love of mature women

i cant remember when it all started but i think it must have been during my very early teens.i had older s****rs and i was lets say the runt of the litter.
that was what my s****rs called me .they were all older and much sexually aware and wiser.i didnt mind that as their girlfriends would always be at our house.
you remember there was always a house everyone felt comfortable in.well that was our house. it wasnt that i was weedy it was just being the youngest.
my s****rs and their friend always would tease me.always wanting to see me naked.catch me in the toilet anything with my trousers down or in swimshorts in summer.then i found out why.
ever since i had been able to walk the would pull my cock thinking it would stretch.fill out and be a whopper.well the werent wrong.
at 17 i was (not to be bashfull)a hunk.not just my s****rs words but aunts and lets just say some of the more mature ladies of the area.

the older i got the more i knew how to play the game.young girls were fine .but give me the older, mature woman everytime.they dress better,smell better,take better care of themselves,and they certainly know what thy want from a lover.
and they know when the dog has run the no messy breakups and stupid phone is what it is and then move on.

i remember loosing my virginity to my s****rs best friend(linda)wow.great for me but all over too quick for her.but everyone and i mean everyone cums quickly when its their first,no matter how much they jerk themselves off.its the pussy juice and anxiety of doing it the first time in a hot wet tight guys no more lies lets own up most of us shot straight away-------right.ok some of you will exagetare and say me my s****rs told me that guys that are inexperienced blow like a whale almost immediately--------some even before they get in.well each one is different and im sure 2nd &3rd time were better.i know mine were.

so where am i now?oh yes mature women.dont we just love them,some fantasize,some do.well listen up i was a doer.i had lots of introductions fro my s****rs and i got more than my fare share of pussy.

i aways prefered the ladies round about where we lived.i knew when husbands were at home or comming was follow up(unless we both agreed)no complications.just great sex.and all basically thanks to my s****rs.

well my s****rs.i could tell you all about them.but maybe later.i had my first anal with an she love it up her ass .i think now that it was the only way she could really get off..i didnt mind she was up for anything for fun.she also told me she use to pull my cock and watch me like we all know a stiffy has a place go and cum.

like i said i love matures no wasting time and no remorse.well at least i dont get it.but i still love the smell of older women

s****rs of mine are really specaial memories.
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4 years ago
This was what i went through older ladies are the best they what they want and how they want it and can learn a lot form them thanks
4 years ago
Yeah you're right. I remember that I blew my wad about 1 minute into my first fuck. Of course the second and third fucks that followed I lasted quite a bit longer.
4 years ago
well, respect for this. thank you.
4 years ago
pretty good but you need to keep writing more!!