one day at school

dammit in trouble again little bitch sitting next to me in class got me stirred up again with her rotten mouth i told her to shut her funking pie hole before i stuck my foot up her big fat asshole sideways.shit to loud the teacher heard me,"PETER"
"yes sir"
"get over hear"
"yes sir"
"peter i heard what you said and im not happy "
"yes sir but"
"no buts peter get yourself to the detention room and stay there the rest of the day till school's out"
"yes sir"
ah the detenion room a bleak almost windowless place no chair's nothing so you sit on the floor oh! fucking wonderfull.
i sit on the floor and regard my predicament 3 fucking! hours in this place until the end of the school day.
well at least i had the porno mag i got
at lunch time well as long as i didn't get any company might even get in a good wank.
well it's funny how thing's turn out because 10 minutes later i hear somone comming and no it's not me well not yet anyways,
well well its the bitch and the poor girl she started a fight with.
"hi sharon"
"hello peter"
"i see she had ago at you too"
"looks like she's gonna have a nice black eye"
"hope so"
"shut up bitch"
"well well it speeks"
well i look at my antagonist you know it acctually lokks pretty good big tit's
for it's age she's only wearing a tshirt are those her nipple's oh damm and she's wearing a short shirt which has ridden up to her thighs her legs are great
is that a hint of knicker i can see yess! god im turned on by this little cunt.
"what are you looking at"
"you for some reason"
shit why do always pick the hard one's then she totaly surprises me by opening her legs and displaying her panty covered pussy.
"you like this"
"errumm yes"
"well well how about this "
she then pulls her panties away from her pussy reveling her pussy with it's frame of black hair dammit im rubbing my cock through my shorts at this point.
"well iv'e shown you mine i wanna see yours"
i think oh fuckit why not
"ok but come closer"
she looks hard into my eyes she then sniles and starts moving closer she gets next to me and i pull my at this point my very hard cock out of my shorts.
she completly surprises my by grabbing my cock and roughly stroking it
"mmmmm nice"
"you like"
"can i touch you"
she doen't answer she just raleases my cock and grabs her panties an whips them of she grabs my hand and take's it to her pussy iv'e been here before with other girls and some women i stroke her clit she returns her hand cock her eye's shining with lust
"mmmmmm feels good"
her hips are moving to my hand this girl is hot i put my other hand up her top
to feel her brests
"push my bra up if you want"
"yes i want"
"ooh that feels nice"
i push her bra and her tshirt up to reveal her breasts and i put my mouth on one and start sucking one the nipple .
then she totaly surprises me and kisses me she's all tounge she pulls away a little
"why all the crap if this is what you wanted"
"im shy i didn't know how to approch you"
"your not angry with me"
"not a bit the only thing is you have got to learn how to stroke a cock"
"oh sorry am i doing it wrong "
"yes release the vice grip a bit and stroke"
"like this"
"yes thats good"
we go on for awhile like this for awhile kissing and petting.
"hey you two had better stop somone's comming"
we rapidly make ourselfs look presentable the teacher sticks his head in the door and scans the room and leaves.
my new sexy friend vicky say's
"that was close"
"yes but he wont come back now"
"you sure"
"yeah he only sticks his head in once"
"get on your hands and knees"
"your not going to fuck me are you"
"no not yet don't have any rubbers"
"then what are you going to do to me"
i at this point don't say a word i put my tounge on her pussy and begin to lick her running my tounge the full length of her pussy just pausing a little on her clit her breathing becomes rapid
"imm cummmimg"
i redouble my efforts licking her clit.
"mmmmmmmmmmmmm yesssssss"
she then turns and pushes me to the floor and sits on my face i return my tounge to her clit but the big surprise is when she take's my cock and puts it into her mouth and starts to suck on it.
"where did you learn that"
"seen my s****r do it to her boyfriend you like?"
"hell yes don't stop"
she starts pistoning my cock with her mouth i can feel the cum boiling in my cock she's starting to cum again too my wad blows into her mouth she doesn't move away she take's it all into her mouth.
the bell rings to go home we tidy ourselfs quickly up before the teacher arrive's,i noticed sharon was pulling her knickers up looked like somone enjoyed the show.we get out of school as we are walking out
"you comming to my place"
"yes but we had better stop by the chemist"
"cause were gonna need some rubbers"
"ah yes we are aren't we"
"yes we are".

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3 years ago
Seems that Peter the Pervert should misbehave in class more often.
3 years ago
hot & sexy a part 2, 3...???
3 years ago
Ahh the days of yesteryear while exploring in school. Great time