My sexual fantasy!!

So I always believed that my thoughts were just that until recently I started reading the stories on this site and realized my thoughts are actually a fantasy I have always had not just thoughts....

So its late and i am home alone and decide to get into the shower and when the water starts to hit my already sensative nipples I start getting a tingly feeling as i am washing my body I slowly slide my hand down between my legs and gently rub my clit working myself up I realize I need to move this to my bed so I rinse the soap off my body get out of the shower and rap my towel around my dripping wet body as i reach my bedroom i notice my man laying on the bed with nothing on but a smile and a rock hard cock.
He stands up rips my towel off me swings me around so my back is to him, he starts slowly caressing my body and kissing my back, as i close my eyes and lean my head back I let out a loud moan and realize he is blind folding me. He spins me around pushes me down on the bed straddling me I can feel his hard cock only inches from my mouth as i try to sit up slightly and try to take his cock in my mouth he stops me pushes me back down grabs my wrists together puts them above my head and ties them together with the tie from my robe ( i am now blind folded and tied up) never did i think i would be this aroused from it.
As i lay there he is kissing my neck and my breasts fondling me all over he ever so sensually takes my nipple into his mouth and flicks his tongue very lightly back and forth while gently nibbling on it, working his mouth and hands down my belly kissing, licking and touching me lightly from head to belly i moan oh baby damn your making me so hot and wet and i can feel his cock getting harder and harder I ask him to put it in my mouth he does so and shoves it to the back of my throat till i choke only making him harder I grab his ass and dig my nails in as i suck and lick his already hard cock just starting to really get into it he pulls it out and goes back to touching me kissing my legs sucking on my toes, i can feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter just dying for him to give me a good tongue lashing when he parts my thighs and runs his fingers lightly up and down the insides teasing the hell out of me when suddenly i feel his breath close to my pussy lips and i moan and wiggle he lightly flicks his tongue across my lips when i feel his finger enter my ass, wow damn holy shit im so worked up my pussy is throbbing in anticipation when he takes his other hand spreads my lips apart licking the inside of each lip i feel like i am about to explode when suddenly he exposes my cit and starts lightly sucking on it and flicking his tongue all around it then it happened as he is so sensually flicking my clit with his tongue with a finger in my ass he slips one in my pussy also, it was like the room went dark, my head was spinning, heart racing them BAM OH GOD OH GOD BABY BABY BABY DONT STOP IM CUUUUUMMMMINNNG OH OH OH hell yeah wow how amazing like the most earth shattering orgasm ever and just when i think we are done he flips me over smacks my ass and pulls my hair slipping his cock in my pussy from behind and sliding a finger in my ass he is slowing sliding his cock in and out of my pussy he grabs my hair and pulls so hard i got tears in my eyes, hell yeah daddy fuck me harder oh yeah, then he stops pulls out of my pussy and shoves his cock in my ass while spanking me hard and pulling on my hair im screaming louder and louder.. OH DADDY FUCK ME MAKE ME CUM OH DADDY GIVE IT TO ME HARDER AND FASTER FUCK YEAH JUST LIKE THAT, CUM FOR ME DADDY im breathing harder his cock in my ass pulling my hair suddenly he stops flips me over and squirts his load all over my face, titties and belly... mmmmmmm unforgettable
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1 year ago
I would love to do that to you.
1 year ago
wow...we think alike...i wish and pray for my guy to do that to me...
1 year ago
Damn, unforgettable is right. That's a very hot fantasy, one I hope you get fulfilled. Thanks for sharing!