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her grip.her smile and her lips

i knew she wanted me from the start.her demeanour was a dead give away.the way she looked me up and down was the deciding moment.

what else could have been on her mind??

i am usually aware when a woman is sizing me up and down.i can tell and feel their eyes on me .

this was no exception.her eyes never left me as was walking,flirting and enjoying the day.

i chatted and flirted with quite a few that day,but i usually did that.as a single man that isnt unusual is it??

as i made my way to the toilets i noticed i was being watched and followed. i wouldnt normally have payed attention but this woman was let say spectactular.

what i hadnt counted on was the way she followed me into the gents.

there i was holding my crown jewels in my hand and she was there behind or well at the side of me ,looking at my manhood .

well at least it didnt seem to disappoint her .and i didnt turn round and spray her..

she looked at me and then the mirror .as if she was just doing her hair.she smiled and for a moment i thought it was a unisex toilet .

it was only a split second later that i felt her hand gripping my cock .i could see her smiling at me in the mirror.

Posted by 69licklover 2 years ago
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