well here we go again .
Claire and i rode back to the house as usual naked to the world ,but this time i looked at her with a completly different attitude ,it was complete and utter lust we shared my big stallion and i let my hands roam across her body kissing the back of her neck and my hands caressing her brests
"you keep that up buster we might have to stop for another fuck"
"would you mind"
"no but Carol might"
"huh what do you mean"
"it's her turn tonight"
"this is crazy"
"no we know what you did to our little s****r in the barn this morning so it was decided that she wasn't going to be the one having all the fun"
"your k**ding right"
"no im not"
"well fuck me"
"thats certianly what we plan to do your sharing the drovers quaters with carol tonight you two should have fun"
"im feeling used"
"do you really mind"
"mmm i guess not"
"good then you will take care of Carol tonight and give Sundra another repeat of what you did to her in the barn before you go home"
"yes Claire"
"good boy"
oh hell how do i get myself into these situations no that im complining three awsome women in one day just thank god they hadn't arranged for me to fuck there younger s****r Paula my old man would have to return me home in an ambulance.
Carol gets of my horse and returns to her own i guess to remove temptation
or at least put it a little further away.
"so Peter how are are you doing at school"
"totally crap gonna bomb out"
"what are you gonna do"
"uncle Steve said i can work at the gas station"
"thats not a job"
"oh im only gonna do that for a year"
"then what "
"gonna join the army"
"well thats better than working in a gas station"
"yeah woop's we had better get dressed we are close to home"
"oh! yes"
we dismount but instead of getting dressed straight away i go over to her an pull her towards me by her arse cheeks i kiss her with everything i have she melts to my body. 'hey at least one woman told me i could have given valentino lesson's in the art of kissing'.
"please stop i promised my s****r i would'nt wreck you for tonight"
"awwdamm ok"
we dress and remount our horse's and ride on to the house right now all i can think of is dragging her of that horse and repeting our efforts at the tree
so im not really looking when we arrive back at the house im sexually obsessed with Claire and thinking about the night to come with Carol
yeah Carol 5ft9 big boned not fat, fantastic gravity defying tit's, blonde hair and a horse riders ass so stong she might breck my back but yeah! im gonna find out! then Claire breaks my stupor.
"hey whats up with your dads car "
"huh oh!"
ahh that car my fathers pride and joy and right royal pain in the f****y arse
a 1964 jaguar saloon great when it's running sucks when it doesn't in fact so much so we have a spare car so he can get to work ah yes it's assumed it's alnost normal state of being busted with the bonnet up and my dad cussing with his head under the bonnet.
"what wrong with it dad"
"wont start"
"i can see that"
"electrical i think its done another alternator"
at this point i think i went cross eyed oh shit! we could be here a week waiting for parts.
I look at Cliare she's looking at me like im a steak that's about to be eaten.
"dad what are you going to do"
"go into town with your uncle and see if we can arrange for another one"
oh yeah i knew what they were going to do go to the garage the guy would tell them three day's then down to the pub and get pissed outta there brains and leave me with three sex maniacs to deal with.
at this point my uncle turns up with the truck
"common Dave no point staring at the bastard let go get another one"
"yeah ok"
"Claire tell your mother what were doing"
"yeah i will tell her your of too town to get pissed as usual"
"don't be smart with me girl"
"well it's the truth aint it and anyways you only do it when uncle Daves here
"that true you know what to tell your mother"
"sure do see you tommorw"
they would sl**p at the pub tonight the publican wasn't stupid he'd take there keys,and make em sl**p at the pub the roads around here were way to dangerous to drive when your d***k enough had died doing just that.
i turned to look at Claire as the truck roared down the road as it turned outta sight Claire grabbed me stuck her hand down my shorts and pulled out my semi hardon stroking it
"well well this couln't have worked out better"
distracted "huh oh"
"well this means your hear for a few days"
"what do you mean"
"Dummy it means we are going to fuck alot"
"uh yeah "
she bends over and sticks my cock in her mouth sucking me to full hardness and promptly stops teaser.
"come on Pete we had he better we had better go up to the house and spread the good news"
she pulls my shorts up sticks here hand in and leads me by the cock up to the house like im a horse ready for stud
we are intercepted by Carol on the walk to the house
Claire whats going on i seen you sucking his cock you haven't ruined him for tonight have you"
"now now s****r dear no i didn't i was just teasing him"
"oh that's good"
"but i do have some news that you gonna like"
"whats that"
"dont tease"
"ok ok have a look at uncle Daves car"
she turns and looks at the jag
"oh the bonnets up"
"sometimes s*s i think your a bit slow"
then realisation comes over Carols face as the truth is reveled.
"well fuck me there stuck here for at least a week aint they"
"yes they are"
Corol deciedes it's her turn to be a prick teaser she pulls my shorts down and starts sucking on my cock FUCK HOW MUCH OF THIS CAN I TAKE! Cliare comes over releasing her breasts from her shirt and kisses me i put my hand down her shorts for a feel of her arse this goe's on for a good 5 minutes i swear Carol came at lest once sucking on my cock i know Claire did when i got got my finger to her clit rubbing it.
(claire) "oooh thats good but we had better stop s*s dinners nearly on"
"oh shit thats why im here"
it's all i could do at this point to walk with my steel hard cock and follow them to the house.
my mind at this point is awash with the relisation that i have just become a human dildo!
(sundra)"hey mom said you three have time for a shower before dinner but you had better get to it"
we get to the shower im pushed in the hot water hits me refreshing my bones
but im not alone the girls soap me up and do them as well the attention they are paying to my cock is driving me nuts oh fuck this i spin Carol around bend her over "yes fuck me pete" i drive my cock into her vagina with no mercy.
"fuck her peter make my s****r cum we don't have much time"
Carol and i fuck my cock pistoning in and out of her cunt dear Claire is rubbing her breasts aginst my back and running her finger down the crack of my arse funny it was acctually stopping me from cumming by distracting me the Carol lets out a FUCK YEAH IM GONNA CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!! I i miss out cause suddenly a voice says.
"hey you three had better stop mom said to get your asses to dinner"
we turn my cock slips ot of Carols pussy and is left swaying in the air un satistfied we dry of its Sundra standing there looking at us
"so you three look like you were having fun"
(claire)"mmm yeah we were sorry"
"pity he"s going home tommorow"
"no he's not"
"what do you mean"
"thats the news iv'e got uncle Daves car has broken down him and dad took off for town "
"oh thats terrific we have him for aweek"
"thats great sorry i stopped you but mum wants us at the table now"
"ok we are comming"
"well Carol certainly did"
we bust out laughing we were still laughing we we hit the the dining room
"well well you lot look happy whats up"
"peter is"
"oh funny claire"
"no mum he is he just fucked Carol without cumming so he's frustrated"
"oh poor thing i hope she's going to finish the job later cant have the poor boy running around with blue balls"
"you bet mom im gonna fuck him silly"
"we had better stop that talk you baby s****r will be back in a second the little one's have had dinner and are whatching the telly.
bang the door opens and closes and the conversation stops as paula comes in.
but my jaw is on the table my aunt knows whats happening too, damm my brain is swimming with wild thoughts WHAT THE HELL ARE IS GOING ON AROUND HERE? AND AM I GOING TO SURVIVE IT?
lets put it this way dinner passed slowly but i ate as mch as i could i figured id need all the enrergy i could get for what was to come
the girls went to put the k**s to bed leaving me with my aunt finnishing the cleaning up.
"well Peter did you have agood time with my daughters today they told me what they had planned"
"yes you dont mind do you"
"no dear it's not like you are that closely related your father and i are only half b*****r and s****r and you mother told me your a sexy bastard"
"she did"
"yes she told me about barbara and leanne"
"so you really dont mind "
"not at all"
ever feel like your bening pimped out by your mother none the less again im standing there confused my mother had told my aunt about my adventures with her friend barbara and my uncles ex leanne damm what next charging for my services.soon enough Claire Carol and Sundra returned Paula staying to watch the k**s for awhile.
"well girls seeing hows he's staying for awhile whats your plans for this sexy b**st"
"well mom Carols gonna fuck him at night Sundra's gonna fuck him in the morning and im gonna take him riding and fucking in the afternoons"
"that's nice girls"
"works for us mum"
"come on peter its my turn i thing we should finnish what we started in the shower"
"yes Carol"
Carol an i head for the drovers quaters we touch each other unashamedly by the time we reach the quaters we are as reved up as two people can be.
we get to the room were we are going to sl**p and fuck for the next few nights she pushes me onto the bed and 69's me god shes got a lovely cunt i dine out as desert this is the best a shaven pussy rare in those days.
god she knows how to give head she"s sucking like a hoover vacum cleaner
"enough babe before i cum it's time to fuck we have waited long enough"
gets on top of me the woman has pussy muscles i have never encoutered before she starts milking my cock i respond thrusting as best i can we build up speed heading for her second cum of the night.
"mnnnnnmmg cummmming pete oh thats good don't stop "
all i can say is "ohfuckohfuckohfuck"
"grunt grunt"
we were completely primal
"cumming again" after awhile
im just grunting away.
"peter why haven't you cum yet"
"i cum when i want to or when the woman can't take no more"
"well i cant take much more"
"ok you got another cum in you"
"together then"
we redoubled our eforts as she reached her next cum i relesed my load into her hot pussy
"oooh pete thats soooo goood mum was right you are a sexy bastard!"

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