My b*****r and I

When he got out of prison the last time, my b*****r found himself broke, homeless, and without any female waiting for him. He stayed at my place until he got back up on his game. This lasted a few months, and even though he got a new girlfriend around the time he moved out, he was almost stranded during the first 3 and a half months he stayed at my place. I own a single wide trailor on the property our mother has in a remote location.
As is tradition, we partied the first night he was out and as we WENT FAST and got our goodies from a nieghborhood source, we were not able to go into town to pick up any of the numerous lady friends' he could be fucking. So we partied by ourselves after a few friends' left around 2 am that early morning after. When all were gone I made us a good sized "SHOT" of our party goodies.
He took a shower and when he came out he walked into my bedroom and sat on the bed. His towel was covering his cock, but his hairy ITALIAN thighs were visible, as well as the bottom of his ballsac. I was watching Internet porn and had the volume covered by music from my radio. My b*****r was surprised to see STRAIGHT porn playing as I am GAY, but was like, "COOL! Now I can watch, too!" We sat watching it about 5 minutes and he turned the radio down and the volume on the laptop up as high as it would go. We consumed more PARTY stuff and I was hella horny as I watched FAT COCKS sliding in and out of these hookers' holes on the screen. My b*****r had layed back on a pillow and his towel showed every inch of what was underneath it. And, it was slowly growing larger. Finally, I got up and went to the living room where I grabbed a smoke and got a drink from the kitchen before going back to my room. My b*****r had moved to the head of the bed, removed his towel, and spread his legs far apart while grasping his huge cock with one hand.
"Well, are you gonna be long", I asked? He replied that it was all depending on how long it took me to suck the nut up out of him. I wasted no more time and no more of my buzz. I slid off my shorts and undies and crawled across the bed to his cock with my wifebeater and socks on. He smacked my mouth and cheek a few times before letting me swallow his 8 and 1/2 inches of thick and throbbin' cock. He was a little bigger than me and I was glad. I lapped up every drop of precum trying to escape and deep throated him for a good half an hour before he grabbed both sides of my head and facefucked me hard and fast. I felt his cock tensing up and was ready when he blew a extremely huge load all down the back of my throat as he moaned loudly, " AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!" When he let go of my head I licked his BIG b*****r cock good and clean and then he went in the living room and got dressed for bed. But, he was frontin' as he made way back to my bed and layed there until about an hour passed and then he wanted to get more head and as he said, " I gotta try that sweet pink ass of yours. " and he did, but that will be b*****rLY LOVE part II.
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4 years ago
Real nice it got me goin. Memories?
4 years ago
That was erotic thanks
4 years ago
Sometime people don't know whats good that was very good thanks