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why dont we all make it a standard on the 1st of every month to do our clean up act

its not difficult and takes a few minutes .

all you need to do is remove from favs all the vids that have been deleted and clear the friends

that have retired .no big deal it just makes your and everyones life easier .
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friends or no friends------that is the question.??

i have a few good friends here who i chat to often an some not so.but what i dont understand id that once making a connection ----why not fallow it up???

just a hello from time to time or a reply(i always do)its no big deal.same as a cock is just a cock and a pussy is a pussy.

we all love to flirt and fuck.so lets be honest and if u dont want to be friendly dont accept friendships.

rant is over


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[Story] why oh why

everytime i begin this story i am distracted.it just happens maybe its a story that must remain untold ----i dont know .

i have (had ) a passion for my aunt.ever since i was young and she was there all the time.
not a great age difference maybe 20 years .but thats not too much now ??.

i first noticed my attraction when she would call to see my mother and she was out.i made her coffee and tried to chat .but what can a young boy say to a beautiful woman.

nevertheless as i gre up i still had desires on my aunt.the time came as i was invited to a cousins wedding.all the f****y were invi... Continue»
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heres the thing

if anyone wants to chat -----i am on messenger


email me there too if u like(or dont lol)

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where to begin

as a young lad i was a bit of an ugly duckling.you know awkward and not the best looking guy. but all that changed when i had my gap year.

it may have been the sun or the diet or the girls who knows but it was one or all of those that changed me.

i had been to oz.i grew my hair and had a beard when i returned home.with that and having lost a few pounds i looked pretty ripped.

all my friends had just completed their first year at uni.i on the other hand had just finished the greatest year of my life.now i was after more of the same.no more thoughts of further education----i just want... Continue»
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[Story] new morning

so i am lying there the sun breaks thru the curtains.i need a drink well we all do

i definately need rehydration.i have just remembered licking out this beautiful

cunt before during and after.

my head hurts and i dont need jesus.its strange my cock is still so up and my

recollections of the night before are still hazey.i move up and see her face.

fuck me its my auntie.wow and fuck me wow again.my rigid cock is still twitching.

ive fucked her all night long.i look at her seemingly contented face .so i guess

ive done something right??

her face and glow looks like ive... Continue»
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her grip.her smile and her lips

i knew she wanted me from the start.her demeanour was a dead give away.the way she looked me up and down was the deciding moment.

what else could have been on her mind??

i am usually aware when a woman is sizing me up and down.i can tell and feel their eyes on me .

this was no exception.her eyes never left me as was walking,flirting and enjoying the day.

i chatted and flirted with quite a few that day,but i usually did that.as a single man that isnt unusual is it??

as i made my way to the toilets i noticed i was being watched and followed. i wouldnt normally have payed attention... Continue»
Posted by 69licklover 2 years ago

[Story] sue does her boyfriends son(while he is in hospita

i dont know why i am writing this.i think its probably to get it off my chest.

well lets start.sue and i were married.thats a different song .she always had a thing for jim(her friend)but he was married and i guess she married me because he was already taken.

i could go on and tell you how good looking he was and what a great lover he was.i could, but why bother.sue kept telling me all this when we were married.so why should i tell you now.

sue was 5`6 long dark hair and boobs to die for.i should have known she was on the rebound but hey i thought id won the lottery.

i was always j... Continue»
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[Story] in love with love

what makes us different from a****ls is we form relationships.or at least some of us do.some of us just behave like a****ls.straight in straight out wham bam thank you mam and move on to the next pussy.

well i am not like that.dont get me wrong i love pussy.i love making love to a woman.i like to think of a woman like a christmas present.not all the biggest presents are the best.not always the most expensive ones either.

they need to be unwrapped with care and attention.and then the surprise you were waitng for can be found.just like in a woman.

i love to take my time with women.no ru... Continue»
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[Story] you never told me she was my daughter

margaret burst into the hotel room.she didnt look happy in fact she was ready to kill someone and i guess it was me.

i didnt know at the time why but she soon told me.well that was when she calmed down enough to get the words out.well at least she didnt have a weapon with her.

my weapon on the other hand was still very deep into emma.a beautiful 24 year old.she had been assigned to meet me from the airport and take me to the hotel.well she did that alright and more.

maybe i should begin at the beginning.margaret and i go way back.when i say that i mean we had a longterm affair/lover w... Continue»
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[Story] without you

its almost 4 hours since you had to leave and i cant tear myself from my bed.the sheets are stained with our productive afternoon.unfortunately you had to leave to return to that usless husband of yours.
the plans we make evertime come to nothing.i seem to be wasting my life and time.you always say the time isnt right and we must wait.so you return to him and i am left alone.
the pillow has your smell on it.i hold it close to me as if it were you in person.i inhale that dior perfume and my cock is rising.it has had time to recover from our session .i need some relief now and so i replay our ... Continue»
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[Story] love of mature women

i cant remember when it all started but i think it must have been during my very early teens.i had older s****rs and i was lets say the runt of the litter.
that was what my s****rs called me .they were all older and much sexually aware and wiser.i didnt mind that as their girlfriends would always be at our house.
you remember there was always a house everyone felt comfortable in.well that was our house. it wasnt that i was weedy it was just being the youngest.
my s****rs and their friend always would tease me.always wanting to see me naked.catch me in the toilet anything with my trousers do... Continue»
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anyone want some??

hi i live in the manchester region.so ladies youve seen the goods (not fully errected).so if you want sum ------------cum and get it.you travel i travel.who cares as long as we reach a happy conclusion.couples,groups,grannies,aunts,but no under 18s.lets keep it legal. and definately no a****ls!!!
Posted by 69licklover 4 years ago