Eating Beth's pussy and ass (True)

I came home from school one day and my Neighbor Beth was standing on her front porch, she waved Hi to me and I yelled back, “what’s up’! It’s been a week since Beth and I 1st fucked. My mother was home from work early that day; she saw our exchange and had a frown on her face. My mother knew Beth sold weed and beer to everyone, including teens.

“Why she always speaking to you now?” my mother asked
“She always spoke, you were always at work”, I replied, my mother turned in went in the house, I went across the street to speak to Beth.

“When you want that lesion” Beth asked? What lesion, I replied, knowing Damn well, I knew what lesion Beth was talking about! That pussy eating lesion Beth asked me about when we 1st fucked. Can you sneak out tonight, I don’t have to sneak out Beth, as long as I get up and go to school, and stay out of trouble my mother don’t give a shit what I do.
“Come by around 10 then, that way my k**s would have eaten, given a bath and in the bed” Ok, I replied.

I made sure I did my nightly chore, and my homework, and was out the house at 930, I stayed in front of the house and insight of my mother, when she looked out her window or front door. When 10 came I checked in the house to make sure my mother was in the bed, and on her way to sl**p. When I confirmed she was I told my older s****r I would be over Ron’s house page me if y’all want me. She ignored me like always and I left.

I shoot over Beth’s house, we went straight to her room, Roll this up she said, handing me a fat sack of weed, and Shell she had soaking in some Hennessey. I sat on the edge of her bed and started rolling a blunt.
“It’s too much weed to fit in this one shell” Beth reached in her top drawer and handed me another Swisher out the box. “So roll two” she replied. I spilt the 2nd shell, gutted it, and started rolling the 2nd blunt. Beth took off all her clothes, an fired up the Henny soaked blunt, while I finished the 2nd one. I turned around; and saw her hairy pussy. Beth passed the blunt to me, laid back and spread her legs wide.

“You never ate no pussy, or tossed salad”? Again I told her no, I don’t care about learning to eat pussy but I’m not licking nobody’s ass!” I replied. “Anthony, you’re a freak, I already know, don’t knock it until you try it” I hit the blunt a few more times and passed it back to Beth. I took my shirt off, and shorts, and laid in between Beth thighs. Beth started rubbing her clit and pulling back on her pussy lips, making her clit stick out.
Beth: This is my clit, Kiss it! I kissed it; Beth pulled her hairy pussy lips apart wider.

Beth: Kiss my clit again, and then lick around it. Again I kissed her clit, it started to get hard, I licked around it, again as I was told. Beth clit was hard and pointing up, like my dick.

Beth: Lick my clit, slower and suck it, like you were sucking my nipples. Again I did as I was told, Beth moaned quietly, her pussy was getting wet; I stopped and watched some juice run from her pussy down in the crack of her ass.
Beth: That’s right you look at it! Without being told I repeated everything I just did. “Stick your tongue in me”, I tasted he tangy sticky pussy juice. “Here”, Beth said, I looked up Beth handed me the Blunt; I took two hard hits, and gave it back, so I could return to my meal. I sucked on Beth clit, running my tongue from her clit down to her whole and back up. Beth raised her legs and I face planted her pussy.

Beth: Finger me, I stuck my index in Beth, then joined it with my middle finger. Suck my clit and finger me at the same time. I followed her directions, without missing a beat. Beth pushed my head deeper in her pussy, “Ahh Yes” with her legs in the air, she spread her ass cheeks apart and said lick it. I licked between Beth’s ass, with hesitation, paying attention when my tongue touched her ass whole. It never did, I went back up and sucked on her clit, and Beth grabbed my hands and placed them on her huge tits. “Squeeze my nipples” She started to shake, she slammed her huge thighs close around my head, and told me not to stop. Her pussy was flooding with juice, I was so turned on by this, I busted a nut in my boxers. Beth turned around on her stomach and spread her ass.

Beth: Don’t stop! I placed my hands on top hers, I had a clear site of her Brown eye, with a deep breath, I planted my stiff tongue in her ass,” Yeah little Freak boy”, Beth rose up on her knees popped her big ass straight in the air, and was moaning loudly. The thoughts of putting my tongue in her ass didn’t turn me off, but took me a few minutes to get use to. But I didn’t stop. Beth was enjoying it and I started to enjoy it myself. The only thing that made me stop was when my pager went off, worried that my mother was looking for me, I reached for it. In delight when I saw it wasn’t a number from my house, I dropped the pager and went back to task.
Beth turned back over, I took my cum filled boxers off and mounted her again, she grabbed my dick and pulled me up to her mouth, “You better not tell your little friends, I sucked your dick” She placed Mini Me in her mouth and started blowing me.


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1 year ago
Very hot.
1 year ago
Nice start
1 year ago
post the other half we should of hung out when we were younger it sounds like some shit that would of happnd to me
1 year ago
1 year ago
very good
1 year ago
Mmm like it