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Oh My Sweet young Dirty Slut. If you was to be passed out d***k in bed with me(OMG)and asl**p. This is my horneist ever fantasy. I would pull your panties aside from your ass crack and and sniff the juice that permeiated from your ass. I would have this little flash light and with my head under the covers massage the cleft off your cheeks. lifting your butt cheek to expose your sweet young near hairless pussy lips, and as I lifted, my finger would brush your moist wet pussy lips. You would lay there completly unknowing and unable to stop me from rubbing your wet pussy until your clit was enlarged and now you were moaning ever so softly to encourage me to comtinue. I'd pull down your panties more and catching a whiff of your excited pussy. As i stroked and rubbed your wet,juicy soft pussy I would stick my tongue down the crack of your ass until I was rotating my tongue in a circular motion around your anus. God I love your asshole it is so sexy and tight. My cock is so fucking hard now that I have to have you. I quietly position myself behind you and rub my cock against your smooth white skin. I love your ass cheecks against my groin that I am already about to explode. I rub my cock on your ass and find your wet slit awaiting my hardness with ease. As I enter you from behind you push back onto me and start moaning and whispering softly my name, Oh Daryl Oh Daryl. You are tighter than I could of ever imagined and the feel of your wetness has me stroking deeply inside you. I want this to last and not to come to quickly so I pull out and go down on you a second time and the wetness and aroma has me licking and sucking faster just to keep up with the flow of your pussy. Knowing I must get back inside you. I slide in you with ease this time and stroke long and slow with my hardness. I feel you shudder and tighten, I can feel your toes pointing straight and moans sounding more louder, as i am in you from behind and stroking your young hard erect firm nipples, I can feel you orgasm not just once but for a second time. You are squirting that real milky sweet tasting pussy juice dripping down the front of you. Not to be totally rude I pull out and ejaculate over the crack of your firm tight ass. I lay there beside you wanting this moment to never end. I fall asl**p cupping your breast and listening to the sounds of your breathing with comfort of knowing that this is our future and the way our lives would go on together. I myself wake up to the sound of the alarm and you saying what a incredible night you had. THE END That is what I would do.

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