Nothing Serious ( Part 1 )

When Sarah was new at the university she moved in with two roommates, Joey
and Mike. It was way cheaper than living alone and she had a complete
kitchen plus a nice big living room. The only downside was that she was a
little shy about bringing a guy over. "Not a big problem!", she thought at
first. As she wasn't looking for anything serious anyway she found it
perfectly ok to limit herself to sl**povers elsewhere. But as she made her
first experience with this sweet guy she picked up at the semester
starting party she began to realize that she wasn't alone with her 'roommate
problem'. And on top of that it was much worse being at his place where she
didn't even know who was listening. When this guy told her to be quiet she
found it a little arousing the first time. The second time that feeling was
missing and the third time it began to get on her nerves. It's just no fun
if you can't be a little noisy!
Her first shy attempt at discussing the matter with her roommates only led
to Joey making fun of her. "Are two men not enough for you?". Though it
made her angry she didn't know what to reply and to make matters worse
Joey didn't stop that kind of jokes. Instead he began nicknaming her "The
Nympho" whenever he was talking with Mike and he knew she could hear them.
As time passed Sarah got used to it and gathered herself an arsenal of
witty replies for Joeys nonsense. But nevertheless she became more angry
with each night she had to spend with some jerk who told her not to make a
sound while they where doing it. Until that one friday night when she
decided to simply skip that part and leave the party early. As she came
home already a little tipsy she met Mike who hadn't gone out but had spent
the evening with TV and beer. And as he asked her why she looked so pissed
she just exploded: "Why the hell can't I just do what I want?"
"Look, I'm just trying to be nice and not get on your nerves. What's wrong
with that? And what the hell is wrong with you jerks?"
"Are you crazy!?"
"Yeah, from now on it's 'The CRAZY Nympho'! Ha,ha. Really funny you
"Hey, calm down Sarah! That's Joey who calls you that. I don't!"
And Sarah did calm down a little as the two of them sat in the kitchen
smoking a cigarette, having another beer and finally: talking with each
other like normal and grownup people. Actually Mike was really nice she
tought after a while.
"I know, good old Joey can be a real jerk. But he's just joking. Just
ignore the idiot! We're not really keeping you from doing anything you
want, do we?"
"What do you mean?"
"I don't know. You where kind of screaming something about that when you
stormed in..."
"Oh, that..."
"Yes, what did you mean?"
"Ehm... well, that rather hart to explain... you know..."
"You can tell me Sarah. We'll have to work it out if we're gonna live
And because she was really tired of keeping it to herself and maybe the
alcohol played it's part too she pulled all her courage together and just
told him:
"Mike, all I wanna do is fuck. Yeah, right, just fuck! And I wanna do it
fucking LOUD!"
Mike stared at her. And then replied with a grin:
"Nothing easier than that! I mean a girl like you..."
Sarah wasn't d***k enough not to notice his misunderstanding. She had
never thought of fucking one of her roommates. How akward would that be
the next morning? But then again... She had flirted with several cute guys
this evening at the party but had gone home unsatisfied. Plus: Mike was a nice
guy and Joey wasn't there. They could be as loud as they wanted. God how
she missed that! And as her imagination carried her away she failed to
notice that Mike was still talking and trying to be nice...
"... is out till 3 or 4 anyway. And I could go get a beer somewhere else.
I mean..."
"Are you looking for something serious?", Sarah interrupted him.
"What? No! I think you've mis..."
And while he was talking Sarah picked up her shoes she had kicked off
under the table and left. Mike followed her, still trying to explain.
"Wait Sarah, don't get mad! I didn't ..."
But Sarah didn't listen anymore. She was waiting for him in the livingroom
and when her look met his he froze.
"Your room or mine?", she asked in a totally casual tone.
It took Mike a while to get that and the confused look on his face made
Sarah smile. She stood there in her outfit from the party, shoes in her
hand and had absolutely no doubt that Mike would find her attractive.
And he did! He had to f***e himself to look away from this beautiful
greenish-blue eyes and let his gaze wander down her gorgeous slender body
as he began to slowly realize what she had just said...
"I think...", he began his sentence while the breasts under her tightly
fitted top took his every thought.
Sarah enjoyed his stare a lot. She put her hand on her hip and pushed it
slightly to the right so that the carefully calculated tiny piece of belly
showed between the rim of her top and the skirt. She was eager to check on
the effect her outfit had on Mike but she held herself back until his eyes
had reached her naked feet.
Mike got distracted by the sound of shoes hitting the carpet and the next
second Sarah was all about him. Her tongue slid between his lips the very
same second her hand grabbed his crotch. She was very satisfied with the
effect her looks alone must have had on him - it was something she could
build on. And that was exactly what she did right away: Dropping to her
knees on the soft carpet she ripped his trousers halfway down. She was
pleasantly surprised as she saw that Mike apparently had forgotten to
button the front slid of his boxers and that his already semi-erect penis
instantly popped out of it, ready to be devoured! She decided to go All In
while he was still of a reasonable size...
Mike couldn't help crying out loud as he suddenly felt his whole dick
surrounded by the soft and wet inside of her mouth.
Sarah loved to hear him go crazy. His dick hardend instantly and she had
to retreat her head a little before she could begin to work her tongue
around it. It had grown so big she couldn't fit it in whole anymore. No
matter how desperatly Mike was begging her to "do that again, Baby!". But
she didn't care. She got him where she wanted him. Almost.
Mike thought he would go mad when she let go of his dick only 40 seconds
after she had started to blow him away. But she did.
With a quick movement Sarah reached under her skirt. Mike stood right
before her as stiff as his member as he watched her wiggle her hips a
little until her panties slid down her beautiful legs and came to rest
around her ankles. Stepping out of that tiny piece of fabric she turned to
the couch to kneel on it.
"What are you waiting for?", she asked in a demanding voice.
Mike almost fell to the ground as he tried to follow Sarah. He fully
removed his trousers and then the rest of is clothing. The embarrassment of
stumbling had softened him a little, but as he stood behind her now
lowering his hands upon the rounded fabric conceiling her behind this
wasn't a problem any longer. Sarah pushed herself a little against his
palms and as he slowly began to rub her skirt on her skin beneath she had
to command him once more:
"Come on Mike! I'm ready!"
But he savoured the moment and lifted her skirt slowly. It seemed minutes
to her until she finally felt the tip of his dick feeling it's way between
her legs. She spread them a little further and Mike could feel his dick
(on which Sarahs saliva from that short but heavenly blowjob had already began
to dry) get wet again from sliding just along the verge of her vagina.
"You drive me crazy, boy!", shouted Sarah. And with that she grabbed his
cock with one hand to guide it while she pushed herself back against him.
She was so wet by now that his swollen prick slid in without resistance
and made her scream out loud as it filled her up. And Mike joined her loud
moan as he sunk himself deeper and deeper into the warm inside of her body.
Having missed it for so long Sarah used her opportunity to the max by
moaning and screaming as loud as she could while Mikes waist began to clash
against her behind. And with that thick member of his she didn't even have
to fake any of it!
Mike had never seen or heard a girl enjoying herself as wildly as Sarah
right now. As he banged her like crazy he began to wondered how the hell he
could last that long in a situation like this. And to turn his thoughts
away from that he tried to imagin what they both may sound like in their
neighbors appartments - he was sure that the whole floor of the building
could hear them.
Sarah already felt her orgasm slowly building up inside her when Mike
suddenly shouted that he was going to cum. She couldn't let him! So she
freed herself from the grip around her waist, turned around and retreated a
little to catch her breath. Mike was standing in front of the couch bare
naked while Sarah sat there still fully dressed. "Guess you need a little
break.", she told him with a smile while her hand slid beneath the
waistband of her skirt. Mike just stood there and watched the lust showing
clearly on her face as she was pleasuring herself. But as he decided to
join and wank himself she suddenly stopped and leaned forward to slap his
hand: "Hands off!", she commanded, "Don't waste your energy, I still need
"But you'll need me hard, don't you?"
"I don't believe you need your hands to ensure that..."
Saying that Sarah stood up on the couch and took off her top without
hesitation. She wasn't wearing a bra and Mike was so amazed by the sight of
her firm round breasts that he didn't notice how she leaned back against
the wall and let her skirt go down too. Mike realised that she had been
absolutely right: there was no way he could loose his hard-on while just
looking at her beautiful naked body. She had begun to pleasure herself
again but this time he could watch her fingers rub that sweet wet cunt in
which he had almost exploded only minutes ago. Her eyes where closed and
she was getting louder again. She nearly forgot Mike was standing there as
she felt her lust rise to the top. When her eyes opened again she saw that
he had subconsciously begun to wank once more. "What did I just tell you?",
she complained with some amusement in her voice. She kicked her skirt that
lay around her ankles into his direction and he had to let go of his dick
as his reflexes made him catch it.
"Now don't mess up and finish me boy!"
Hearing that he literally sweeped her of her feet and was over her in no
time. He fucked her hard right away pushing her sweet little body into the
leather of the couch with all his weight. Sarah had brought herself so
close that his wild treatment send her over the edge almost instantly. She
cried out her orgasm without the least restraint. It was mind-blowing!
"Wow, i've earned that...", she said softly when her brain finally seemed
to work again.
"Yeah, and I earned something too, don't you tink?"
"And what would that be?", Sarah asked. But when she opened her eyes and
saw Mikes still fully erect penis, she already knew.
"Remember that short instance earlier? That was the best blowjob i ever
got, Baby!"
Though Sarah suspected he would have said that to any woman to get another
round she couldn't help being flattered a little. How could he tell from
that few seconds she wondered.
As Sara lay before him on her belly leaning on her arms and not replying
instantly, Mike began to fear she would just leave him with nothing now
that she got what she wanted. He had done everything exactly as she wanted
it, and now he decided it was his turn to just take what he was after. He
stood up and held his dick directly to her face before he hesitated. She
looked up and smiled at him.
"Please", he said shyly, "I promise I'll tell you early enough..."
What a cute little boy he was.
"You don't have to", she giggled and stuck out her tongue to meet the tip
of his dick he held right before her lips. She was in a playful mood.
"Just do what you feel like, Mike."
"Even if I... I mean what if..."
"Even if it's a giant load. I think I can handle it!", she said laughing
before she sucked his glans inside her mouth.
Mike couldn't believe what he'd just heard, and neither could he believe
what he felt when Sarah crawled a little nearer to get his dick as far in
as possible. It was the most relaxed and playful blowjob of his life. He
looked down at the beautiful girl on the couch and she looked back at him
with smiling eyes, his dick pulsating inside her mouth. She seemed to feel
it whenever he was close and slowed down a little only to bring him close
again with her next move. It was fantastic and he enjoyed it so much that
he didn't her the keys turning in the appartment door. But Sarah did. "Oh
my god!", she said or wanted to say but couldn't because Mikes cock filled
her mouth. "Oh no!", Mike cried out not knowing why Sarah had suddenly let
go of his dick. The wild movement of her tongue when she had tried to warn
him had send him over the edge and now he couldn't help cumming. It was
total chaos. Her heart was racing. But as the first load of hot semen hit
Sarahs cheek she figured it was to late for warnings anyway. So she turned
back to Mike just as the second load shot from his dick and right into her
Mike let out a load moan when he felt Sarahs lips close again around his
pulsating cock. He couldn't remember having ever cum so hard. His dick was
twitching endlessly while he pumped stream after stream of cum into her
"Wow", was all he could say when he was finally done.

"Yeah, wow!", said Joey who had just appeared in the doorway, "What the
hell was that?"

Mike couldn't say a word. He was totally shocked. Now Sarah who had
uasually been the shy one knew that SHE was in control of that situation.
"What do you think?", she asked smiling.
Joey stared at her. There was his new roommate lying totally naked on
their couch playfully waving one leg in the air while her face just got
creamed by his other roommate... unbelievable!
"You'd like to play with your little nympho, too, don't you Joey?", Sarah
said teasingly while one of her fingers was on his way to her mouth...

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3 years ago
awesome story
3 years ago
1st of all my name is joey but i dont act like this one lol
had a crazy experience in college my 1st year where we lived on a co-ed floor and a group of 6 guys and 6 girls all hooked up one night in a lounge, taking turns with each other. weird the next morning the first time but we became to appreciate our floor of friends.
3 years ago
good story
4 years ago
the image has to be on hamster. excellent story start
4 years ago
Wow, I really enjoyed your story. Reads like you are a professional writer and is very inspiring content-wise *g*
4 years ago
absolut heiß und anregend :-)
4 years ago
Eine schöne Geschichte:) Werde auch den zweiten Teil lesen!
4 years ago
Me thinks this is not only hot, but a personal experience? ;-)
4 years ago
Yeah this first part has a lot of erotic ( not the usual exerpts of sexual encounters, called porn ) It's seducing
4 years ago
claudia i liked your story!
4 years ago
Schöne Geschichte, werde gleich noch den 2. Teil lesen
4 years ago
WOW! Claudia I have read an awful lot of stories about sex but I must admit that you have an incredible sense of people, character building, and the description of the surroundings. I write myself and I have been told that I write well but for a non-English speaker it is truly amazing. You do very well and I would have never thought this was written by any one but a native English speaker. Then lets go to the knowledge of the sexuality you speak of here. I can smile and think this may not have been a story rooted in a picture. I feel this had to be lived instead of created in the mind of woman whose experience has not achieved this already. I hope I am not making you blush, but there is great reality here. Your story is so smooth and without any breaks and disruptions. It has the stamp of an excellent communicator. Knowing only one language, I would be baffled to even try construct the story you written here, with the flow and continuity you have created. You knowledge of the sexuality of both men and women is also very good and so well crafted.
4 years ago
Both stories got me very hard.
You have a talent, I hope you have more than one.

Looking forward to hearing the room mates further adventures.
4 years ago
Thank you all a lot for the nice comments and ratings so far!

I have completed part two now. Hope you enjoy it as well!
4 years ago
Great story Claudia! Your english is better than that of a lot of Americans but your story content is fantastic. Looking forward to part 2!
4 years ago
eine sehr tolle heisse geschichte. macht ja lust auf mehr.ich konnte mich sehr gut in die geschichte reinfühlen.grins.
4 years ago
Story about me :)
i like it
4 years ago
wow, i wonder if he needs another roommate
4 years ago
Hi there!

Thanks for the good rating of my first story (actually only the first part of it)!

Since i'm not a native speaker of english any comments on spelling, grammar and usage of words are welcome (especially about those words you don't learn at school ;). I'd like to improve my english constantly. But i'm happy that some of you enjoyed it anyway! :D

And another thing: In the end i put a link to the image that inspired the story. It worked fine in the preview but now it's not there...
Does anyone know what the reason(s) could be?
Was it edited out? I didn't find any rules or requirments for picture used in the story section...

So long & have fun!