you never told me she was my daughter

margaret burst into the hotel room.she didnt look happy in fact she was ready to kill someone and i guess it was me.

i didnt know at the time why but she soon told me.well that was when she calmed down enough to get the words out.well at least she didnt have a weapon with her.

my weapon on the other hand was still very deep into emma.a beautiful 24 year old.she had been assigned to meet me from the airport and take me to the hotel.well she did that alright and more.

maybe i should begin at the beginning.margaret and i go way back.when i say that i mean we had a longterm affair/lover when we were both single.that would have been 1983 when we first met.after that we were together for almost 3 years.she was the one that left me.ok i was cheating on her with her s****r.but it was there on the plate .it would have been rude to fact she burst into that room as well.

she took off and emigrated to australia and didnt keep in touch.i heard through friends that she got married and had a c***d.

i was attending a seminar in sydney when i bumped into her.we exchanged pleasantries and business cards .she was from perth and was there on business.i told her i was due in perth on the wednesday.she said she would send a driver to pick me up at airport ,ferry me to hotel and we would have meal later and catch up.she had something on her mind but wanted to wait till i got to perth to tell me.

so i was surprised when i saw this beautiful young woman with my name on her card waiting at the arrivals hall.she introduced herself as emma .just emma nothing else and said she was to drive me to the hotel.i put my bag in the merc and sat upfront with emma .i didnt want to appear aloof.

we chatted, on the way she showed me the sights of perth .i was more interested in the sight of this young woman.she had the a/c on in the car and as i looked her nipples were clearly visable through her blouse.i guess the coolness of the air was affecting her.emma was pointing out some place of interest but i was busy looking at the places of interest i wanted.she caught me looking and just smiled.i said i liked the sights and she asked which ones.the ones ouside or the ones inside.i laughed very forward these aussies.

she parked the merc in the hotel carpark and came inside.i checked in and asked her to join me for a drink at the bar.the bell boy took my bags to the room while i e****ted emma to the bar.we sat on the terrace and sipped our drinks.emma had oj as she was driving .i had a fosters to quench my thirst.however i had a thirst for emma.i dont know why ,she was too young for me really.but she was so easy to talk to and was one of those tactile girls.i actually made her laugh on occasions and she would touch me on the arm and a couple of times on the thigh.i was getting turned on by her and on one occasion when touching my thigh she got more than she or i bargained for.her hand hit my cock head.she was mortified and blushed.i said it was my fault for being so turned on and an old man being in the company of a beautiful young woman.

emma was very kind tellin me i wasnt old and that she prefered the mature types.i dont know whether it was the travel or the few vodkas on the plane mixed with fosters but i kissed her.i expected her to storm out and slap me but she didnt.she responded and put her arms round me to pull me closer.she pushed her tongue into my mouth and stroked my thigh till she found my now rigid cock.
god it wa great to be touched by her.not wanting to make a spectacle of ourselves on the terrace i chanced asking her to take this to my room.this would save embarresment.i was surprised when she agreed.she told me she didnt usually do this it was just she felt an attraction to me.not just physical but emmotional.she couldnt put her finger on what exactly and to be honest i couldnt care .i was going to get some young pussy.

i took her by the hand and my room was on 33 floor.we entered and the bell boy had unpacked my case and turned down the bed.he must have had second sight.
i kissed emma and asked her if she was sure she wanted this.maybe it was a bet you know who can do an older guy or something.but i removed her blouse and bra to reveal beautiful breast .very had been a long time since i had seen tits this firm.i ran my hands over then and pulled her nipples.she gave a slight groan and slipped her hand onto my cock.she kissed me hard .god how i wanted her.she undid my belt and unzipped me.she could feel the precum on my pants.i was excited to say the least.i eased her skirt down and pulled off her panties.i stepped back to see emma in her an all over tan.not a white line anywhere.she undressed me.i was standing the general at attention and now we kissed again and fell onto the bed.

now it had been a long time since i wanted to play for so long .usually at my age its wham bam all over.but this time i wanted us to enjoy every second.i wanted to do emma everyway.i wanted to fill every hole.i wanted her to remember me and this sexual encounter.
i sucked her nipples and stroked her bush.she opened her legs and i could feel her hotness and wetness.i kissed her again and again and then began my journey.i was licking her pussy lips tasting her ,then gently parting her lips and my tongue reaching into her dark place.i was rubbing her clit and licking .she was writhing and pushing my head trying to get my tongue deeper and deeper.

she came and again and tongue had done its work now i wanted my rod in her.she was so moist i dint ahve any trouble entering her.little by little to start letting my cock gently stretch her till she pushed my ass to penetrate my full length.she was moaning and kissing me .her hand found my sac and played with my balls as i was in and and slow.stoking the furnace with my red hot cock doing his business and ready to dump its first load into her.
i could tell she was nearing orgasm again .harder and faster and now she was yelling yes yes yes oh my god give me it all i did i let it all pump and flow like a river.i swear i was pumping a minute later.i stroked her hair .i ran my hands just touching the lenght of her body.she took my cock out of her pussy.juices dripping from both.she tidied up.licking my shaft and cleaning my head.squeezing it to get every drop and opening the eye to get every last drop.

i had no idea of the time and dont know if we had droped of to sl**p.all i knew was that i had to be in the reception area to meet margaret at 7:30.i couldnt quite focus on the clock but i wanted more of emma.she smiled and took me in hand.i was ready for more .she wanted to ride me .it had been some time since i was ridden like that .emma was bouncing up and down and me playing with her tits.

thats when the shit hit the fan.i dont know how but thats when margaret burst through the i said at the start she looked like she wanted to kill me.
it was then that it all fell into place.well that and emma calling her mum.her exact words were what the hell are you doing bursting into the room like that.

my response was fuck so this is your mother.emma nodded .margaret told her to get dressed and go home ahed talk to her later.i remember poor emma shes in for some stick.first i shag margarets s****r and now (without knowing)i fucked her must be me i am a bad son of a bitch.

emma dressed and left.margeret stood there ready to kill me.i told her i wasnt to know.she said i hadnt changed at all.still like an dog.anything with a pulse i think was another.clearly she wasnt happy.

i guess the meal is a no no now.anyway what was the big news you had i asked.
well i nearly had a heart attack when she told me the meal was to tell me emma was my daughter.she had come to tell me she was pregnant when she caught me in bed with her s****r and now when she wanted to tell me about my daughter i was actually fucking her.

as i said how was i supposed to know !
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9 months ago
Awesome - at least ur daughter & you enjoyed a hot fuck
2 years ago
Good story. You were both drunk.
3 years ago
Great story. Fuck the ex if she can't tell you the truth.
3 years ago
good story
3 years ago
4 years ago
so very good
4 years ago
great story!
4 years ago
4 years ago
4 years ago
yeah great it fact or fiction?
4 years ago
wow nice shocker at the end there lol
4 years ago
nice hahah lol thats some bull right there=p
4 years ago
some dogs...
4 years ago
4 years ago
Wow haha
4 years ago
Very unusual hot story. But a pity you gave away the clue in the title. Still a lovely scenario.
4 years ago
WOW what an story
4 years ago
WOW , true or not still a hell of a good story
4 years ago
Now thats a real story thanks coldn't happen to a better man.