants.
At first all she wanted was tease him a little and then let it go, punishing him for all those silly remarks she had suffered. But then he took out his dick standing only inches away from her. She told herself that she was taking this only a little further than planned, but the truth was that her plan had already failed at this point.
Her spontanious sex with Mike, Joey watching them, the taste of cum still fresh in her mouth... all that was so arousing that she just wasn't willing to stop right now!

With that perfect view of his roommates sexy body a few lazy strokes of his hand where enough to bring Joeys cock to its full size. Then he let go of it and after only seconds of hesitation Sarah took over. She crawled a little closer and began the treatment by rubbing his dick on her cheek. Only then did Joey fully realize what had happened a minute ago: he felt the sticky warmth as she ran the tip of his dick all over her face. But it was to late to back out...

For Sarah it was an unbelievable turn-on when she finally took Joeys cum-covered dick into her mouth. The taste and feel of it had always gotten her horny. Sadly it was usually over by then. But not now. Now she had fresh sperm and a rock hard dick all at once!
She started blowing him softly, enjoying the taste and trying not to swallow. Releasing it every now and then she licked off every drop of the sweet mixture of semen and saliva that stuck to his cock...

As Mike calmed down he found himself standing in the middle of their living room. He hadn't managed to dress yet and as his confusion slowly vanished he didn't want to anymore. He let those clothes he carried drop to the ground again and smiled at the same sight Joey must have had just minutes ago: Their beautiful roommate lying on the couch with a dick in her mouth. The way she sensually pleasured him was great. And of course her naked body was great as well. So he decided to sit on the couchtable right next to this hot scene and watch it for a little while. And after no time he found himself wanking a massive hardon again.

Sarah felt the situation shift from her being in absolute control to her having absolutely no control at all when Mike put his hands on her hips and softly tried to pull them upwards. Her giggles sounded muffled with her mouth still around Joeys dick as she helped Mike to get her up on her knees. She wanted to say something but Joey wouldn't let her. When he noticed the distraction he had put his hands on the back of her head and carefully held it in it's place. There was an unexpected tenderness in the way he fucked her mouth that made it easy for Sarah to accept that he took over now. It had abolutely nothing to do with the brutality she would have imagined had someone told her that he wanted to 'fuck her mouth'. Yet it was exactly what was happening. When Joey pushed his dick in and began to rub it between her lips all she could do (and in fact all she wanted to do) was pressing her tongue against it, trapping it in a moist and warm pressure that made him moan. He would pull it back out from time to time and then, just when Sarah tought she'd finally get a break, he would push it right back into her open mouth and enjoy the wild tongueplay of her failed attempts to speak that would always end in a vibrating giggle. Joey liked it a lot and played that little game for a few minutes but didn't want to over do it.

"You want to say something, darling?", he asked in a playful tone.
"Yemm...", came her reply.
"Then tell us!", he said letting go of her head. And he was glad she still sounded amused when she finally go the opportunity to talk.
"For god's sake, Mike! Stop staring at my butt and do me!"

That certainly wasn't what she had wanted to say the first time she'd tried but it was all she had on her mind by now. Moving her knees a little wider apart on the couch she figured this should be enough of an invitation and turned her attention back to the cock that stood waiting right before her eyes. She had to slap Joeys hand as she saw that he had started wanking himself during that rediculously short break.
"Damn, stop it! That's mine! Don't you dare and waste your stamina.", she commanded. What did the boy thing? They hadn't even really started yet she thought while wiggling her behind as a reminder for Mike.

Mike kneeled on the couch. He could barely belive what the sexy girl who was on all fours right in front of him had just ordered him to do. But his dick was ready again and so was he. Grabbing her firm rund buttocks he got a little closer. Her legs where spread apart just wide enough for him to fit between them. He began his search and promptly felt the upper side of his dick get wet as it rubbed against her cunt. He pushed it back and forth a little and felt it get even harder than it already was before he let it's tip slowly part the lips of her pussy. He had planned to take it slowly but when the inviting warmth of her body tempted him he couldn't resist. Holding her waist he leaned forward and sunk himself deep into her soft and moist inside. His dick twitched in pure excitement and for a second he feared he would cum instantly.The thoughts raced in his head: It was already his second round. He always lasted longer the second time. But he'd never been hard again so fast. It was only like ten minutes ago that he'd cum. And how he'd cum!

Sarah had a hard time fighting down her urge to just scream in lust when Mike finally filled her up from behind. But with Joeys hands holding her head again she had no choice. She was trapped between the two boys and with Mike now holding her waist she had lost every possibility of avoiding the thick long penis that Joey kept sending deeper and deeper down her mouth.

"Come on buddy, let's give her what she wants!", said Joey.

With that wake-up call Mike regained confidence. His dick had felt like he couldn't hold it. But he hadn't cum. Sarahs sexy naked body was softly being pushed around between them in the rythm of Joeys movement. Still he hadn't cum. He began to realize that he wouldn't cum for quite a while no matter what he did. So he losened his grip on the girl and began to fuck her with no further thoughts wasted. It was fabulous: Every stroke felt like a little orgasm of it's own.

Sarah had never imagined she would be doing something like this. And even if she had, she probably wouldn't have imagined it to be like THAT !
The feeling was overwhelming: Whenever she retreated a little from Joey she had to push Mike deeper into her and vice versa. She couldn't fully concentrate on both of them at once and soon she had to give up all control of the situation. Sometimes one would push forward just as the other pulled back so that they were rocking her body back and forth in wild movement, alternately penetrating her mouth and pussy with their swollen cocks. At other times they would thrust forward together with Sarah being stuffed from both ends all at once. In this constellation Joeys cock would sometimes even slide down her throat a little as Mike pushed her right into it with full f***e. Though his moans clearly showed the pleasure this gave him he would always slow down a bit so the helpless girl between them could still handle it.
It wasn't too long before Sarah felt another orgasm build up inside her. A warm feeling spread throughout her whole body. But she didn't actually come. As the tension grew she wished she had a free hand to send herself over the edge. But she hadn't. She realized that she had absolutely no way of rushing it. The two boys were in command and all she could do was give in again and wait how the game they played with her would turn out. As hot shivers ran from her head to her toes she couldn't surpress her moans anymore.

This gave Joey the same sensation as his friend earlier: Sarahs lips literally vibrated around his dick. He had been holding back for quite a while now but this was too much. He didn't bother to ask for permission or even give any warning he was going to cum. His load caught Sarah by surprise. Her mouth filled up so fast that she wasn't sure she could catch up when she started to gulp it down. The stream of semen seemed endless and as Sarah lost all concentration when her own orgasm finally blew her away it still kept flowing. Bursting through her lips and running down her chin the warm stream of sperm began to drip onto the couch where it mingled with what Mike had spilled there before. Boosted by the wild explosion in her mouth and Mikes relentless dick deep inside her cunt it became the most intense climax Sarah had ever had. Her whole body was shacking with lust and joy. When Joey stood up her hands just failed to support her and she fell forward. Landing flat on the couch she felt the still warm puddle of cum wet on her belly. Her limbs were still trembling a little when she licked her lips to refresh the taste of sperm on her tongue. Closing her eyes she silently enjoyed the last waves of that fantastic orgasm rolling through her body.

"Wow, now that was DIRTY.", she said softly while catching her breath again.

Infact her wildest fantasies seemed chaste compared to what they had just done. But she didn't feel the slightest hint of shame. All she felt was pure satisfaction...

When Sarah finally got up from the couch and Mike adressed her with a somewhat pleading voice she feared it would be some stupid romantic thing he was trying to say. A confession of love or something would have ruined the whole mood of their totally a****listic act.

"Look, Mike...", she interrupted him, "It was fun, but I'm not looking for any serious relationship right now." His eyes had a sad look to them. "Sorry boy..."
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2 years ago
Great story & your English is perfect.
3 years ago
Thanks a lot for all the nice comments!


3 years ago
another awesome story !!!
3 years ago
"Wow, now that was DIRTY."
3 years ago
the perfect friends with benefits girl ... you really get it Claudia xx
3 years ago
good story and so hot
4 years ago
still outstanding an part 3, 4
4 years ago
Great story, though a little long.So you too love getting the cum inside the mouth. Great sensation is nt it?
4 years ago
Some serious writing of nothing serious!
4 years ago
absolutely great :-)
4 years ago
Prima Fortsetzung! Mach weiter so.

Ich schreibe auch! Schau dir mal meine Geschichte an :) Werde sie auch noch übertragen ins Englische
4 years ago
it was a real pleasure reading your srory Claudia...keep posting!!!
4 years ago
post more story, please :))
4 years ago
Yes Claudia you do have a great knowledge of the human condition. It was a great second part and flowed like honey from part 1 to part 2. You were truly great at the sexual descriptions and the feelings and sensations were "right on." Consider writing more as they are very real and very human.
4 years ago
hot & good story write more about them
4 years ago
love to meet sarah
4 years ago
eine wirklich sehr geile geschichte. gefällt mir gut. kann mich da richtig reinversetzen
4 years ago
Damm that was hot