lee a morning glory

well let me tell you about lee my uncles ex and the mother of cindy his daughter wich sort of makes her my aunt but they didn't get married.
were talking 5ft6" brunnete large brown eye"s cant describe them as tit's
more like humongous boobs we are past dd i think they were at least f cups a
genuine bbw just awsome.
well lets start the story.
well im asl**p well sort of hafway to waking up.
ah yes the usual morning hardon the painfull morning missile.
i release the bastard from my jocks ah thats better but not quite.
i chuck the covers of yes much better give the bugger a couple of strokes.
and promptly fall back to sl**p hey he does'nt go down he's still there
reminding me it soon time to get up.
10 min's later
My cock suddenly feels hot and wet its a familiar feeling
I don't want to open my eye's cause it might not be real and i don't want it to
stop but dammit i have to see who this is.
so i decide to sneek a peek .
damm its LEE.
this is one of my favorite fantasties IT'S REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lucky me her eye's are closed she didn't catch me.
im thinking what to do .
bugger this she's not getting away.
i grab her hips and start driving my cock into the wonderfull wettness that is her pussy.
her eye's flash open.
"oh fuck"
"yeah your busted"
"no i think fuck might be more suitable"
she trys to get off me i pull her back down.
"i think we had better stop"
"no i think we had better finnish what you started"
"no please your mum's gonna bust us soon"
"then we had better both cum quick then"
"oh fuck it yes then"
"mmm you feel sooo good"
"peter your so hard i couldn't resist it's been so long"
"god iv'e wanted you"
"yes really"
"then mister you had better start moving that cock a little faster"
"yes miss"
"that's it mmmgooddontslowdown nearly there"
i plow on she shoves her boobs i my face so i can suck on her nipples i can feel the cum building in my cock about ready to spew its load in her pussy thats
incressingly getting tighter around my cock
"im cumming pete"
"soooo am i mmmnnggg"
"oooh damm"
"oooh fuck"
"well i asked you to get him out of bed not have sex with him"
"im so sorry could't help myself"
"mmm i think i can understand"
"well young man what do you have to say for yourself"
"hey i didn't start this i was asl**p"
"so lee you decided to **** my son"
im looking at mum ha she's pulling lees leg cause she's smiling and dammit she knows about my exploits Lee"s sitting there on my bed naked on top of me not
knowing what to do or what to say.
"well you had better both get into the shower while i make breakfast"
"oh and lee next time you want to have sex with my son will you tell me
so i don't have to walk in on you two at it"
Lee looks at me her jaw is just about on the floor i lift it closed with my hand an kiss her.
"did she just say what i think she said"
"yep you can come wake me up anytime you want"

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1 year ago
Every Day Lee...
3 years ago
nice story
3 years ago
Something about getting caught is always hot.
3 years ago
3 Cheers for Lee. And three cheers for you. And 3 cheers for your mum too. I know what it feels like to have a morning hard-on. Well, i don't know exactly what it feels like, but i always rub my pussy first thing in the morning. Happy that Lee was there to service you.