A Surprise for Shelly

It's been all good lately and Shelly and I are comfortable with our lifestyle changes that we have started to push the limits. Right now, she's laying across her desk with a blindfold on and her wrists are tied in the front. I am about to slip her headphones over her ears when I see you pull up in the drive - your timing couldn't be perfect. I left her shoes on just for you, and as I peek down into her arch cleavage my cock gives a little nod of approval. I'm still fully clothed when I wave to you through the glass, inviting you in quietly as to keep her 'out of the loop'.

"Shelly?" I say, loudly, "can you hear me?" --- nothing. She's isolated.

"Well, what do you wanna do first?" I ask, and you sort of shrug your shoulders and I suggest one of her feet. You give me the thumbs up and look down at her fleshy ankles, stuffed into the sexiest pair of heels that are just ripe for fucking. You readjust your stiffening cock, kneel down and take her shod foot into your hands...

"Oh, honey, I knew you'd start with my feet. This is gonna feel so-o-o good!" she says, louder than she needs to. Realizing her mistake, she stops talking and flexes her foot to help you get her tight shoe off. Gently you rub her foot and then pop a sweaty toe into your mouth.

"Oh, god, yes!" she moans, "lick my fucking feet" and it's just about at that time I lean down and stick my tongue in her mouth. Realizing what is happening, she rams her tongue even deeper in my mouth and jams her foot further in your mouth. Reluctantly you let go of her foot and join me on the opposite side of her head, leaning down to kiss her and then unzipping your pants and pulling out your raging cock. I can't believe how big and hard you are!

"Yeah, rub that fucking cock all over her" and you do, teasing her nipples with the head, her rib cage, working your way up to where her mouth is. As you nudge the head against her lips, she opens up to accept it, her eyes widening as she realizes how big you are. I cannot help myself and as I see her tongue swipe across the fleshy darkening head I swoop in for a kiss from my wife around your aching hard cock.

"You're dying to cum aren't you!" I ask, "Fuck yeah, I could blow her fucking head off right now!" you reply, "Spread her fucking legs and fuck her good; she's hot for your cock now" I suggest, and as you take your place between her legs I lap at her pussy, getting it even wetter, and I get to watch you slide in up close, until your heavy balls are tight up against her.

You begin to stroke in and out of her, and I decide I need to free my cock which has grown to its full size. I pull it out and stroke it, slipping it into her mouth for lubrication. You are jamming your co0ck into her harder and harder; you've found her other foot and can't get her unlicked sweaty sole over your face fast enough. "Hold off for a second" I say, and you slow down, pulling your cock almost out of her as I step closer, aiming my cock at the junction of your cockhead and her pussy. "Oh, god I'm gonna fucking cum!" I grunt, "Yeah," you reply, "Shoot it all over her cunt and then lick it all off"

I press forward, stretching the skin on my shaft to the limit and almost fainting as a huge jet of jizz seeps out of my cock and lands right on her clit, followed by more liquid shots that d**** the shaft of your cock and fill the gaps between her pussy lips. "Now, fill her pussy!" I beg.

It doesn't take you long, and as strings of my cum stretch between your pubes and hers you press into her, deep, and as my hands cradle your balls you explode into her. Over and over your balls contract in my hand, squeezing every last drop of your jizz deep in her cunt.

You pull out, making a schlucking sound, and my tongue makes it to her pussy just in time to catch a river of your cum trying to escape. I scoop it all up and drip it on my wife's tongue while you kiss her, and then we switch places and you have a taste and feed it to us.

As you're licking my jizz out of her pubes, your cock finds her foot and I see it growing in length and you start humping the fuck out of her foot, the red nails rubbing your balls as your cockhead nudges her heel.

"Nah, this is too good to pass up"I exclaim, moving from our snowballing session to where he has now wrapped her feet around his resurrected cock.

"Oh, yeah, I want to suck her feet while you're fucking them" I say, and you rearranges yourself so youre facing away from her, her feet wrapped around your cock in such a way that the head of your cock is peeping out from between her clenched toes. I love it when she clenches her toes - it gets me worked up and seeing you fucking them has got me to the point where my tongue is sawing in and out from between her painted little toes and sliding around the head of your cock as it pops out. This has got you ready to cum, and I squeeze her toes tight around the ridge behind your cockhead and go for broke, sucking the head of your cock, curling her toes over your slit and licking the little strands of precum.

"Oh dude cum all over her fucking feet!" I exclaim, grabbing her feet and fucking against your strokes, "God dammit, cum I want your fucking cum on her feet and in my fucking mouth!" I am near begging, you're fucking her feet with the strokes, slow and deliberate, of a man who is about to bust a major fucking nut, and as you press forward I curl her toes around the head of your amazing fucking purple headed cock and it looks like it is peering at me through the gates of heaven.

"Oh, god I'm gonna fucking cum!" you exclaim, and you bring forth your secret weapon. Nasty fucking footboy that you are, you've discovered her shoe and you've got your face buried in it, licking all the sweat (and LOTS of my dried up jizz)out of it, pressing forward, I have all her fucking toes in my mouth and they are shaking because you are shuddering and shaking and moaning and oh FUCK there it is big HUGE spurts of hot creamy cum coursing between her toes and filling my mouth to the bursting point. My tongue is sliding between her toes and around the deflating head of your cock, and as you pull away I slurp up every drop of your jizz off her soaked feet. God she's so fucking sexy especially when coated with cum.

As we agreed, once we have all come down you prepare yourself and head out, leaving me to once again fill my wife's pussy with cock while I clean the rest of your jizz of her feet. We have yet to share my cum, so I climb up between her amazing boobs and slide my cock between them, bumping against her chin repeatedly until finally I erupt for the second time, dr****g ropes of cum over her face and in her mouth. I lean over, lapping up every drop of that creamy mess and drifting off in a cum-filled snowball.
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