sue does her boyfriends son(while he is in hospita

i dont know why i am writing this.i think its probably to get it off my chest.

well lets start.sue and i were married.thats a different song .she always had a thing for jim(her friend)but he was married and i guess she married me because he was already taken.

i could go on and tell you how good looking he was and what a great lover he was.i could, but why bother.sue kept telling me all this when we were why should i tell you now.

sue was 5`6 long dark hair and boobs to die for.i should have known she was on the rebound but hey i thought id won the lottery.

i was always jealous of jim he was everything a woman/girl wanted.succesful,handsome,and as sue always reminded me hung like a donkey.well how can anyone compete with that??

hardly surprising we split up.she wanted jim and jim was always fucking sue.years rolled passed and jim and his wife split too..this is where it gets totally messed up .

jim was fucking around(as he always did)by this time he was a free agent so nothing mattered,except sue wanted him for herself.that was never going to happen .but she lived in hope and lusted after him.

we always met up at parties(he was single and fooling around)sue was always after him.i dont know why or how i put up with it but i i am a soft bastard .well i am.they took advantage of me and more often than nought he would fuck her and id be left to take on seconds.

of couse sue always said i made her so juicey but hey who was i to disagree.

anyway jim went to belfast on a job.good for him.well i thought that too.the bastard only got smashed in a car accident on his second day there.well fuck me you would have thought the queen had died.sue was so upset and wanted to fly to be by his bed side?fuck me why??

so to cut to the chase.sue found out that jim had been seeing others.she wasnt a happy fact she was livid.she knew jims son(jake)was going to see his she hatched this idea to get her own back on jim she would have jake.

she was such a bitch she told me exactly what she planned.i wish i had been there to see it all through and see jims face when sue told him.she could be a real bitch and this time she was even worse.

jake and sue couldnt get a flight to belfast so they were to take the car and i said she was really pissed with jim and her idea was to seduce jake(jims son)on the crossing.

sue made the booking .but omitted the fact that only one cabin was you can imagine jakes surprise when they parked the car on the car deck and proceeded to the cabin to freshen up before dinner.

sue made some excuse that it was a clerical jake went along with that.she really knew how to work him----------right?--------right.
he was 18 for gods sake .he loved his dad and was worried about him.she had seen him grow up from c***d to boy to (almost)man.he thought he knew her after all his dad was fucking her ..

she told jake to have his shower first and she would get some duty free items for his while he had his shower she left the cabin.well thats what he thought.the door opened and closed but sue never left the cabin.

while jake was in the shower sue watched him as he stripped off.seeing his youthful form ,naked and hung like his dad,she rubbed her pussy and though of what was to jake washed himself her plans began to build.she quietly slipped out of her clothes and entered the small shower room.

jake was totally unaware of her motives.she opened the shower cubicle door and entered.soap in his eyes he turned at the sound of the door.this was a woman who his dad had fucked repeatedly and who had seen him grow up.

she took the soap(his soap)and lathered is cock and balls.she looked him in the eyes and said not quite like daddy but you will do.she kissed him while still massaging his balls and cock.what was a young boy supposed to do.

i know what i would have done and jake was no different.she was just a woman,alright his dads woman but she was making all the moves.he wasnt to know she was a twisted woman getting her own back on his dad.he was flattered by this mature womans attention.well lets face it if she is in the shower washing your cock and balls its a done deal.

they kissed and the water cascaded down their bodies.his tongue was as hard as his cock and searched every part of her mouth.she showed his cock her enterance.her firey furnace.she felt the young studs penis it was on fire.he had never had a mature woman before.she knew it would be all over too was his sack emptied into her pussy and flowed as quickly down the drain.he was happy.his sack had emptied but she wanted more and more .she wanted to be able to tell his dad she had fucked his son.over and over and over again.this was to be both their punishments.

as she held jake close to her boosom in the shower and said there was plenty more time before they reached belfast.she slowley went down on his cock and took it fully but slowly into her mouth.caressing his balls and looking up into his face.thinking wait till i tell your dad what weve done.this isnt the end but the beginning.its a long ferry trip jake and i want as muck of your cum as i can get.and dont worry -----------i will tell your dad !!!
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9 months ago
Please continue - damn - she is one hot horny bitch
3 years ago
4 years ago
great story cant wait to read more!
4 years ago
great story cant wait to read more!
4 years ago
very good she is a bitch kick the slut out it is not worth the pain