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saturday shopping in Chester

Out shopping yesterday and I saw up so many skirts it was unreal

2 black lacy pairs
1 white lace pair which I could see her black pubic hair through
pink cotton with black hearts
white cotton knickers
2 white cotton thongs
and I also saw up 2 skirts of women who where not wearing any knickers at all.
1 was fully shaved and the other had a little landing strip

Had to go the a toilet and wank off ;-) a good days shopping
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Panty relay race.

A friend of mine off here has sent me a lovely white lace thong to wear and play with ;-)
Over the next couple of days I will be taking some photos of me wearing it and hopfully do a video of me wanking and cumming while wearing it.

After I had had my fun with the sexy little white thong he has asked me to send it on to someone else so they can do the same and then they are to take pics of them wearing it and enjoying it and pass it on again to another horny panty wanker ;-)

He wants to see as many different cocks as possible in this sexy little thong

if you are interested in a bi... Continue»
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My sister in-laws used thong.

Yesterday my s****r in-law stayed at our house because her and my wife where going out to a party together.
She got here mid afternoon with her little over night bag.
She was wearing a very tight pair of skinny jeans and every time she bent down I could see her little black thong over the top, I had a semi on ;-)
After a bit of a chat she went to get ready, she had a shower. All I could think about was her naked, soaping herself up, washing her lovely little pussy and rubbing herself all over. As you can guess I was horny as hell by now.
After getting ready she came down stairs, wearing a... Continue»
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Dogging in shropshire

Does any one know of any good dogging sites in shropshire?
I would really love to give it a go, wanking, getting sucked and fucking in front of others really gets me hard.
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Japanese or Asian women living in England I need

If you are a Japanese or Asian woman living in England or a man married to a Japanese or Asian woman please get in touch. I have a request I need some help with :-)

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works training day ended in some sexy fun.

I was sent on a boring training course from work for health and safety, I was not looking forward to it. It was 120 miles away and a 2 day course so it ment staying over night. I was also being joined by one of the women that work in the office. Helen is 58yo just over 5 feet tall and a little chubby, lovely lady but I was not looking forward to spending 2 days with her.

In the car on the way down we where chatting, just general chit chat then it got on to my wife and how she would be missing me while I was away, Helen said her husband would not notice she had gone, she told me they slept i... Continue»
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My 3some back in my teens

this happened about 14 years ago, a very horny time indeed

My friend kept asking me to have a 3 some with her and her boyfriend, I finally gave in and it was great.

We all went out for some drinks first and talked about all the stuff that turns us on. My friend said that she wanted to be DP'd by me and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend said he wanted to try sucking cock I said he could suck mine as long as I got to fuck my friend (Kate) in the ass.

By the time we got back to their place we were all pissed and very horny. Me and Matt sat on the sofa and Kate did a strip for us. She looked ... Continue»
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Mother in-laws used thong.

This happened a few years ago but I still find it horny now so I thought I would share it with you

The wife and myself had gone down to see her mother for a few days, she lives over 200 miles away so she is not the usual interfering mother in-law, also at 54 she is also very good looking with a fine figure. Every time we go down I always have a good look through her underwear to see what new sexy things she has, she does wear some very sexy underwear.

Early on monday morning I was down stairs having a coffee, my mother in-law didn't know I was down stairs. She came down in just her bra a... Continue»
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Wanking in public toilet.

A couple of weeks ago I went shopping with my wife. I was horny before we left and as we where walking around the underwear department of a store I was getting hornier by the minute, seeing all those sexy knickers hanging on the racks was giving me a semi, but what was getting me the most horny was seeing other women choosing their sexy knickers, seeing the picking them up and feeling the fabric, my cock was straining to get out. I told my wife I needed the toilet and I would catch up with her.

I raced off to the toilet, I was going to wank in the cubical but as there was no one else in th... Continue»
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My mate wore panties as he sucked my cock

On saturday afternoon I got a text from my mate asking if I was going for a few beers that night, I text back to say "yes", I got another text back off him saying "good I have a surprise for you", I was woundering all afternoon what it could be. I went for a shower and got ready to hit the town, I met up with my mate and had a drink, kept asking what the surprise was and he just kept the drinks flowing and telling me I would find out soon enough.

I needed to pee, so went off to the gents, not long after I was followed by my mate, he stood next to me, I already had my cock out and he had jus... Continue»
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Mate sucks me off after night out ;-)

I went out drinking with my mate and a few other friends on Saturday night, it was a good night and the lager was following, after visiting 6 different pubs it as about 1.30 AM and time to go home, I was feeling a bit d***k ;-), as I said good night to everyone my mate said he was ready for home as well so we left together.

As we where walking he started to talk about the times he wanked me off, I knew what he was after so I just said to him "fancy sucking me off then", all he said was "lets go down the park". There is a local beauty spot by us and it is very quiet down there at night so th... Continue»
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My mate wanks me off and tastes my cum

After last weekend when we both wanked off infront of each other, my mate couldn't wait to come round again, my girlfriend had gone out for the night so we had the house to ourselves. We started off with a few beers and a chat about how shit england where in the football, after 3 or 4 cans he asked if I could put some porn on again, which I was more than happy to do.

We sat there watching a hot young 18 year old getting fucked silly, I could see he had a massive hard on in his jeans, then he asked me if I minded if he had a wank, I told him feel free, quick as a flash his jeans where down a... Continue»
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My wank with a mate

A mate of mine had been having a bit of a bad time with his girlfriend, so on saturday he came round to my house for a few beers and my girlfriend went round to his to talk to his mrs.

As the beers went down we got chatting about our sex lives, he told me he had not had a fuck with his mrs for the best part of 2 months, I said "fucking hell mate, you must be gagging for it, we fuck 3-4 times a week and I still have to wank off watching porn every day".

He told me his girlfriend wouldn't let him watch porn as she thought it was degrading to women, as he was a bit d***k by now he asked me ... Continue»
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