hotel sex

I found myself after i left the army working evening shift at a hotel working late into the night as a house porter delivering towels cleaning the odd room and
dodging hookers
well one night 10 minutes from knock of i get a call to a room bl**dy guest wants
it cleaned.
so up i go with all the crap to service this room i get there and this middle aged matron answers the door she curtly said just do the bathroom.
so im cleaning the bathroom and i notice the knickers hanging over the chair ah crochless this lady had a wild streak.
finally i finnish this room i grab my stuff and go into the main room,well knock me down there she was in a transparent teddy fuck i thought.
then i really had a look at her boobs huge would be the discription with massive nipples.
i then looked her in the eyes she said how do you want your tip fuck or suck
i replied both ok we can do that as long as you eat me out pretty boy,
so i approched her she remvoved her teddy i was just pulling my cloths off
"she said not big but very nice","i said just wait till im finnished with you wont walk straight for a week".
"promises promises i hope you can deliver"."lady im gonna fuck you stupid."
i grabed her tits and stuck one of those huge nipples in my mouth she sighed thats nice i surprised her by runing my other hand down her ass crack and sticking my finger in her ass
nedless to say she grabbed my cock and was playing 4speed with it "lady fuck that
suck my cock"
she went to her nees and took me into her mouth what a great cocksucker i start grunting and fucking her mouth she after awhile of this she took me of her mouth "so when's my turn buster", "lady after iv'e fucked you",
"mmmm sounds good you ready to fuck my cunt"
i don't reply i just lift her of the floor and trough her on the bed
"ooooh heman" "get on top woman i wanna play with your tit's while i fuckyou".
so she climbs on top and makes a big show of sliding her cunt down my cock we are soon fucking as hard as i thought possable it went
"harder prick"
"well tighten up your cunt"
"faster you bastard"
"move your ass bitch"
"mmmmmmm gnnng cumming"
"you like that woman"
"yesss i thought you had come to"
"im far from finnished with your cunt get on your hands and knees"
"yes sir"
i get up high an ram my cock into her cunt she squeels like a little girl
"yes fuck me fuck me"
after about 35 minutes of this she said "fill my cunt with your cum"
"well here's my version of womb service" and pumped a load of my cum into her cunt. i put my clothes on and went to leave not a word was said.
next day i get to work the boss calls me into the office oh shit im fucked she dobbed.
" peter you got an excelent comment from a guest last night im very pleased"
"oh and she left something for you"
she gives me an envelope .i open it there's a $100 dollar note wow.
there's also a note "thanks prick you owe me some head next time "
"peter you haven't been messing around with the guests have you"
"no of course not"
"i hope not i dont want to sack you now get to work"
damm that was close and get my lucky ass to work.........

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3 years ago
This may be true story!
3 years ago
Nice, motels are so much fun for stranger sex
3 years ago
Great womb service. The manager would be crazy to sack you.
3 years ago
Nice. Thanks
3 years ago
details are better, but need more
3 years ago
nice story, thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
great story mate