Wifes Best friend Cynthia

I had just returned home from Iraq, I was in line turning my weapon and night vision goggles into our Arms room. Jaw jacking with my Soldiers about how I couldn't wait to get away from their ugly faces and how they better not do anything stupid for the next four days while we were on a short recovery.

Her scent hit me like a pie in the face, it’s been 15 months and the last time I smelled that scent my wife was in my Arms crying because I was leaving. I turned and my wife summer standing there with half of hers and my f****y, and her BFF Cynthia. Cynthia and Summer had been friends since c***dhood, they never were apart some people use to think they were fucking,when I 1st met them I use to think the same thing, I smiled and frowned at the same time, Cynthia was fine and has a body of a porn star. Her breast are all natural the size of honey dew melons, her legs are long and slim, and her ass, is the type of ass man would love to eat for hours.

I walked over to my f****y and gave them all a hug, I held Summer firm and close to me, she had a mini skirt, I didn't want to pick her up because Summer loves and only wear G-strings. Cynthia walked up and gave me a one arm hug, and welcome home welcome. We all loaded up in our separate vehicles, Summer and I in my truck, the rest of my f****y in the van with my father.

On the ride home I couldn't take my eyes off my wife, Her tits are firm and plump and the ass just rite, not to big not too small. While she was driving she grabbed my hand and placed it in between her legs, then she moved it up to her pussy, I was shocked my wife didn't have on any panties! But I was more surprise at the thick pussy hair she had grown, while I was gone. She knows I like her to grow her pussy hair in sometimes, she told me she hasn't shave since I left. Mini me was standing at attention, Summer could see it through my pants. I played with thick curly hair and brushed my fingers smoothly across her clit, I spread her lips apart and rubbed her clit some more. I could see she was enjoying my pussy tease, but I couldn't go further because she was driving. SO I THOUGHT! Summer pussy was dripping with lust, she grabbed my wrist and shoved my fingers in her, we were driving home and I was finger fucking my wife. She climaxed just in time when she pulled on street. When we pulled into our drive way, I was about to get out but Summer pointed at my paints. I was enjoying fingering my wife so much, I didn't know that I had busted a nut in my paints and I had a wet spot.

I sat in the truck Bull shitting telling my f****y I needed some time to myself for a few minutes then I would join them in the house. When I came in the house I ran straight up stairs and hooped in the shower. Summer came in our master bath and told me everyone had left to go grab something to eat, before she could say another word I grabbed summer and pulled her in the shower. I raised her Arms over her head and sucked on her tits biting her nipples one by one, a little harder each time. I raiser Summer up and placed the tip of Mini me in your pussy, She gasped, I slowly slid the tip in and out, making sure she was ok, Mini me can be too much to take some time, I whispered "More" in her ears, "More she replied, so I slid more dick in her, when she got used to it, More? She replied more, I slid it in some more, She got used to it with our asking this time I slid what was left of my 9" in her, it’s been a while this took Summer by surprise. Summer body start shaking, her head shoot back, she let out a hard moan, I knew what was happening, Summer was Cumming all over my dick. I raised her up and let her down, she stepped out the shower grabbed my towel and went into our bed room. I looked down and Summer's cream was running down my dick and balls, I finished my shower and got out. I walked into my bed room and heard Cynthia scream ANTHONY! I quickly retracted back to my bathroom, yelling I didn't know you were here. Summer came into the bathroom apologizing handing me some boxer briefs. I gave her the get rid of her look, she hurried out. I grabbed another towel of our towel rack and re-entered my bed room, there was Cynthia sitting on our fount truck at the bottom of the bed, I apologized to Cynthia telling her I thought she left with everyone else to go eat. She said I didn't have to apologize it was my room. I grabbed some PJ bottom out my drawer and told put them on under my towel. I laid on my bed and started watching TV, Summer and Cynthia was talking I wanted to finish what we started in the truck, and shower, but I knew it would have to wait.

I hadn't noticed that I dozed off and when I woke everyone was back, but the house was quite everyone was sl**p, except Summer and Cynthia they were still on the bed laughing and jaw jacking, Summer handed me her glass of wine she was drinking on, I took a sip and handed it back she told me to finish it because it was her 4th glass. It wasn't much but I finished it off as she asked. Summer came up and laid on my chest, we laid there watching TV, she ran her hands up and down my chest and then she put her hands down my pants. Cynthia looked away at first, but as Mini started to rise she didn't turn away again.

Summer looked up at Cynthia, Cynthia looked away again, then summer reached up and grabbed Cynthia's hand and placed my dick in her hand, Cynthia snatched her hand away at first, but Summer wouldn't let her go, she grabbed Cynthia's hand again and wrapped it around Mini me. Summer guided Cynthia's mouth to the head of my dick and instructed her not to try to get the whole thing in her mouth, because not only is it big it's thick. Cynthia struggled with me, Summer took my dick our of Cynthia's mouth and placed it in hers, she showed her how she to do it, Cynthia stopped looking and started licking and sucking my balls, I was getting harder and harder by the seconds, Summer pulled Cynthia up and kissed her passionately, she laid Cynthia on her back and told me to fuck her, Cynthia said no, Summer said you'll enjoy it, he's very gentle, I climbed on top of Cynthia spread her long legs wide, Like my wife I placed the tip in, She sucked in, OHHH MYYY GOD, I didn't ask any questions, I just slowly pushed it in deeper and deeper, Cynthia reached up and dig her nails in my back. Summer started sucking on her nipples, Cynthia cried out, It's too big, I can't, I can't, Summer whispered in her ear, "Wait till her goes deep and you feel it in your stomach" Summer then looked and me and I deep dived her, She screamed out! ANTHONY! ANTHONY! IT'S TO BIG,ANTHONY!, I dugged Cynthia's pussy out until she exploded, Cynthia squirted her juices all over my stomach, Summer pulled my dick out and started to suck on it, and placed it back in Cynthia, she started to cry, I started to stop, she opened her eyes and said NO! Fuck me, Summer! Summer pushed my hips back down in Cynthia. That night I believe Cynthia came repeatedly. When we were done Cynthia laid in the bed looking up at the ceiling fan, Summer had gotten up and went to the bathroom, I heard the water to the tub running, She came back in and helped her friend up, she ran Cynthia a warm bath telling her the warm water will take away some of the pain she is having. Cynthia got into the tub; I was laying there in AWW! I never had a threesome before, and I saw my wife for the 1st time in rare form. I thought the night was over, but boy was I wrong.

Summer climbed on top of me and we started making Love like we never made Love before.

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1 year ago
awesome wifey to share you on your 1st night back!! Thank You For Your Service!!!!!!!!!
1 year ago
I wish I was Cynthia
1 year ago
I shoot it in the crack of Cynthia's ass when I was pounding her out doggysytle.
1 year ago
It's good that we support our soldiers
1 year ago
Which one ya blow your load in.....or on?
1 year ago
1 year ago
More, please
1 year ago
so hot n sexy