Beth my 27yr Neighbor (True Story)

Beth was my 27 yr. old neighbor who lived across the street from me and my f****y when I was a teen. She was the lady who sold beer and weed on the street, whenever you wanted to get high or d***k you would go see Beth for that. She was 6ft2, big and fat, not ugly, but not to pretty either. I was 17 yrs. old when we 1st started fucking, she taught me a lot.

One night around 11:30pm we were all hanging out, outside smoking weed, Beth was sitting in the front passenger seat of her friends car talking about her daughters father, me and my friend Ron was sitting on the steps of her house passing a blunt back a forth. Beth and her friend called Ron over to the car, and they started talking, I don’t know about what, but I soon found out it was about me. Ron came up to me and asked “what you think about Beth?” She cool, I replied! “Well she wants to fuck! I laughed, because I thought he was talking about fucking him, “Shit gone, ahead and fuck man, I’ll head to the house” I replied, NO!, Ron said “Not me, she wants to fuck you” I stopped laughing, I looked over at the car, Beth and her friend were looking at me, and talking to themselves. Ron said he was about to go fuck her friend at her house, Beth wants me to stay the night at hers. Beth and her friend were BBW’s, I told Ron, “I’ll fuck if you’ll fuck her friend” Ron said he been fucking her friend since last year. Ron and I always said we never lie on our dick,we considered it bad luck, so I looked at him and said OK!

Ron went up to Beth and they changed positions; he got in the car she got out. Beth friend and Ron pulled out the drive way and left. Beth came up to me and asked if I needed to go home, I told her no I’m right across the street, as long as I’m on the street my mother wouldn’t look for me, plus it’s late, she’s sl**p now. We went in her house, she told me to wait in the living room for a minute. Beth had 2 k**s so I knew she was getting them out of her bed. She called me in her room. When I entered her room, Beth was standing in a dark candle lit room, with nothing on. I stirred at her huge tear drop titties, and hairy muff. I fired up another blunt, took my shirt, and shorts off, I walked over to Beth, she started sucking on my neck, and putting sucker bites on me, I fondled her titts, pinching and squeezing her nipples, she laid back on the bed, I started sucking on her titties.

Beth grabbed her huge breast I was sucking on and squeezed it, shooting her milk in my mouth; I stopped sucking on them and sat up. Beth got up, she faced me, and grabbed both of her heavy milk filled breast and squeezed them again, shooting milk all over my face. The milk dripped from my face down to my chest. I reached up and started milking her tits myself. “You’re a nasty little freak” she said, I grabbed a hand full of her muff, spread her pussy apart and stuck 3 fingers in her! Beth pushed me down on the bed, started licking and sucking on my ears, she pulled my boxers off and grabbed my meat, “Wow, boy, what you doing with all this” She mounted me and began to ride me, She reached between my legs, and grabbed my balls, and started squeezing them, I reached up and started milking her again. Beth grabbed one of her titts out of my hand and begin to suck on it, letting the milk run out of her mouth and down her chest. I exploded; I shoot my nutt right in her huge pussy.

Beth un-mounted me, grabbed a towel, and walked out the room, I heard my name, coming from the living room, and I got up and went to her. I entered the living room, to see Beth bent over the couch. I got behind her and slid my dick in; she stood up, “NO BOY! We not making Love, we’re fucking, NOW SLAM THAT DICK IN ME!” Beth leaned back over the couch, I spread her ass cheeks apart lined myself up and did as she asked, I slammed my dick in her cum filled pussy, with her face buried in the couch she let out a laud scream, HARDER!, I pounded away, HARDER! I pounder her ass HARDER! I reached up and grabbed her hair, and pulled Beth up, while I fucked the shit out of her 6ft2, BBW, frame. She started to cum, and for the 2nd time so did I. When we were done we re-treated back to her room. “You eat pussy?” Beth asked I was still young and new to sex back then, “Never have” I replied, Tomorrow, You’re going to learn how to eat me out and toss my salad” and So my lessons begin!

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very good
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nice part is it's real