without you

its almost 4 hours since you had to leave and i cant tear myself from my bed.the sheets are stained with our productive afternoon.unfortunately you had to leave to return to that usless husband of yours.
the plans we make evertime come to nothing.i seem to be wasting my life and time.you always say the time isnt right and we must wait.so you return to him and i am left alone.
the pillow has your smell on it.i hold it close to me as if it were you in person.i inhale that dior perfume and my cock is rising.it has had time to recover from our session .i need some relief now and so i replay our day in my head and imagine you there beside me.
in my mindseye i see you enter the room and slowly disrobe while i watch from the bed.you know this turns me on and you rub your tits and pull your nipples.you smile at your reflection in the full size mirror .you remove your panties and smile at me.you can see how pleased i am to see you.
i start to pull on my cock as i recall us kissing.it still turns me on.i feed the pillow down between my legs as i tug harder.i love everything you do to me.your touch your smell your mouth.oh how i love that mouth.those lips when you suck my cock and tha tongue.the things that has done for me.i love it when you put a finger in my ass as we make love and how much more i thrust in you.
i am at full size and i am massaging my balls as i pull on my cock.i still have the vision of you i can hear you talk as i pull and pull and pull and aagghhhh as i shoot my load agian its you baby its all for you.but the your not here and this is where you belong.this is what i need.instead you are at home in that so called loveless marriage and me well i am still waiting an wondering if you will ever come.
but at least ive cum for you over and over and over again.
so eventually sl**p comes and i dream of us together again-----------someday
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4 years ago
this is good make you think about what a romance is thanks
4 years ago
you should write more like this
4 years ago
just like the song.i enjoyed it