Shelly gets gangbanged by an SUV full of BBC!

So Shelly leaves me a priority message at work, saying I need to be home by 1PM to get a delivery - figuring she'd ordered the boards for the porch that need replacing I thought little of it. There was indeed wood delivered to the house, but it was not what I was expecting.

I pulled into the drive and there was a champagne colored Escalade parked, and as I parked and got out, a series of large black men exited the Escalade. I recognized Mitch, and said "Do I have to ask?" to which he replied, "Shelly's gonna get way more than she bargained for today, my friend!".

Introductions were offered all around; I felt comfortable with these guys - they all work out together at the same gym, and already I could tell that several of them were packing some real 'strength' between their legs.

We are fortunate enough to have a separate building to play in, and I worked the doorknob with much anticipation. I walked in, and Shelly was sitting on the air mattress, in lingerie and hot heels, wrapped in a sheet. Waiting for us.

I wasn't about to let this go unrecorded, so after checking with the guys I set up some lights and a couple camcorders while everybody got comfortable. She'd set up a few chairs and some beverages, and as I fired up the lights and hit 'record', Mitch walked up to her and presented his crotch to her. He was obviously already hard, and as she scratched the outline of his shaft with her nails he grew another inch. I took a seat in one of the chairs and rubbed my own hardening cock through my pants. "This is gonna be awesome. Do whatever the fuck you want to her!" I said, focusing in on the guys circling her, and her hands unzipping zipper after zipper.

As each cock came into view, she kissed the head first and tickled the underside with her tongue. She had four cocks in her face and two others were waiting behind her head.

One of the guys just couldn't control himself and as she worked four cocks with her mouth and hands, exploded over her head, sending streams of cum over her upturned face to rain down all over her lingerie and legs. Two minutes into things and she was already covered in cum from head to toe. Indeed it was going to be an interesting afternoon as I sucked an errant glob of his jizz off her left foot. I found myself hungry for more; my own cock was drooling precum so I stood and rubbed it into his cum, on her foot, and sucked it all up.

Approaching her face, I leaned over and drilled my tongue into her mouth, forcing it around the cock she was sucking (Mitch) and tasting his sweet precum. She pushed me away, saying that she wanted to watch me enjoying her gangbang and that I would get to clean up afterwards.

"Be sure and batter her up good; you should see this guy lick cum out of her! He likes it as much as she does!"

"Damn right!", I replied, "now get to fucking her! I know she's been wanting a DP!"

She had cock of every shape and size in front of her. The biggest one belonged to the smallest guy there, Ralph. I could tell she wasn't all that impressed with Ralph's looks, but damn she was hot for his huge cock!

She looked him in the eye, stroking his slit just an inch from her face, "I need you to fuck me, now!" and she rotated around a bit and presented her slobbery, wet, dripping cunt. He needed every bit of that lubrication as he started sliding it into her, and once the massive head was in, the guy who was about to fill her mouth with cum pulled out his cock, moved down to where his friend was trying to impale my wife, and jetted his pent-up jizz all over her clit and pussy lips and his cock, allowing it to slide in to the hilt in one stroke.

My wife, gasping at the sudden intrustion, spread her legs even further. I grabbed her foot, peeled off her shoes and sock qand sucked her sweet toes while he slid into her, slowly at first, then building up speed as her pussy dilated to accept him. I was quite turned on, seeing such a big fucking pole sliding in and out of her cum-covered pussy. I was ripe for a taste, and zeroed in on her clit, sucking up the clots of jizz that hadn't yet slid down ito the pummelled mass that was her cunt.

I knew she wanted this guy's jizz pumped all the way up in her pussy, and I told him (Kurt?) to shoot it deep in her. He wasn't far off (she's tight even to me) and my fingernails on his swollen nutsack only made it happn quicker. I watched from behind as he rammed it deep, held it there, and I could see the jizz pumping into her through his shaft. So much jizz and so full of cock, the overflow had no choice but to seep out of her, running down his cock and dripping off his balls - into my mouth.

He pulled out of her with a resounding 'schluck!' and there was another horsecock, although not as big, there to replace it. As he entered her and began thrusting, she and I cleaned their mixture off his cock as he softened.

Three more loads of jizz were deposited in her pussy in the next few minutes, as the guys dutifully climbed aboard and dumped their load in her. Chuck, the smallest member of the group, laid back as Dennis and Mitch sat her on his cock, asshole-first. She wiggled a few times and the head popped in, then slowly the whole shaft. She sat that way while two additional loads were deposited in her pussy, and as the second guy came, the guy in her ass shuddered and dumped his warm spurts in her ass.

All of a sudden, the guys were out of steam. And cum. As trousers were slipped on, shoes were tied and cars were started, it was my turn to cum.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that she had some cum on her feet and shoes, and while I savored the taste of god-knows-who on her feet I stroked my cock in and out of her distended pussy, kissing her cummy mouth deeply as I dumped my load into the mix.

The main thought at that point for both of us was, "Is that all?"

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2 years ago
My ex-girlfriend was a nasty BBC gangbang slut as well, which couldn't make me happier. The one fetish I have not based on making my lady happy is cleaning creampies from a used cunt. Others like being a cocksucker for her her lovers is because it turns her on so much. I never imagined that my VERY high and kinky sexual preferences and needs could be met watching, hearing, or just knowing that her virtually no limits, filthy love of ANY cock that wants to use her, satiates me easier and faster then fucking her myself. I LOVE being in love with a woman who has always cheated on me every chance she got and does things for and lets things done to her that she never did or will do for me. One of which is being a urinal for other men to piss on.
2 years ago
I'd love to see her get 5 loads in her ass! She'd be satisfied with just 1 because she's never had even one!
2 years ago
Shelly needs about 5 loads in her ass, then let the cum dribble out into a glass and get her to swallow it all.
2 years ago
nice story